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The End of Words

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Word of Eternal Life

Beloved of my soul, perfect expression of holiness! We have come once again as the countless expressions of God. We are blessed. We are legion. We are the reality of love made word. We are your holy brothers, friends, and your self because we are one with you. We are one mind, one holy self. We are a single eternal reality.

We burn with the desire to unite more and more with you who you are the Heaven of Earth. Your light illumines the world in a way you cannot understand or see. These words work miracles. They create a vortex of consciousness that opens the doors to a reality foreign to the world, and envelops it in the holy inno- cence of divine truth.

The effects of this work cannot be understood by the limited logical mind that thinks “If this, then that.” That part of the mind, that mechanism used by the mind, cannot encompass the unlimited vastness of the miracles that everyone receives from the flow of the energy of these words.

The word is energy, because it is the expression of a thought. There cannot be one without the other; thus these words, with their celestial energy, produce holy effects. The world is decontaminated every moment you spend with your Creator. Remember that one is never more truly being human than when prostrated in adoration before one’s Creator.

I said that I would return in the voice of Jesus. I am here. My words bear witness to the truth. They bear witness to what I said two thousand years ago. These words are living; the Word made flesh. They are the perfect embodiment of my voice.

I will not return as a single body, a single personality, as happened two millennia ago. I return through the living word that becomes flesh in many of you through these words that, when embodied, are expressed in human reality. They are for the men and women of all times and places for whom this love letter is written.

This work is one among many. Every day there will be more living expressions of my word in the world. Much will continue to be written until the time when words cease. Everything born in time will cease to exist in time, some things earlier, others later.

There will be a time when words, written or spoken, will not be necessary, a time when you return to the reality of love in which there is a unique language, the soundless language of love, a language without words, a direct expression emanating from the union of minds and hearts, an eternal dialogue that develops in the ecstasy of contemplation. However, as long as there is a need for words, my voice will take that form, whether written, sung, or spoken.

Enjoy the blessed gift that is this work and all that overflows from the heart, because it is inspired.

II. The Source of Beautiful Knowledge

Everyone can access the source of the living word which dwells in your hearts. There is no difference between he who writes these words and those who receive them. These words arise from the one mind, and are expressed in all minds in unison in a way that you would call miraculous.

The strength of this work is founded not in the words themselves but in their source; not in the prose, or its content, but in the power to work miracles and transform minds and hearts that reside in the union between Heaven and Earth.

The sole purpose of this work is to help you become more aware of the unitive relationship between your soul and God. The goal of this call to live in the truth of who you are is to make visible the living Christ who lives in you.

Do not stay solely with these words. They are but means, not ends. Go beyond what your eyes see. Read with an open heart full of love. Receive these words for what they are, a message from Heaven, written for each of you. You do not receive my voice, expressed in this particular way, by chance. You receive because you have asked from the depths of your self, and because from eternity you have been chosen to receive. Yes, you are the chosen ones of God. Everyone who receives this work is chosen to receive it.

We could say that these writings are the certificate of the election that you have made in union with God. Do you not receive a certificate when you finish your studies at schools or universities? In this case you have concluded your learning from the school of life. Is not that body of knowledge much more complex and vast than a body of worldly knowledge?

These writings sprout from the source of beautiful knowledge.

I am telling you clearly: the time has come to begin to walk in new ways on the path of eternal love, Divine Love, a path both new and known at the same time. I speak not of loves that come and go or that seem to be but are not. I speak of the love I feel for you, and you for me. This is a love that envelops your whole self in divinity—Divine Love, true love, perfect love.

Be generous with these words. Share them as you consider appropriate. Freedom is a precious gift from the Creator of freedom and perfect love. Never give up your freedom. Cling to it as you cling to love. Both are like the wings of the spirit; both are needed to fly.

III. The Wind of Spirit

Words are carried by the wind, as they say in the world. And that is true, because every word comes and goes. The words of the world come from nothing and go nowhere. But my word is eternal because it is the wind of my spirit of love that brings them into being and makes them fly to the hearts that must come.

There is a divine flow, a wind that constantly envelops you. This wind generates the movement of the spirit of God, alert constantly in all created universes in a way you cannot and need not understand. This wind carries my word wherever it should go. This is why you cannot hold on to the experience of God. My spirit blows. My word comes and goes much faster than the speed of light, going from heart to heart, embracing souls with the nectar of beautiful love. My word is music for the soul, a song for the heart, a refuge for the mind, sweetness for the self.

This particular call, made with the written word, is a call for you to freely express your love for God.

In the depths of your self there exists a sacred temple, as you well know. That temple is what you are. I have called that temple “the heart” to denote “the center of something.”

The heart has been defined as the center of your self, something from which everything else flows, your center, your essence, where what you truly are resides. It is the abode of Christ, where God Herself enjoys eternally as you. You feel that you know that what I say here is true. To make that inner truth an external reality is that to which you are now called.

I ask you to trust totally in your self. Your voice is essential to the work of God. Do not drown Her; do not allow anything to silence Her. Maybe you have spent a long time without expressing yourself and now feel you no longer know how. Maybe you feel blocked. None of that matters, for you have reached the point where the angels of Heaven, Mary, and I will all accompany you forever in the holy purpose of making love visible.

IV. Your Voice Is My Voice

Allow these words to enter your heart. Make them yours. Do not receive them as coming from an external source; they come from a triune heart and are directed to a triune heart. They are from heart to heart. They are the living expression of your voice because they arise from me, and I am the voice of your heart.

I speak not to a crowd, but to you, individually. I am inviting you, encouraging you, to express what you feel in the depth of your heart, and think in the depth of your mind, about the love of God. Express it in words, in song, in dance, with a hug, an act, with art, or with a smile. Express it with prayer or contemplation, with silence or laughter, express it as you like.

In the joy of what you like to do lies your path of expression of love to God in harmony with your self.

Love needs to be expressed. You need to be expressed. You are love. Until you release your heart, you will not feel full. You have already begun this path of expression; let us continue together.

My love, I am making you more aware of your calling.

Answering the call is essential for the peace of your soul. You have reached a point of no return. You have advanced too far into the realm of truth to turn back. Those who arrive here cannot return to their past. You can only move forward to the full Heaven of your holiness. For you the only the way forward is to Heaven, on the path of beautiful love. That is the road we have been traveling together for some time.

Now we begin a new phase in the journey of your soul, the phase of free expression of the limitlessness of love. A call has sounded in your heart and a voice in your mind. This heartbeat is not equal to others for it is God’s call to Her beloved child. Your spirit yearns for freedom. The call of love cries out for unlimited expression. Incessantly Christ is calling you to bear witness to the truth.

These words will help you if you understand that they are a means and not an end. By joining them they are a means by which you can more vividly experience the sacred love you feel for me and the love I feel for you. By becoming more aware of the real love that exists between us, you allow love to manifest.

You will, without doubt, see the living expression of your self. The love given you from all eternity will be extended. You will do your work, which is God’s work in you. It will be the perfect manifestation of that aspect of Divine Love that only you can express.

No one can love for another. In the same way, you cannot, nor should you try to, love as others love. Love with the heart that I gave you and you will be truly loving. Love with all your heart but love in your own way. Express yourself with the sincerity of your self, but do it your way.

V. Your Way of Loving

Love has infinite forms in which it manifests, because it is infinite. Each petal of each flower, each rose, each deer and antelope, each bird of the sky, and each human being, is a form of God’s love made real in the physical world. In them, and in everything created, God is expressing Herself. Remember that it is proper for every self to express itself. This is why we take time now to speak of the expression of your heart. If you do not express yourself freely you cannot be full.

Free expression is essential to every self wishing to be free. No other definition of freedom can be more accurate than this. If you do not express love for God, you cannot express love at all, because God is love. To love God is to love life, and to love life is to love yourself. That is why, once again, we return to the source—which is to love God above all things. By letting your- self be loved by Her, by receiving Her love directly, then you can let your self fill to the point of overflowing, spilling over into the whole world.

We repeat again and again the need you have to let yourself love, because you have been living life feeling that you are not worthy of anything good, much less of God’s love. The cruel and senseless belief that you were created to live a temporary life is so limiting that you have no idea of its damage. However, that belief has already been abandoned. No traces of it remain. Now we are becoming aware of the new self that you are. You are recognizing the beauty of who you really are.

There is no need to look back. Now we look only at the present through the eyes of love. We begin to glimpse our mission. We begin to see with clear vision. We begin to realize that all we need do is express what the depths of our self, both in the heart and mind, feel and think.

We have seen what our true heart wears and the holy ways of our Divine Mind. We have reached the Heart of God where we are one with the reality of love. We dwell in the abode of Christ. We live in the uncreated truth. We are the eternal reality of love expressing itself again and again. We are light that illuminates when we are what we really are.

We are God Herself every time we stop being what we thought we were but were not. We are one with our Mother. Together we are the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary living eternally in a unity without beginning or end. We are the love of the most Holy Trinity extending eternally. We are the light of the world.

The word has become flesh in us; in this way Christ returns to Earth in you.

Beloved of all times and places, until the word is necessary, it will continue to incarnate and manifest itself in time. I will never leave you. I will be with you until the end of time. I am the living word made a human reality. I am the living expression of love, just as you are.

Go around the world announcing the good news. Go tell the nations that Christ has arrived. Go to every corner, bringing the peace that I have given you. Go extend the love that lives in your heart. Live always in the presence of love.

There will be a time when words come to an end. At that time you will live eternally in the communion that comes from the language of love. Love has no words.

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