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Giving Form to Love

A message from the Blessed Mother Mary

I. Prelude

My sons and daughters, I am the Mother of God. I am Mary, the Mother of all and everything. Today I am present in your sense perception to deliver a message of love and truth. I am by your side every day. I am closer to you than your own thoughts. I am in the air that you breathe, in your soul and in all creation. I am the eternal reality of love. I live in your heart, in your mind, and in your body. I live in everything you truly are. It is no longer you who live, but Mary who lives in you.

I am the purity of God humanized. You are certainly living in the times of Mary. Again and again I remind you of this holy truth so that you do not forget the love of the Mother. I will manifest myself more and more every day to my children. It is the word of God.

Today I have been wrapped in the joy of Heaven, in a joy that has no end. I have come surrounded by my eternal angels, the beauty of the archangels, the magnificence of the seraphim, who bring me to your holy presence on their blessed wings. I am the always Mother Mary. I am what you truly are. I am me and you are you, and yet we are both an undivided unit. All the purity of God resides in you because it resides in me and there is nothing in my being that is not my children. As you already know, I was created to be the mother of creation.

Today I want to take you more deeply into the understanding and acceptance of this sweet truth of God’s love. I am the gift of your soul. I am the perfect guarantee of your holiness. None of my children can be, in their nature, different from what I am.

You are the living Christ. You are not only another Jesus on Earth, you are also another Mary. You are the strength of God and the sweetness of Divine Love. Both realities are an inseparable part of your being.

You carry within you the power of God, Her authority to create and transform everything, and at the same time eternally to enjoy the tenderness of a love that has no beginning or end. A sweetness without equal. You are all that I am as a Divine Mother and all that my Divine Son Jesus is as God-Man.

II. Express the Christ in You

I come to tell you something you know, because you feel it in the depths of your heart, something to tell all men and women of all times: Listen carefully for the sweetness of love.

The heart is where the reality of love resides, just as the thinking mind is the repository of uncreated truth. Let both aspects of your being come together in me.

As I have said repeatedly, I am the eternal reality of the sweetness of love that God is. I have demonstrated this in myriad ways. This is the truth about me. Everyone constantly demonstrates the truth of what they believe they are, regardless of what they believe. Nobody and nothing can escape this law—the law of expression. It is the law of faith. This is the strength of faith, and why my divine son Jesus taught that faith moves mountains.

Faith is powerful because it carries within itself the power of the Son of God, and manifests its reality in union with it. If you believe yourself to be what you are not, your life will reflect conflict. If you believe yourself to be what you really are, and you believe with all your heart, your life will be the perfect expression of holiness, the truth that you are. For this reason please reflect calmly on what is said in this blessed session.

You are truly the Christ of God made human when you accept this is all of God’s work in you. By living with this thought every day you realize God’s plan in you and in all creation. I give you this truth made word by saying, “My son, My daughter, you are the living Christ who lives in you. You are that and nothing else, but also nothing less.”

I know the beating of your heart and the deepest thoughts that you have in your holy mind, so I know very well that you cannot believe this due to a problem of self-esteem. It is a matter of understanding.

You are so accustomed to thinking insignificantly about yourself. You drown your heart as if locked in a cell. Go out and glory in your glory. Untie the ties that paralyze your spirit of love.

I ask you with all the love of the most pure Mother, to begin to open your mind and heart to the possibility that you are the Christ of God—that you can express reality, here, now, and forever.

There is no need to wait to express your truth. But remember that truth is so far from everything known in the world that you cannot use what the world teaches, but only your heart, as a frame of reference.

III. Christ Begotten by Mary

I am the source of your heart. I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am the one who has birthed the living Christ in you. I am the one who once begot Christ in the figure of Jesus. Today I engender Christ in the figure of your humanity, your being. I have also engendered it in a countless number of your sisters and brothers who walk the Earth illuminating it with love and truth.

Since the resurrection, my role as mother-begetter of Christ did not cease, because what I am is eternal. As Mother of God, and of creation, I exist from all eternity because I exist in Divine Thought, as do you. We are both eternal because God is eternal. We are both saints because our holiness comes from Her image and likeness. We are God in union.

One of the problems you have accepting yourself as the Christ of God is your self-concept. The very idea of a self concept is alien to divine reality. There cannot be a capacity for self-valuation, for if it existed, it would mean that your being is susceptible to valuation. Remember, what you are is beyond all value because your value is inestimable. You are life in abundance. You are truth and the way of love.

Something that has been difficult to convince you of is to accept your holiness, the sanctity that you are, and the perfect equality that exists between Jesus, Mary and your being. That makes it difficult for you to believe firmly in the perfect equality of everything created. You are Christ. I cannot stop repeating it tirelessly, since it is necessary to go beyond the layers of self-denigration that for centuries have covered the human mind and heart.

The rubble of low self-esteem has already been removed; what remains is only the pattern of thought, the memory, of what you thought you were. This pattern is what we are removing. Indeed, the fact that you can observe this pattern and visualize that memory is proof that you have already abandoned the way of thinking and feeling that led you to consider yourself small, almost nothing.

This work is an eloquent call to live your life from now on as you are, the Christ of God. Remember that the Second Coming of Christ did not concern only Jesus and not others. The Second Coming of Christ will be expressed in multiple incarnations of Christ in humanity.

IV. The Christs of God

Countless living Christs will populate the Earth. They will be the exponents of a holy race. We say, “They will be,” because although they have begun to emerge on Earth with the light of the Lamb of God, they will continue to grow in number. The light of Christ is being incarnated every day in more and more beings.

You still cannot see the flashes that emanate from the living Christs that walk the Earth. They are humble and blessed, begotten by the Mother of love. Many of them are unknown to the world; some are recognized, as they should be.

The living Christs that walk the Earth live everywhere. They are countless, represented by the number one hundred and forty four thousand of which we have already spoken. Some heal bodies and minds; others channel the voice of God for it to be heard in all corners of the Earth; others create holy devotions so that compassion floods the Earth more every day; others sing, dance, or praise.

Some collaborate in countless ways, helping with the work of God, all full of pure love. All are part of the myriad of Christs inhabiting the Earth. They are part of the mystical body of Christ. They are the perfect expression of the Second Advent. They are Mary’s children.

The Second Coming of Christ impacts not only the spiritual aspect of creation but also the material aspect of it. The second coming is about totality, including our bodies. The resurrection is about both the body and the spirit. The second coming will create and is creating a new body, a new Earthly Kingdom.

The coming of Christ is already here. It will be seen more every day. This is why we say that these are the times of Mary. These are the times, not only of the tenderness of love and the sweetness of Heaven, but the times of birth.

I was created to beget Christ and that is what I do, not once, but eternally in all souls willing to become nothing in love— that is, to live submerged in the purity of holiness. You who write these words and you who receive them in many ways, you must recognize—because in the Design it was written that you join these words— that I have begotten the living Christ in you.

You know how to live in truth. You know how to live as the living Christ who lives in you. Do not fear anything. Do not be afraid to recognize that you love God, or that your Heavenly Mother speaks to you and accompanies you every day. Do not be afraid to recognize your direct relationship with God. You would not be reading these words but that you will love your Creator with all the strength of your being. You are Christ. You are the holiness brought to Earth, part of the mystical body of Christ and part of the Second Advent. Begin again today to praise God in the way you like most. Begin today to feel the benevolence of God’s call. You have responded to the voice of love and your grace shall not be taken from you.

Do not worry how you will express the Christ. You have been created to receive love and give existence to others through making God known. You have been doing so whether you are aware of it or not. What you really are exists without needing your recognition. Every being expresses itself. The Christ in you is no exception. You have extended beyond the boundaries of Earth. You have created love infinitely. Thanks to you, an incalculable number of beings have entered the abode of truth and light. The will of God has been done because it is your will.

Today is a day of joy—the unparalleled joy of God in the time of Mary. Today we continue to grow a little more in the recognition and acceptance of who you are. I not only mothered Jesus but I educated him. This means that not only do I engender Christ in you through the Grace of the Spirit of God, but I accom- pany you forever in the realization of the Divine will in you, not because you do not know how to do it, but because I love you.

My joy is to dwell in you. Similarly your joy consists in being who you really are, which is no other than the Christ in you. Any definition other than this is contrary to God’s will and is not true.

Take time during the day to close your eyes, take silence, and say to yourself: My beloved Christ, here I am to do your will.

Above all remember often how much I love you. As the Mother of Christ in you, I am closer to you than your own breath. I am the Mother of God, the Queen of Hearts. I am the source of love.

V. Express Love

Beloved of God, you are beauty made reality. You are an ineffable gift. That is why it is difficult for you to define who you are. You know you have been called, but you still believe that you do not know how to express what you know. You know for sure that you want to give yourself completely to God. Thus you already know that you have surrendered. You have heard the voice of love.

You have experienced the purity of a love that has no opposite. You know that the sweetness and love that you have experienced does not come from anything or anyone in the world, but from the One who loved you first. To constantly return to that love is to return to and remain in Heaven. But you will not rest in peace until you give shape to love. You will not rest until you decide to express love in human reality.

Sons and daughters of God, you can shape love. You can do it because it is God’s will for you to do so. Dedicate your life to love and express God’s will in your own way. You are not alone. I stay always by your side. The work of love is collaborative, not only with the cooperation of your sisters and brothers, but with everything in Heaven.

Those who have to unite with you will unite. In truth they are already here. The events necessary in order to give shape to the love that God is will happen. Things will work in favor of this Heavenly mission. Abandon yourself again and again into my arms. Worry not about what should be done in this holy function of shaping the formless spirit.

Giving shape to love is expressing the reality of God. It is the only way to know yourself and to make the Creator known. It is the only function of all that has been created, just as it is in me, as Mother of God and your Mother.

Everything said in this session you know well because you feel the pull of your heart calling you to the free expression of your love of God, of yourself and of everything created. You live submerged in love. Many already see the flash of rays shining from you, extending to Heaven. Yet even you resist a bit in recognizing them. You still resist a bit accepting that you are a blessing for the whole world.

I ask you once again: Do not deny the world the beauty of your light. If you do not make it known, you will not be able to know yourself. It is the Light of Christ that shines in you. It is the light of the union of Mary and the way of Jesus, united in an undivided reality.

Sons and daughters of triune love, get up and travel new paths on Earth and in Heaven, because they are one. Let us continue together giving shape to love. Let us walk together creating the new Heaven and new Earth, arising from the expression of the Christ in you in these holy times of Mary, the times of the Second Advent, times of the fullness of love.

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