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The Relationship

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Brothers and sisters in Christ, we have come to dwell with you in union with God. We are the eternal truth come true. We are one with you and with everything created. We are the voice of the wisdom of God expressed in human words.

Children of the truth, there are many who ask about the end of the world. You get restless when you think of it. Hundreds and hundreds of centuries of experience in your minds have told you that the end will be painful and destructive. These images were elaborated in your cultures, while your minds had no relationship with the truth of love. The wisdom that lives in true reason would tell you that an eternal Creator of pure love cannot condemn you to a fearful and painful fate.

Beloved of all times! The world will not perish. God’s creation cannot be uncreated. The Earth will not disappear. Love Her for what She is, your temporary home while you walk back to the holy abode of eternity.

Something born in time that ceases to exist in time does not perish. It simply re-enters the domains from which it came, to continue to expand in new ways. This happens with everyone and everything you know. Love makes all things new. Love renews the face of the Earth. Life is eternal.

Souls in love with Christ, some beliefs must be urgently abandoned so they no longer cause pain. One of them is the belief in a difference or separation between what you call “mundane” and what you call “spiritual”. There is no such division. Everything is spiritual. It is important that you begin constantly to see the continuity of Heaven and Earth, eternity and temporality. To know that nothing real can perish or be separated from the love that gives it existence is to know the truth. In this knowledge resides a whole universe of holy truths.

II. Blessed Unions

The belief that you lose your loved ones when they die reflects an overwhelming investment in the old belief. If it were true, God would be cruel. What sense would it make that She gave you those who you love and who love you, only to be deprived of them?

You mothers who mourn for your deceased children, listen once more to the voice of truth. Your children are more alive than ever, living an eternal life, and they look at you with love. You will meet again. You will talk about many beautiful things. You will live eternally in a holy relationship. Your union of perfect love will be devoid of the desire to possess and of any idea of separation. You will be eternally happy in the company of those who have truly loved you, and whom you love with all your heart.

Daughters and sons who weep, believing that you have lost your beloved parents—you have not lost them at all. There are no losses in the realm of love. They still love you, but in a perfect way. At no other time or state have they been more united to you than when they left their appearance in the world. You will meet again in love.

Beloveds of God, understand that the relationships undertaken in the world are holy because of their purpose. Although many do try to unite from the ego, those are not true relationships. The ego was an attempt to nullify relationship. In such apparent unions there is no love.

We speak of relationships based on love that exist in the world, that even if not expressing with perfect love, are nevertheless a most sacred place by virtue of the human love in them. All love comes from God. There is no such thing as the human and the divine, both are part of the same unit: Human-God, or Homo-Christus Deo.

III. Loneliness

Relationships with your loved ones, whoever they may be, and in whatever way they were formed, have been established by Heaven for love to accompany you in the world of space and time. Without them you could not remember love, and therefore could not remember God. If your loved ones did not exist, you could not know—or rather remember— your being.

Every time you feel lonely, you suffer, whether you recognize it or not. The time has come to review your beliefs about solitude. If you stay in your heart and begin to feel the memory that the feelings bring, you will notice that each time you felt lonely, you had the feeling of disconnection. A feeling that something in you was incomplete. Something was missing. What? Many times in the depths of your mind you answered this question with a “someone” or perhaps a “something.” Thus you sought “that” to complete you. Do you recall that mechanism?

If when you began to feel alone and began to suffer, and if before being annihilated by incompletion, you launched into a search for that which would complete you, it would be a sign that you know that something would complete you but something else would not. This is wisdom.

We will not focus on whether you were seeking for completion was something real or unreal, and therefore could not be achieved. Nor are we focusing on the fact that if you search outside of yourself you will never find anything. We are simply bringing to the light of consciousness the engraved memory of having looked for that which cannot be found. By seeing it in the light of Christ, the pattern of thought and emotional response associated with this memory can now be set aside.

By releasing past memories which have nothing to do with truth, you give way to the memory of God. Memory as you have used it has accumulated all kinds of information associated with survival. These mountains of remembrance impede the harmonious life of the body and the soul, both of which yearn to live in the harmony that Christ is.

You are Christ. That is beyond discussion. You are—not because of your efforts or merits, but because of the resurrection, or more precisely, because of your creation to which the resurrection restored the truth that is you. That is the meaning of resurrection.

As the incarnated Christ you must remember that you are love. Being love means being connected with the experience of love. This experiential connection with everything that love is, is achieved in relationships based on love. The holy relationship is the gift of God to Her beloved child. It matters not whether that relationship manifests with your fellow beings, with Heavenly beings, or with any living being or object. Every relationship is the same, because it is union.

Not experiencing yourself is not being. Remember, life is experience. In relationships with your loved ones you remain in the reality of the love that you are. This is the reason why you feel comfortable with a given relationship, and why you do not want to lose your loved ones. In reality you would wish to keep the loved one by your side because in that relationship you experience union with the love that you are, that is, with your being.

Not being in a love relationship is to not be connected with the loving reality of the Christ you are. The feeling of disconnection, which you feel every time you are in a relationship without love, produces fear because it is a disconnection of the being that you are in truth. This is the reason why ego-based relationships are so destructive and painful. With no love in them, you did not exist, nor did your brother in an apparent union which never completed anything.

IV. The Gift of Relationship

Relationships are the means by which you can know the love that you truly are, or deny your reality. God Herself needs a relationship to exist, otherwise She could not know that She exists, having no way of knowing Herself.

You only know yourself in relationship, as we have already said. Therefore, relationships that have been established fulfill the holy purpose of giving you existence and a chance to get out of the confinement of separation. This is the debt you have with your brother or sister, as mentioned previously.

If your loved ones meet in time with you and you with them, so that mutually they continue to remember love, then to think such a holy purpose would cease to exist outside of time is not to understand its origin in love. All love praises God because all love comes from Her. In other words, love is eternal.

What happens in Heaven with your loved ones and with relationships in general? They remain eternally imbued with perfect love. They are preserved with all the beauty of Christ and the benevolence of eternal life. Everything of love remains eternally. What is not of love is eliminated from the eternal where it never existed. This is the Kingdom of Heaven. In the realm of truth, exclusion is unknown because there is neither the desire to separate, nor the illusion of separation, but only unity. When the truth dawns in the mind and heart of the new Christ, to whom each one is called to reflect with his life, relationships fulfill the holy purpose of experiencing love and thereby extending it. There is no reason not to feel love every day of your life, all day, forever.

In God’s plan there was never a need to experience anything not of love. The experience of lack of love was not real; what was real was the pain you felt in believing that what you were experiencing was the opposite of love. That pain came from the fact that, if it were true that the lack of love was real, then there would be an opposite of God. If there were something contrary to God, that “something” would be as powerful as She, but with all the hatred of the universe. Would not a universal hatred as powerful as the Creator of all creation be fearsome? If hate were real, all fear would make sense, and all love would not.

V. Life and Feeling

When in harmony with the divine, you were taken by your will to the intermediate reality of time and space—a reality created to give humans and other beings the possibility of choosing to return to love in a definitive way; you did not want to be completely disconnected from love. For this reason, you can still see beauty and joy in physical creation. You can still walk in the company of truth.

The feelings emanating from your heart are what bond you in union with your sisters, brothers, and all of creation, including yourself. Without feelings you would be disconnected. You could not have relationship. You could not have life, for there is a direct connection between life and feeling.

In every feeling is life because life is feeling. If you feel what you experience in your heart and allow those feelings to flow freely, you are allowing the flow of life to move through you.

We have said that life is thought. Now we are saying that life is feeling. Both truths are one. God is thought and feeling, united in the perfect unity of pure truth and love. The thoughts and feelings of God come from your being through you. If truth did not exist, then thoughts would not exist because they are an extension of truth. If love did not exist, feelings would not exist, because they are the extension of love.

While a distinction has been made between the thoughts of the ego, which are not true thoughts, and true thoughts, which come from the mind of Christ, this distinction is not actually proper.

There are no such things as false thoughts, nor false feelings. You are now ready to accept this truth. There are simply thoughts and feelings. All come from the source that gives them existence: God. The difference spoken of between them does not lie in their nature but in the meaning you give them.

Your mind is like a prism through which divine thoughts flow and are either distorted or allowed to follow their path, free of obstacles. Your heart acts in the same way, receiving the energy of pure feeling from the Heart of God. We are one mind, one heart, one being. This truth must be elaborated once more.

Your mind, heart, and being are constantly flooded by the light of God. Yet they always wait for your “I,” that is, what makes you have a “you,” to choose what to do with what you receive.

Everything is a gift. Life was given to you, including the body. You have been given your mind, heart, and being. You were also given freedom. All that you are has been given to you except one thing: the most personal decision, power for what to do with what you receive.

What you receive from God can be distorted, not by your nature but by the meaning you assign to it. Your mind gives things purpose. Thus it is you who can either let the holy purpose that God gave to everything be reflected in you, or deny it and give it a personal meaning.

The old patterns of thought and emotional response came from using the mind and heart for the purpose of assigning your own meaning to things. If the “I” wishes to be a “separate self” from everything, it will distort the meaning of what God has assigned, and adjust it to the purpose of making separation real—even though this purpose is unattainable. Many people have sought meaningless goals and have tried hard to make them real.

Deciding you can be different from what God has arranged you to be is an attempt to save something for yourself. It is as if you want to claim something of what you are as exclusively yours rather than given freely from love. This is the fundamental error or sin. Accepting the fact that everything you are is a gift from God and therefore you are holiness personified, is difficult for those who cling to the idea that receiving and giving are different.

Winning Heaven by self-effort is the motto of the old self— an unattainable but worthwhile goal for those who only sought the challenge of achieving on their own what God had given.

Creating your own world, with its own laws, was the option chosen. Not chosen was to live eternally as someone who receives everything regardless of what you did or did not do to deserve it. Can you begin to see the connection that exists between the idea of merit and separation? You sought to create yourself—not because you were evil or a miserable sinner, but because you wanted to establish the idea that it was possible. As in a dream you sought to create worlds and more worlds. Dreaming is not a sin, although it can be frightening. And it’s not reality.

VI. Relationship Consciousness

God is merciful. One of Her signs of unconditional love was to extend Herself into the world of separation so you could never completely forget Her. She did this through the beauty, joy, and harmony evident all around you, and through the establishment of relationships.

What we are saying is that from now on you will begin to remember God more and more clearly in each of your relationships. This goal is attainable because this is the purpose of relationship as God has established it.

You are asked to do the following exercise without applying effort. When you face a brother or sister, or in the presence of your pet or any object, become aware of the space that exists in and around them. Focus your attention on that space. Become aware of everything you feel and think.

Begin to realize that all are within a universal space that is embracing them. That space is Christ, who makes an appearance where two or more beings gather in his name. Begin to feel the relationship itself, not just the parts. Let the relationship begin to interact with you.

With this exercise of broadening consciousness, we seek and become more and more aware of the holy relationship that holds things together. By becoming aware of holy relationship you allow the flow of God—of love—to do what it would in you. You begin to become aware of the divine process. This is an exercise of memory: remembering the relationship that God is, which is to return to love. That is the goal of this work.

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