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A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Sons and daughters of the light! Beloveds of pure love! Here we are, gathered in the presence of the love that you are, happily singing a song of praise and gratitude to God for having created you. When we see you, we see God. When contemplating you, we contemplate holiness. When we love you, we extend the love that God is. By sharing, we are as God created us because we were created to give ourselves. We thank you who receive these words for allowing us to express our fullness of being. We know, because we live in the truth, that our fullness is achieved by giving ourselves, and that giving and receiving are one and the same. Therefore we repeat once again our gratitude to you who receive our giving.

The one who receives love grows greatly because of the widening of love when given and received. The more love received, the more love given. Love always seeks to give itself and at the same time to be accepted, or the giving would be incomplete. The same happens with the self, because they both are one. Giving is a Grace and a reality of every self. Everything that exists seeks to give itself, express itself, manifest itself, to become known in order to know itself.

Your receptivity allows our pure love to spread and for us to live in the fullness of love. At the same time it makes your heart grow larger and receive and give more and more love. The eternal flow of love that creates new love, given and received, is literally the flow of life. Brother, sister, life is obstructed if you do not receive it and give it. The giving of which we speak is not what you have experienced so far; it’s unlike the old way you consid- ered as giving.

“Giving to lose” is nonsense in the Kingdom of Heaven— inconceivable. There are no losses, no possibility of diminution of any kind in the Kingdom. A being cannot be either less or more. The reality of the Kingdom is pure, unlimited extension. Extending does not mean being more, but it does mean growth.

We talk about receiving to be able to live in truth. Only those who are willing to receive God, that is, receive love that is true, can consciously extend the Kingdom, because the Kingdom is God, Christ is Heaven. In this session we speak of receiving the wisdom of Heaven, how to find its source and hold in your mind the beauty of its light forever.

The way to live in wisdom is through full acceptance of it. This is achieved by your willingness to abandon ignorance. Observe how on repeated occasions we speak of “abandoning.” This is because the focus of this work is to return you to the power of your will, through which you can make decisions in harmony with Divine Truth.

You are God in God—created by God to be like God, literally in God. Your sincere desire to live in the truth will always enjoy divine approval and with it the power of the miracles and the strength of the love of the Creator. All Heaven bows to you every time you abandon what is not true in favor of what is. You were not created for ignorance. You will never feel comfortable in it. Wisdom is the reality of your being. You are wise because of what you are.

You are not being asked to be a scholar. You are asked to open your mind and heart to receive in every moment, consciously, the wisdom of Heaven and allow it to be the source of your knowledge and activity.

II. Trust in the Heart

Accepting the wisdom of God that resides in you, as in each of your sisters and brothers, is an act of respect for truth. It is also an acknowledgment of your true self, the Christ in you. In order to accept wisdom, which is the same as abandoning ignorance, it is necessary that you respect more and more what your mind elaborates and your heart weaves. The wisdom of the heart united with the wisdom of reason is the force that has given existence to creation.

God knows for what She created you. She made no mistake. You have not been wrong when you have decided to act, or not to act, from the fullness of the heart. You know perfectly well what makes you happy and what does not. You know very well, without a doubt, what things you long for and what you do not. You know what you like and what you do not. In short, you know.

To trust in what you know from your heart is to trust in yourself and in God who expresses Herself through you. Notice how we have now joined the abandonment of ignorance with the acceptance of wisdom and trust. This is because there is a direct relationship between a lack of self confidence and a lack of trust in God, life, and everything. And there is also a relationship between lack of trust and the acceptance of ignorance as a possible state.

Not trusting that your being knows what you really are and that it acts to lead you on the path of eternal light was a consequence of ignorance. That is why we have said that ignorance is fear and fear is ignorance. They are one and the same.

Ignorance is a mechanism to hide love and truth from you. Being ignorant seems to exempt you from responsibility for your life. The ego created ignorance as an expression of what it is, and would like the mind take refuge in it. If you do not know anything, you cannot be responsible for anything and therefore do not deserve punishment. Can you begin to see the relationship between guilt and ignorance?

Recognize that ignorance is guilt. It is an immature mechanism forged by the ego to excuse you from its madness. We also accept that wisdom is the safe dwelling place where we live in the presence of love. Knowing before acting or stopping to act is wise, as is knowing before thinking or expressing an idea or feeling.

We have discovered with happy amazement and serenity where wisdom resides, but how does the habit of being wise develop? This also concerns the healing of memory, since remembering where the sweetness of true knowledge dwells and how to hold its light is what returns you to the state of security you have always sought.

All fear comes ultimately from ignorance of your true self. Remember before moving on that those who did not know what they are did not know what they were doing or what they wanted. They knew nothing, not because the wisdom of Heaven did not live in them, but because guilt had denied access.

Sisters and brothers in Christ, we have arrived at a very high place. We are here united in truth—here, in this moment of holiness in which the flow of truth and love move freely at a rhythm of pure celestial harmony. We are now in the abode of wisdom, that place of your soul in which the knowledge of Heaven shines in all its beauty.

III. Your Wisdom

The seeds of Christ’s knowledge were planted in the Eden of your being from the very moment of your creation. Now the time has come when the tree of wisdom begins to bear fruit.

As you know, you first water a seed, fertilize the earth, and wait for the rain and the sun to do the rest in union with life, so that finally the majestic tree emerges. But you still have to wait a while for it to bear fruit. Waiting is part of both the physical and spiritual laws of nature.

There is a time for everything, although this truth is not necessarily subject to physical time. Wisdom is not limited by time although it manifests itself in time. In each stage of life, in each stage of the transformation of humanity, there is wisdom as required by that phase. A child has as much wisdom as an adult. People of old had as much wisdom as those of today. All are possessors of wisdom. Life is wise.

Trusting yourself is what will allow the wisdom of your being to manifest. You have spent much time immersed in a lack of self-confidence, so learning to do this is necessary. But remember, lack of confidence, which plunged you into despair, sadness, and discouragement, has been left behind. You are not what you were yesterday. You are new and being reborn every day. You are the resurrection and the life. Therefore you need not be guided by memories of what no longer exists. You are wise in your way—wisdom, like love, is expressed in each being in a unique way.

You do not have to be guided by how wisdom is expressed in others. You may notice your sister or brother speaks or lives from their wisdom, but that does not mean that you should blindly follow. Doing so may be proper for children who have not yet developed the proper sense of inner guidance. Yet even a newborn child has wisdom. That wisdom of life is what makes her call to her mother when she needs her and also makes her calm down when in the arms of the one who gave her life.

Does it make sense to believe in a God who is pure infinite love and also believe that wisdom is in some and not in others? Would not this be an act of divine injustice? You know that the answer to the first question is “no” and the second is “yes” because the wisdom of God resides in you. You may call it intuition or indefinable certainty, but it is wisdom.

What is it that keeps you reading this work? What is it that makes you, despite everything, as humanity and as an individual, continue to believe that there is something beyond the obvious that the eyes see? Wisdom.

Remember that we have said that Christ is love and that you no longer live, but that Christ lives in you. Remember also that we said that wisdom and love are one and the same as are ignorance and fear. If we connect the dots we arrive at the obvious truth. Christ is wisdom. Christ is love. Christ is Heaven. Christ is the Son of God in whom everything was created and by whom the Mother creates eternally.

To hold the consciousness of the living Christ who lives in you is to live in the presence of love and wisdom. This is true receptivity.

Take in your mind and your heart the words that follow and you will live in the abode of wisdom, which is there where the soul lives, embraced by the sweetness of love.

“I am the living expression of wisdom. In it I was born, I exist and I live. I am love. Holy wisdom is the source of my knowledge and action. I am the light that illuminates. I am Christ.”

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