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Wisdom: The Gift of Love

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Sons and Daughters of truth! Bliss of God! We are here to continue together on this journey of the soul that leads to eternal truth. We make an appearance in your life for the sake of the holiness that you truly are. We are the unity of love. We live in a light that never goes out. We dwell where the soul rejoices with the sweetness of love. We live in the holy mountain of your holy mind. We are part of God’s perfect creation, just as are you.

We want to express our gratitude to you, once again, for your holy willingness to receive the Grace of the healing of memory, and to leave your mind and heart empty of everything so they may be filled with wisdom.

Come, sons and daughters of light, come sing with us and with all creation a new hymn of praise to the Father of lights. Stay in the eternal Abode of Heaven where love and truth reside, united in inseparable union.

Sing, laugh, dance with us! We are the living expression of the joy of God, as is your self and all self. Begin to live only in light where there is no shadow of ignorance. Begin to live only in love where there is no fear.

Here, in the land of the living, only truth shines in all its glory. Only love exists. Harmony cannot be modified, nor wisdom disdained. Here we live in a truth that recognizes that holiness, like God, has no opposite.

Beings of the highest, if only you could realize how high we have risen, you would begin to leave all duality behind forever, because you would realize that it does not exist any more. You no longer live in illusion. You live in the land of the living now, where the sun and life are one, where there is no night. Your self lives where there is only the joy of creation, extending eternally.

II. Awake

Beloved soul in love, beloved daughters and sons, you have already awakened to eternal life. Let us continue to enjoy this new existence in which you are as you have always been in truth, even though there was a time when you acted as if you couldn’t be. Awake you are, dancing the dance of life, singing the melodies of eternity.

Light that will never wane! Within you is a place much higher than the stars and sun, more distant from the noises of the world than east from west.

That place where we dwell with you and with all that is holy is not properly a place, but is literally what you call your heart, your self. It is where wisdom resides, whose source is the Sacred Heart of Christ. Your self is the life-giving force of your whole existence, with its origin in the center of the universe, which is the heart of everything created. Your self emerges from the core of spirit that gives life to everything and creates the immaterial, and then manifests itself in infinite ways. Your self is to God as beautiful tongues of fire are to the center of a bonfire.

Brother, sister, you who live in the truth, you cannot create a safe world that is not based on certainty. We invite you to leave behind everything you doubt or might eventually doubt, for things about which there is no possibility of doubt. Only the wisdom of your heart can provide the certainty necessary to build an existence based on peace. The mind cannot. Further explanation is unnecessary because you have proven it over and over on an exhausting path that is already left far behind.

Centuries of spiritual teachings have taught that what you do not obtain with effort lacks value or that what you obtain with effort is worth the cost. This belief, so rooted in the old world, is a stone that prevented you from moving forward, a stone to which the soul was chained, preventing it from taking flight.

The idea of the value of sacrifice has been left behind except in one aspect, also to be released forever, which we will discuss in this session. To link sacrifice, or effort, to knowledge is an impossible relationship. Nothing achieved with effort can resemble wisdom, since wisdom is the sweetness of love and there is no sweetness in sacrifice. Likewise, you must recognize and often remember that wisdom, like love, cannot be put into words.

Wisdom is the “computer of love.” It is that which makes love believable. In effect, wisdom is the law of love. This perfect association between wisdom and the law of Heaven is usually overlooked.

When you observe physical nature you can admire the order it reflects and how its laws are inexorably fulfilled. Nothing in creation is beyond the wisdom of life. Wisdom exists in the nucleus of an atom, in the union of the elements, in the cells, in the relationship between the forces that keep harmony within the vast cosmos. It is wisdom that directs how everything is done.

Wisdom gives creation its framework. She places limits on the unlimited and sustains time within the eternal. She allows everything that the will is capable of without opposing God. Nothing that can be thought or devised can be alien to wisdom, because she is the source of knowledge and consequently of the work of God. For this reason wisdom is the source of the light that illuminates every man.

Is it not true, friend of the eternal truth, that life knows how to manage and keep going despite everything? Bodies may pass, planets may cease to exist, and yet life continues inexorably to express. It will always find how to manifest and continue to create and to extend more life. When you cut a tree or pull a flower, do you think they have ceased to exist?

When God created everything, She knew that Her wisdom would be inherent in creation. The Creator never places limits on wisdom, because to do so would cause life to cease to exist, and with it Herself. God is life and the giver of existence.

III. Wisdom of God

Recognize vividly that wisdom has nothing to do with concepts or with what can be put into words. Thus you cannot but accept the fact that the apparent knowledge of the world, acquired through the intellect, is an imitation of the true wisdom of Heaven.

As extreme as it may sound, my beloveds, you must understand that what you call the “wisdom of the world” is a mechanism of separation. It is an absurd, unnecessary attempt to want to know without the intervention of God. It is the most eloquent expression of a humanity that would no longer need God. Brother, sister, if there is one way in which you have striven most to demonstrate separation and most sought to differentiate yourself from everything, it is with the intellectual. Does not that reveal something? What do you seek when you want to know something? You seek specific knowledge.

Specificity belongs to the thinking mind because it is limited. When you seek knowledge through thinking and reasoning, you are declaring that you can sever truth. That is the belief behind the specifism of knowledge.

The notion that reality can be divided is an idea born of a divided mind, like any idea of separation. It has been elaborated upon for millennia, leading to the current state of affairs in which it is believed that many separate minds, full of specific knowledge, can come together to create a greater knowledge— as if truth is a puzzle and each mind a piece. Or as if knowledge was quantitative. If this were true, you would not be one with the whole. You would not be one with love.

Humanity redeemed by the Lamb has come very far in the way of love and truth. And yet they still engage in affairs of knowledge. Learn to distinguish between the limited knowledge of the thinking mind and the wisdom that comes from Heaven. Its quality is a key to discernment. Wisdom is sweeter than honey, it has irrevocable certainty, it unites, it does not change, it creates life, it is soft as a summer breeze, it is always faithful, it is tender like the eyes of a nursing child, and it lives always in the truth.

Beloved children from all corners of the world, we invite you to release your attachment to intelligentsia in all its forms so that you can finish freeing your minds and freeing your path. When you do so, wisdom will dictate everything that should be revealed to you because of what you are.

Wisdom will inform you about everything in due time. I assure you that wisdom can heal bodies and souls, transform the Earth, create new worlds, raise the dead and make the blind see, all in the blink of an eye. Didn’t She create the entire universe by means of a simple “Let it be done”? Do you think wisdom can be limited?

IV. True Knowledge

Sisters and brothers, wisdom lies in love because they are one and the same. Outside of love nothing exists, not even wisdom.

When separation was conceived and we sought to create a world based on the opposite of love, that is, fear, we sought to create the impossible because wisdom cannot accompany nonsense. Nevertheless, the need to know could not be completely denied. That is why intellectuality was made—a way of knowing quite peculiar and of course, contrary to love, the source of true knowledge. The science of good and evil sought to replace the wisdom of love. The rest of the story is known and needs no repetition.

Lights that illuminate the world, the time has come to accept that the only way to be wise is to live in the presence of love.

The problem you have with knowledge, that is, with wisdom, is the same as you have with love: your definition. You try to define love and, with it, knowledge. You actually do so with everything that crosses your mind. Truly, truly I tell you that it is not you who does so. The one that seeks to define everything is what we call the “thinking mind.” It has been active for so many centuries that it moves with a kind of inertial force. Do not worry about it. That force is less and less powerful because it is not being fed.

Now your mind and your heart walk together, holding hands. They will never separate again because both have found what they were looking for—completeness. The mind found in the heart a refuge so longed for; the heart found grace in the mind, since the mind is the only means by which the heart can express itself and thus know itself.

Remember, the mind is the active means by which the spirit creates and extends. Life is thought. The mind is the throne of truth. The heart is the throne of love and the foundation of reason. Love without reason is madness; intelligence without love is cruelty. Remember also that the heart is your self, where everything that the mind expresses arises.

Just as you have been taught that knowledge can be acquired through effort, you were also told that you must sink your being into a land of darkness, for if a seed is not buried, it does not sprout. This was not about submerging yourself in the shadows of pain and unconsciousness.

We must be very careful with the teachings received. They played a role during the time they were needed. All of them will persist forever if they are linked to the uncreated truth. However, in the new world in which we are living, a world whose foundation is the wisdom of love, they will be re-signified.

When it was said that you should sink your being into a land of darkness, you were told to let your mind and heart sink into the mystery, which is the source of your knowledge and action. You can now stop assigning to mystery the attributes of fear and begin to accept the fact that God, you, and life are mystery. And you live in peace with that truth. You begin to realize that from the depths of mystery springs a vital force that encloses within itself the wisdom of God. And from that comes perfect certainty.

You replace the cloud of unknowing with wisdom not of the world. You happily realize that the space you once thought was ignorance was really mystery, and you do not seek to fill that space with false knowledge.

You let everything be as it is. You begin to become aware of the relationship that exists between your consciousness and the mystery that you are. From that relationship the truth about everything begins to flow into your conscious mind, and doubt disappears.

Certainty reigns in the mind that accepts mystery, and in the heart that loves to listen in silence. Christ himself becomes the source of your knowledge and action. Fear disappears. You dwell in the land of wisdom that shall never pass away. You become one with Her. You merge in the beauty of love, and enjoy the sweetness of the knowledge of Heaven which lives eternally in you and in everything created. You are no longer alone and helpless. You no longer live in the realm of foolishness. You now live securely embraced by the wisdom of love.

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