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The Cloud of Unknowing

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Light that illuminates the world! Beloved perfect creation! Let nothing disturb your heart. Let everything be as it is, without wishing to change anything. Stay in the silence of our union, where the transforming forces of love reside. Remember that all meaning is found in your direct relationship with God.

Do not look for another way of knowing other than that of your inner relationship with all that you are. Every feeling, emotion, thought, and circumstance of your life make up a unity through which you manifest what you are.

In order to understand the purpose of everything, it is necessary to integrate everything you experience into your consciousness. This is how life itself will give you the answers, since she will be your teacher. You will get to know each other more and more.

There is no point in continuing to pretend that you know what life is about. Allow the evolution of your existence to happen as it does. Life teaches through the experience of living, but if instead of letting it happen, you judge it and try to overlay ideas and thoughts and labels on it, and then you make life a nightmare instead of a teacher. You will never be able to give life a definition that will please the thinking mind. Life is too big to be enclosed in one word, never mind in many. Life is God.

It is true that at first it seems a bit difficult to let life be the way it is, without getting involved in it, because you will have the feeling of lack of commitment and loyalty. That, however, is simply an initial phase. With a little practice you will see that you can take distance from events, and the actions you undertake will arise from the place of inner peace, not from the desire to change things or yourself.

Holy of God! We have come in this opportunity, full of love, to share with you and with all those blessed brothers and sisters who benefit from these words, not to intermingle with the life you see. Just observe, stay quiet, and wait.

II. The Love Given

You need not be wound up in the frantic movement of the world. If you are, it is because you dove into it. What can you expect from throwing yourself into the waves of a rough sea?

Sons and daughters, do not jump out of the boat in which you are being led by the one who knows not only how to navigate in peace, but the destination. Do not dive into the mad world. It is not necessary. Life knows how to fix things. Everything has a time and a place in the space-time dimension. Remember that everything born in time dies in time.

Always keep in mind that the only thing that counts is the love given. This is the reason you are repeatedly asked to be open and willing to receive the love of God. Keep in mind that giving and receiving are one and the same. Likewise be conscious that you cannot give what you do not receive.

Loving God above all else is the essence of perfect love. It is the foundation of life. We invite you to return to this simple truth. You have an active Mother of love and mercy. Do not forget. We repeat this so that the conditioning of the mind does not cause you to forget the basis of truth. This is the truth: You were created by God in Her likeness.

You can call to your Mother any way you prefer, for to God that does not matter. It is not helpful to entangle yourself in thinking about how your Mother is, what She looks like, how She thinks, or how She acts.

You know that God is love, and you know love. You know that God is true life and that you are alive. Leaving the evolution of your existence in the hands of life is in harmony with the Creator.

We tell you all this so that you recognize that the cloud of unknowing is the reality of the thinking mind. You cannot understand life through reason. Life unfolds in every moment. You yourself are extending it because of what you are. You interact with it and create life in every moment, in union with everything. Life is eternally being created.

Not knowing is not a sin, but neither is it real. The notion of “knowing” or “not knowing” is alien to truth. In no aspect of life, that is, of creation, can you see something similar to “thinking” or “not thinking,” “knowing” or “not knowing.”

The idea of reasoning and trying to understand the meaning of things through the intellect should be set aside in order to welcome the wisdom of Heaven. This has already been discussed.

The mind and the heart were not conceived to think and feel. They were created to receive, to receive revelation and love. This is the great difference between true knowledge, which cannot be acquired but is given freely to all equally, and the desire to access wisdom through paths not of God. It is the difference between knowing and perceiving.

III. Access to Wisdom

The decision to seek truth in your own way is the denial of the knowledge of God. This concerns understanding daily life as well. Accepting that you do not know what life is about, and that nobody knows, is a good starting point to access the truth that dwells within.

Everyone has access to wisdom by the mere fact of existing. The wisdom of God is nothing other than Her love. To access it, it is necessary to understand that as God’s creation your inherent condition is to be receptive. The condition of receptivity is itself being. Let us explain.

When God created you and everything that exists, She did it knowing that you are a being who receives and, when receiving, gives. She knows that there is no difference between giving and receiving. By giving you your self, God Herself receives your self. By giving yourself completely, by extending yourself, you know yourself. That is why you can be.

What we are saying is that the self can only know itself by giving itself. Here is a simple explanation of the unity inherent in giving and receiving. You give your self, which makes you know yourself and know that you exist—otherwise you would not have awareness of your existence. Thus when you express yourself you are knowing yourself because you are making yourself known.

Life is the sphere in which you pour out what you are. It is the room in which you express or manifest. The different events that seem to arise are but means and ends for that expression. In effect, what you call life is the expression of self. Death, if possible, would be the annulment of expression.

If you do not like life, it is because you do not like the expression of self, which is a judgment. Judging an expression as good or bad implies some lack of understanding. Expressions are what they are. It is important to realize that if you do not love creation, you can hardly love its Creator.

If you say you love the Creator but do not love Her work, you are not living the truth. You cannot separate observed from observer. You cannot separate created from Creator.

IV. The Experience of Not Knowing

Life is experience. What you call life is actually a series of experiences. How you experience the events of life is strictly personal because everything depends on your perception. Thus life seems to be different for everyone, which is why life defies definition.

The cause of experience is perception, and this in turn produces effects. Again, cause and effect are one and the same. The relationship between experience and perception is often overlooked. Beliefs have the power to dictate your actions and with it the circumstances of “your” life, not so much in the external sense but the inner sense—your interpretation or perception of things.

Here we speak of the particular experience of ignorance. Remember, before moving on, that ignorance does not really exist because only love is real, and love is wisdom. Fear is ignorance. There is nothing you can get from fear that helps you understand anything. Instead, fear cancels access to the wisdom you naturally have. Thus it is also fair to say that ignorance is fear.

The fear of not knowing is understandable. It comes from an ancestral source, that not knowing the reality in which you exist would make it impossible for you to continue existing. The ancestral knowledge of this eternal truth has been applied to the making of the world. It is what makes you seek to under- stand what happens, what surrounds you, the laws that govern the universe, and the meaning of what you are. You use the physical self for this purpose.

The desire to understand, the constant search to find meaning, comes originally from truth. In your heart you know that ignorance does not exist. You know that in ignorance there can be no life. Ignoring what you are or ignoring what is around you would make it impossible to function harmoniously with your environment. You would respond in a chaotic way. That would make the continuity of life impossible.

We have repeated in this session of love some concepts that have already been developed throughout this work in order to intertwine them in a particular way and to continue weaving a new tapestry that literally means a new world.

We can affirm that the old world was built on the basis of ignorance, the new one on the foundation of the wisdom of love. Would not two worlds arising from such opposite sources be completely different from each other?

The search for knowledge comes from your certainty of the existence of wisdom. You understand that the intellect, or activity of thinking, cannot be the means of knowing. In other words, knowing is proper to wisdom. Since you do not know the meaning of wisdom, you used it in a way contrary to the nature of what it is.

The faculty of understanding was not given to you to create a world of effortful thinking or to “have to” access knowledge. Knowledge is given.

The cloud of unknowing in which the old world was submerged is unreal. The certainty of wisdom can come only from the truth that is always true. The point now is to recognize where wisdom resides, where to find its source, and how to live from it, so that you can continue to build a safe and happy world, a world based on certainty. This is how to create a new world.

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