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My Beloved Christ

A song that springs from the pure heart of Archangel Raphael

I. Archangelic Love

Blessed souls! Daughters and sons! Once again we are present in a perfect union of Heaven and Earth. In these dialogues of love and truth is gathered everything created. Herein lies the unity of the totality.

We can never tell you too often how much we love you, and through Grace this manifestation is for all. The blessings that emanate from the heart of our beloved Christ to us, and from us to you as a light that envelops us all, is an incessant coming and going that spills over into everything created, just as the wind envelops everything it touches.

Oh daughter or son of light, blessed soul of our Creator! Just as you have opened your heart, stripped naked and unadorned in its beauty, bared in direct relationship with God, in the same way I share with you the beating of my Archangelic heart, a heart created by the Father of Beauty and Holiness just like yours. My heart is one with you and with everyone, for we are one heart. We are united.

I assure all of you who receive these words of the uniqueness of this manifestation. Never before has there been someone who can write of the eternal love that the heart of the Angels feels for Christ and also for children, the saint beings who with so much love have redeemed and resurrected.

Beloved of eternity, hear my heart. Come to Him. Gather the treasures that your eternal Mother has deposited, for they are as much yours as mine, because everything I have comes from the Mother and belongs to Her.

I speak of the Grace of God and the love of the Creator of the holy, the beautiful, and the perfect. I will speak of your being. You are the delight of my heart. You are the joy of the angels and the joy of Christ who constitutes the essence of our Archangelic love and all love. To Him we pay you all honor and all glory forever and ever; therefore it is right to honor you too, who are one with Him.

You, beloved pure soul, return to the abode of light through your love of Christ and His love for you, the gift of God for all, the blessing of Heaven sacrosanct, you the perfect abode of Christlove. Know that all creation blesses you. You are pure. You are innocent. You are beautiful. You are mystery. You are divine love.

My son, daughter, we cannot separate the beauty of God from yours, nor from ours, nor can we separate it from divine grace. You yourself are the personification of the grace of love; thus you are graceful, beautiful, holy.

Remember, my beloved, that Grace is like the mantle of the night sky that surrounds creation with the beauty of its stars, with a silver moon giving light and mystery to an Earth blessed by the Creator.

Silence, mystery, infinity! God it is who takes care of Her children in the serene night, wrapping them in Her tender gaze. So sweet is the heart of the Mother of the living! That is how loving is your protection, and how benevolent the universe: beauty, magnanimity, life-extending, an infinite creation of love with no beginning and no end.

Beloved soul of mine, receive my love and extend it throughout the world. Join it. Keep it forever in the silence of your heart, where we will live always united in our beloved Christ. Feel the sweetness of my love. Rest your head on my chest. Rest in the peace of my being. I am your beloved Archangel Raphael. I am a light that illuminates. I am love. I am peace. I am healing.

II. Praise to Creation

Oh greatness of creation! Perennial mystery, silence of God, incomprehensible majesty! Madness of infinite love, gift from the Mother to the Son, inheritor of holiness! Who can imitate you?

Stars twinkling in the skies of the night, laughing waters dancing to the beat of joy, wet earth nourishing the children of creation. Trees hug, flowers beautify, birds fly in an air of immensity, fish swim through rivers and oceans, algae float with the currents of the seas, fireflies illumine with their perfect bodies, felines slink stealthily with scrutinizing eyes.

Birds sing to the rhythm of the sun’s arc. Rain cleans all. Fruit of all colors feeds the beloved children of Mother Earth. Harmonies of creation! Perfection of forms and sounds, symphony of creative love! Delirium of a God of pure love.

Oh created majesty! Who can know your laws and parts in their entirety? None. None can penetrate the bowels of your essence. None can explain who has given you life. You are the face of God. You are Her body, Her handiwork. To look at you leads my angelic soul and all souls to the contemplation of the mystery of love. To love yourself is to love God Herself because you are God in Her, Creator-created, inseparable union, undivided reality.

Oh holy creation! Who created you? From whence comes your beauty? From where did you come? Who has begotten you and joined you with everything that exists, worlds of infinite worlds that make up your totality? Unfathomable mystery, immeasurable reality sprung from a heart that loves beauty, diversity, and majesty.

III. A Canticle to the Beloved Christ

Oh, my beloved Christ! Creation belongs to you by divine right. You are the essence of filiation. You are the foundation of everything created. Without you, nothing would exist because everything was done in you and for you.

How much beauty there is in your face! How much holiness in your eyes, how much joy in your perfect heart, how much purity, how much love!

Oh, my beloved! My beloved Christ.

Source of my being and of all being, longing of my heart and fullness of souls, to know you, to contemplate you is paradise, is Heaven. The angels adore you. The Archangels loudly proclaim the greatness of your name. The cherubs with their trumpets intone a hymn of praise and gratitude heard in all corners of the universe. God Herself is ecstatic before your presence.

You are the mystery of the word through whom everything has been given life. You dwell in the Mother for all eternity. Before anything existed you were united in love with the Creator. Within the eternal solitude of the most Holy Trinity you existed, together with the Mother and your Spirit of love, living together, rejoicing in the infinite extension of love.

You are the holy abode of wisdom from which all life flows. You are the creative and re-creative eternity. You are the belly of life.

IV. Gratitude to the Human Soul

Blessed soul of the Mother, extension of the living Christ. Know that all creation meets in you. You are the synthesis of the Mother’s love. In you are conjugated all elements, all matter, all sentient spirits. You were created by holiness itself as its extension. When you shine in the light of truth you become a word that gives life to your step.

Can you, soul created by God, realize how sublime you are? So much so that even Christ created in you his holy dwelling? You are that which neither eye saw, nor ear heard. You are the ineffable reality of God made humanity.

Remember, beloveds of God, you who receive and share these words, that the reality of what you are resides in union with all that is true. There is no such thing as parts of creation. All is an undivided unity, without leaving the self and you. God Herself has created the identity of each being with the holy purpose of creating in relationship.

In the relationship that exists between Christ, your Soul, my being and all being, is the truth about God, you, and me.

I stand before you as Archangel Raphael since in this identity you can recognize me and relate to me through your self. However, that does not imply that we are separate beings. Everything that is truly part of my Archangelic being is also part of your spirit. We all share everything that God has given us.

Just as a child has everything of the father and the mother, and yet is not deprived of the freedom to make his or her own choices and thereby create a way of life, in the same way it happens with the children of the Highest One. We are all the firstborn children of the Mother. We are the heirs of the kingdom. In our spirits all divine realities are combined because God is the Father and Mother of all creation.

I bless you, praise and thank you for your existence. So does all creation. This praise is not directed to an ego, nor does it denote superiority, but the movement of a loving heart that lives in God. It is an expression of pure love. It is the simple recognition of Grace that your existence means.

V. The Beauty of Free Will

You who have been given a life, a mind, a heart, and a conscience, have made a deliberate choice. The world moved against your choice countless times, always with the hidden purpose of strengthening your decision and your will to the ways of the Lord.

Your choice is irrevocable. Of this I assure you: your choice is in itself a force that crosses the entire universe with a power emanating from love. It has no equal. You cannot imagine the power of your irrevocable decision to live in love.

Oh holy sons and daughters of wisdom! Words cannot be found to express the wonder and beauty of the gift of free will. Can you imagine God creating freedom? Is it not true that many times, at least, often before reaching this point, that when you thought of creative power you referred to concrete things? That perspective on creation is very limited. Think: Who can create freedom? Who, harmony? Who, the human heart, so capable of nobility and love? Who, the human mind, so great and beautiful that it is a worthy dwelling place of the truth, a chalice of wisdom? Who, your will?

You have been told that you have made the choice for love, an irrevocable choice, because that is how you have arranged it. You have fought hard to achieve this goal. Although no struggle was necessary, you chose the path of struggle. And God did not deny you, nor did She make anything insignificant. Rather, because you had given Her the purpose of reaching truth, She Herself allowed you to reach it by that path, not because of your effort, but because of your undivided free will. Remember that to desire with all your will, that is to say with all your heart, is to create.

You have created your own Heaven in union with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. No one or nothing can obliterate your Kingdom. Your Kingdom is not of this world; your Kingdom exists in the reality of love with which you have united. Did you think that the one who said that a single glass of water given to a little one in My name is enough to multiply the love of the Father, was using a beautiful metaphor that sounds good to the ears but has no meaning? No, my beloved. If a single glass of water given by love opens the doors of Heaven, how much more does a human life consecrated to love?

Your humanity has in it the necessary elements to make the fundamental choice for love. You have made it. The life of each one of our brothers and sisters is sacred because at each step the truth calls to them, inviting them to make the essential choice.

The deafening sounds of the pseudo-voice of illusion may make it difficult to hear the voice of Divine Love in the world, yet She calls everyone incessantly from all corners of the Earth and the created universe. The truth presents itself at the crossroads of each one’s life. It is afraid of nothing. Wherever a human soul is, it constantly whispers with a sweet voice, singing melodies of beauty and love to draw to itself the children of light. Or it can make the weight of truth fall heavily in consciences tormented by guilt so that they return to the house of the Mother.

The voice of love can never be silenced in any Kingdom created by the children of God. The most that can be done is to deny it and not listen, but it can never be eradicated from reality.

We are beginning to speak of your Kingdom. Little by little we will share the knowledge of this truth. You have a Kingdom, a Kingdom that you yourself have created. This is not a metaphor, but the creative reality of your existence. You are a creator, something you cannot avoid. You create your reality at every moment. You can only create a reality with love or without love; there is no third option.

As a creator, you have to be able to be conscious of what you have created and consciously join it. Your creations are as similar to you as you are to your Creator, because creator and created are a unit.

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