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The New World is Born

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Light that illuminates the world! Love embodied! Here we are again with you, the chosen of God. By uniting with you we become one with all that is holy, beautiful, and perfect. All who make the choice for love are present in this moment of Divine Love.

No one is excluded from our love because we love with perfect love. We are a multitude, and also one. We are the holiness of self manifested in different ways. You are you and we are us, yet in our unity lies the truth of what you are and what everything is. We are one without ceasing to be what each is. We are unity in the diversity of God.

We thank you for your willingness to continue with these words of love and truth. Thank you for answering the call of love. We are traveling a path of light. This is a journey that takes you straight to the Heaven of your holy mind; It restores your memory of the truth of what you are, and the truth of everything that exists and moves.

We want to remind you that you cannot see union with your eyes, but it is recognizable by its effects, just as you cannot see the driving force of the breeze yet you can feel the air caressing your cheeks. You see the effects.

We have come to further enlighten your already luminous mind and thus catalyze all minds to union in truth. We invite you to remember that you are one with everything created, just as is a mother with the child in her womb.

You are one and yet each is what it is. The reality of creation is unity, and yet its unity does not annul the parts that make up the whole. Divine unity is a type of unity that is in harmony with God’s individuation plan. This matter of unity is of great importance, which is why we bring it up again.

II. Fear of Union

The fear of union lies in a problem of understanding. From it also comes the fear of relationship. Indeed, individualism or egocentrism could be understood as an attempt to be oneself outside of relationship.

The idea of being oneself in a relationship that unites everyone with everything in an undivided unity is something that frightens those who are so obsessed with being themselves that they build fortresses and barricades so nothing pierces the wall of their weak self. They think they protect themselves from possible attack, which they do because they think they have attacked themselves—and indeed they did, although that should not be a cause for concern.

The true self cannot be attacked because nothing can attack love. You can only think that this is possible, desirable, and something that has actually been done. Remember that the fact that you create something does not mean that what you believe to be true is true.

To stop being would be a calamity, if it were possible. We repeat this, for the pain you experienced from the dissociation of self has been of such magnitude that there are still traces of that suffering in your memory. Do not worry about that, sons and daughters of God. Do not worry about anything.

Through this work any memory that is not of God will vanish. Memory will be reprogrammed to perfect union with all that is true. A new remembrance will replace the memory of separation, which will finally transcend all memories and reside in the reality of eternally-present love, the realm of no time where there is no such thing as the past, present, or future, and in which memory is as unnecessary as the thinking mind.

You cannot remember love. You can only know it. When you meet it, you know that love is what you are. Therefore you need not apply any kind of memory or thought, because what would be the point of devoting oneself to remembering oneself and thinking of oneself? Memory arose as part of the thinking mind in order to configure the reality of time and space, where it fulfills an essential function in the recognition of things. Without memory you could not remember what it is like to walk, talk, eat, or even what your beloved’s face looks like.

In cognitive memory you store memories, all of which come from the thinking mind. None come from truth itself because truth is beyond remembrance, which is why you think you do not remember God.

My beloved, we transcend towards the non-remembered, the emptying your memory of all content. Just as you have distanced yourself from your thinking mind, since you have recognized that it is not by means of the intellect that you reach truth but by means of revelation, the same happens with memory.

Memory is linked to imagination. It operates through images intertwined with information that keep it in the memory register. Memories are simply information stored in the form of ideas, images, beliefs, emotions, or sensory feelings. Everything experienced in the past has been part of what the mind sought to configure in order to understand experience in its own way. To do so the mind used the relationship between intellect, imagination, and memory. This relationship forms the personality and one’s way of seeing life. Thus when faced with apparently identical situations, everyone forms their own diverse opinions. This relationship is established for each self and is not exclusive to human beings but is true for every living being.

Without memory you would not remember anything, even what you are. You could not function in the world. Thus cognitive memory—that part of the mind that accumulates information from thoughts passing from one mind to the other—is an instrument that serves learning. In order to know how to develop in the world you have stored in memory all that you have learned about the world around you.

Now as you abandon learning and open yourself to revelation, what function will memory serve? Although we have answered this question previously, we now respond from a different perspective, linked to the truth that is always true. The new function of memory is to forget.

You cannot stop learning if you keep using your memory to remember yourself, rather than using it to forget. Forgetting is as selective as remembering. If you keep remembering the past, you cannot expect it to go away and never come back, even though the past is not here.

If you do not forget what one day you were, you will continue to delay on the path of revelation. You will be like a butterfly that, having left the cocoon, has not yet realized that it can fly, nor that it possesses great beauty.

You have been told to forget everything you have lived and to confidently launch into the arms of love. That is true confidence. That is to transcend conviction and faith, to move on to what in truth it means to trust. Remember: trusting and loving are one and the same. True love fully relies on itself because it is perfectly known. In love there are no doubts, there is only peace, and peace is only possible in the perfect certainty of truth.

Maybe you are wondering why we repeat in this session of pure light that which we have already spoken. The reason is always love. We cannot allow the forgetful aspect of the mind to be harmful to you.

The mind is accustomed to forgetting whatever does not serve its purpose of survival. That purpose does not serve you now.

Brother, sister, please be aware that you are beginning to forget everything that is not true, everything you have learned. Revelation is beginning to break out in your mind like an aurora on the horizon at dawn. Bit by bit the light is shining more and more. The truth is shining in your holy mind.

In this stage of forgetting everything that does not come from Divine Truth, you may experience, and often will, periods of forgetting—from seconds to minutes of the mind “going blank.” Do not be scared when that happens. It is a symptom that your memory is being emptied of content that does not serve the purpose of holiness.

Such forgetfulnesses are the unequivocal sign that the brain, and with it the body, is being transformed by the new mentality in which you live. This, together with possible physical ailments you may experience, is part of the transformation of which we speak. The sooner you release the known, the more quickly this stage, which is always temporary, will pass.

The new being that you are encompasses all aspects of your identity, including your memory, imagination, and physical body. Similarly, your emotional registers and thought patterns are transformed by the force of love that you have accepted. While you are yet in the chrysalis you can have no idea of the magnitude of the transformation being experienced.

The caterpillar has become a butterfly. The metamorphosis of consciousness has occurred. The spirit begins to fly without limitation. And you feel uncomfortable in the new being that you are. You do not know where to direct your flight. Your being observes, is silent, waiting. Little by little it begins to take flight. It rises above all thought and all emotion. Little by little it begins to feel comfortable in the heights. You still fear the fall, but very soon even that fear disappears, for your wings will become more robust than those of an eagle.

III. Prudence and Truth

Soul, friend of the truth! The fear of falling is but a fear of backsliding, a fear of being what you once were and did not like. Beloved daughter, beloved son, know that this is not fear but prudence. In this blessed way of life you have acquired a greater degree of prudence. Virtue is necessary to live in truth and love. Prudence is a virtue par excellence of the angels and of all those who live in the presence of love.

Prudence makes you more reflective now, unwilling to rush where no angel of God would dare go. Prudence makes you patient; and from that patience arises the wisdom of love, which trusts in God fully whether to act or not, to fly or not, to sing or not, to laugh or not. In short, now you can begin to be truly free. We say “now,” for this was not previously possible. Without due prudence and holy patience, flying would have been crazy. Enough tears have already been shed because of the imprudence of those who walk the world.

Soul in love, what you are being told with crystal clarity is that you are ready to fly next to the Heart of God. Do not be afraid of the height. You will not burn as you approach the sun, nor will you be pulverized in the presence of the Almighty. No, on your flight through the highest heights of holiness you will feel at ease with yourself and with everything created. Recall that birds are happy flying overhead and slow when walking on the ground.

Rejoice, sons and daughters of God, to recognize that a new being has emerged from the chrysalis of love, a being whose beauty could not be described by human words. The changes you have experienced, and those you will continue to experience, are part of this transformation of your reality.

Remember that as it is inside, so is it outside. The transformation of your being can be seen by its effects. Cannot you see it now? Is it not obvious that you have changed a lot, even though certain areas still remain where change is necessary but seems to come more slowly?

The changes you experience are all benevolent, whether you understand them or not. The child who lives inside the mother’s womb changes greatly before being born. Likewise it is happening with you as an individual and with creation as a whole. You are inside the womb of God, being born to eternal life.

It is understandable that at the beginning you might feel a little weird with so much change, and especially with your letting go of the desire to understand with the thinking mind. What you are cannot be put into words; that is why the mind sometimes experiences conflict. Sometimes this conflict can be very acute.

The impatience that you see around you—and sometimes within you—is a sign of what we are saying. It is the result of a world changing by leaps and bounds at all levels and parts, and a humanity that keeps thinking with the thought patterns of the old and does not know where that change is headed. We will address later this matter of not knowing.

Now it is simply enough to say that the multiple transformations you are experiencing are not the result of disorganized chaos but the birth of a new world, whose foundation is unity.

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