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The Tree of Life

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved holy sons and daughters, created in the light of truth, sustained by the love that creates and recreates everything!

We have come once again, wrapped in the mantle of endless mercy. We are the love of God made real in your life. We are the voice of the Lamb extending to the whole world through your consciousness. We are one with you.

We have come as both multitude and unity to dwell with you in the presence of love. By the will of the Mother of the living, in perfect union with your will, we have been granted the unparalleled Grace of manifesting ourselves to give light to minds, and peace to hearts. Whoever receives our words with love receives blessings and miracles, as always happens when you open your minds and welcome the holy wisdom that flows from the truth.

Beloveds of Heaven! The true life of each of you living beings of all shapes and realms is like a beautiful tree. This is the self: its roots are the truth; its trunk is wisdom; its branches are knowledge; its flowers, holiness; and its fruits, love. Understand well, sons and daughters of wisdom. Your self is itself the tree of life. That tree was planted in Eden and could not be accessed once knowledge was denied. It is now before you with all its beauty and splendor. Access is now free. The cherubim no longer guard you against you, but against what is not true.

Here in this holy land to which you have come, nothing outside of God can enter. The flames of the burning swords that reach from side to side are no longer a barrier to you. The fruit of eternal life borne by the Tree of Life are available to you. It is guaranteed that you will never return to what is not love, because you have returned to the Kingdom of Holiness and will never leave.

Be silent. Contemplate the majesty of this most holy tree. Immerse yourself in its beauty. Let yourself become drunk with the nectar of your holy flowers. Watch and wait quietly until the fruit of love from this tree emerges. See everything with the vision of Christ.

II. The Great Transformation

The universe as a whole—not only the physical plane, but all dimensions—is in an unprecedented cycle of transformation. The energy of pure love emanating from the sun of all suns, the center of all universes and the source of life, has unleashed a process whereby everything that exists is being transformed.

The vital force of all creation has begun to roll in such a way that it encompasses within itself everything that is not of itself.

At work within the all-encompassing embrace of love is a transmutation of the laws that govern material life, from the elements themselves, molecules, and all forms, to the union of universes with each other. It is happening through the transmutation of the relationships that govern the life of each world, creating a complete transformation of everything that has taken form.

You are well into the era of the beginning of the fullness of love, an era without equal, an era of transformation. Love is transforming everything at a speed unmatched in the consciousness of creatures.

The speed of this transformational force of love is unprecedented. Love has always had the capacity to transform everything into love, because form can be transformed; but what is now happening is that this capacity has dramatically expanded. It is permeating all the layers of existence and all dimensions of creation. Nothing will be excluded from this phenomenon of transformed universal consciousness.

Just as you marvel at the creative power of the One who gave life to All, you will be amazed to witness the transformation that Divine Love is accomplishing—and which shall continue until a new Heaven and a new Earth shine in all Their glory.

The new arises from the transformation of the old. It is important to realize that love not only has the ability to create and recreate, but makes all things new without destroying but by embracing.

Everything linked to love becomes love because of what love is. This transforming, uniting force—the inherent ability to make everything similar to itself—is typical of everything that exists. Fear, too, makes fearsome everything on which its dark mantle rests.

If love can make everything bound to it into love, and fear makes fearsome, one might argue that perhaps God can be touched by fear and be transformed into what is fearsome. However, this could occur only in your fantasy.

Love and fear exist in realities so alien to each other that neither realizes the other. One lives in the reality created by God; the other in an illusion never created by God but which only exists in your mind. God does not know fear and fear does not know love for the simple reason that fear is illusory and does not have consequences in reality.

III. The Emergence of the New

Remember: only love is real. Within the realm of love is only what is akin to love: beauty, sanctity, uncreated perfection, truth, eternal life, and the perfect certainty in which all knowledge is integrated. In other words, in the reign of love only love reigns. Nothing in it is unholy. We say this here so that you remember as often as possible that you are no longer the one you once were.

You are a new self, transformed by the love that God is. Thus there is no need to continue to think of matters of fear. That is the old way of thinking, the old self.

Beginning now you will live in the land of the living, and will eat of the fruit of the tree of life until you are satisfied. This is eternally true for you and for all called by the voice of the Lamb to illuminate the world with a new light, the light of the new consciousness of the Second Advent. You need not look back.

Together we travel this path of truth and life. The path was closed and guarded by cherubs to bar reaching the Tree of Life, but the Resurrection has opened it

Sisters and brothers called to be light of the world! We are calling you from above. Wherever you are, we summon you through these words, which are a song of wisdom and truth. As the new self you are, you have become aware to a greater degree of the union of your souls with their source.

You are certain that you have not created yourselves, something you are happy about. Leave everything in the hands of the One who created us all out of pure Divine Love. Be patient with the process of constant transformation in yourself and in everything.

Listen, sons and daughters of God! You who receive these words, listen to us with love and full attention. No matter which corner of the universe you are in, listen well to this call, for it is the call of Christ, summoning His angels to Earth so that day after day you can enlighten the world more with your love.

Christ calls the redeemed to be witnesses of God’s love. You are ready to flood the Earth with the waters of holiness, the purest waters that spring forth unceasingly from each one of your blessed souls.

Sisters and brothers! Can you see how this living water is flooding the universe and giving new life to everything?

Sons and daughters of God, remember that creation is not done and over with, but is in continuous movement. We invite you to observe in silence the movement of love. Let’s see how the world is transforming more and more. You need not fear change or transformation, because you know its source—your love, emanated from the Mother of creation, expanding and transforming everything.

IV. Recreation

Let us continue to speak of the transformation underway in the universe and in you, a transformation springing from the consciousness of love.

To understand the magnitude of this universal transformation of which we speak—the fruit of the Tree of Life—recall that nothing can limit God. The realm of form is no exception. This remembrance will gently lead us to a greater degree of understanding of God’s plan.

Within the creative design there was always the knowledge that form has the inherent capacity to be transformed, and that love would use that capacity for its holy purpose. In other words, within God’s plan was a stage that we could call transformation through love of the physical, and with it, all universes. This transformation is the one in which you are living and you will increasingly clearly witness.

Bodies are literally being transformed by love. Consciousness is being flooded by the awareness of the pure love that God is. The self is expanding more and more as the self of pure love. This expansion of love, which encompasses everything in creation, physical and non-physical, is creating a new Earth. This is possible because the capacity to recreate, heal, and trans- form is as inherent to love as is its ability to unite.

The current phase of the transformation of consciousness within love—and consequently of matter and the laws that govern the union of all things including all universes—existed in divine thought since before the beginning of time. It is not a novelty except for the speed it has taken on and the amplitude of its transformational energy.

Given the unprecedented speed of the force of love, transformation is certain. No one can understand where this change is heading or from whence it comes, because it arises from the movement of spirit, which is like the wind. Rest securely in the unlimited confidence of love. This is why you are asked to trust and why you are asked to abandon human logic, which from now on will not help you understand.

What you will witness will be so wonderful and different from everything heretofore known, that you will be happily surprised. None of the world’s forms of logical thinking can help you understand. This is what is emerging.

The physical universe will not succumb; it will simply be transformed by love. Nothing created by God can be uncreated, and the material universe is no exception. Here you may experience conflict with the idea that the physical world, as you perceive it, was not created by God. Yet you have been told that when the mind wanted to create a world without God, God Himself extended into that world of illusion. Remember that God goes with you wherever you go.

In the physical world, because it is the plane of duality, you experience love and the absence of love. This dichotomy that has to be transcended, or rather transformed. Love transforms everything, even fear. In other words, it eliminates everything not of love, everything of fear. Love dissolves and eliminates everything out of harmony with itself. This is how the new world emerges.

V. The Movement of Love

There are beings in the world, beings who walk the Earth, who are incarnations of this totally loving energy which is capable of this great transformation of the physical universe and of all existing universes.

These incarnations of totally loving energy that transform your reality have not only incarnated into human bodies, but also into animal, vegetable, and inanimate bodies.

The transforming energy that comes from the center of the universe—that is, from love—fulfills a purpose and is available to all beings.

These totally luminous beings have the function of cleaning the world, so to speak. They do it solely with their presence. Many of them do not have a specific function other than the regular life of human beings because it is not necessary that it be so. But they have given their assent, “a little yes,” which is all that is needed.

These beings of pure light that walk the Earth—reborn from above, resurged from spirit—do not belong to the world although they are in it. Reborn by the love of God, they are living Christs, united to the incarnated Christ. They are literally the incarnation of Christ on Earth and they live among you.

These totally luminous beings are among the one hundred and forty-four thousand redeemed by the Lamb—a mystical “uncountable” number rather than literal number.

The transforming energy of love has entered the physical plane, and it raises new beings constantly because every being can join.

When we speak of the “chosen ones of the Lamb,” we are not talking about a select, special group with greater purity than others, but speak of beings like you who have voluntarily opened themselves to the consciousness of love.

Love manifested through the re-creative energy of reality is everywhere. It embraces you everywhere. The energy of pure love excludes none.

The transforming power of love embraces the whole universe and makes its home wherever it is received, in those who dwell in peace, in those who make the choice for love, and in those who live in the truth they have received by seeking it with a whole heart. It is also available for other kingdoms, such as animal, vegetable, and inanimate, because every living being has a heart. Love is not exclusive to human beings.

Here may arise the question that animals and plants cannot make the choice for love, and cannot seek truth wholeheartedly. However this is not entirely correct, since the laws of nature originally come from the consciousness of love.

Each time you dive deeper into loving awareness, that awareness brings forth loving and healing trees. The same is true of animals.

When love consciousness manifests, it does so in all orders of creation. All of creation self re-transforms into unity by reverting to the primal state.

Sisters and brothers all over the world! We invite you to let yourself be transformed by love. We invite you to join the transforming movement of reality which comes from the sanctity of your true self. We invite you to eat the fruit of the tree of life.

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