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The Abode of Knowledge

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. The History of Humanity

Beloved brothers and sisters, with gratitude we make an appearance in your life, and in that of humanity, to continue extending the wisdom of love.

With this opportunity, we wish to have you understand in a simple way what life is about. We do not propose to reconfigure your life by way of a new mental scheme. You already know that truth is not accessed through the thinking mind but through revelation, which comes from the union of love and reason in the fullness of self.

We speak of a state of fullness not from the perspective of a passing well-being or an elusive joy, but from uncreated truth. Long ago you realized that something seemed to have gone wrong in creation. You searched for an answer but could not find it. That something is what we will discuss here, so that you definitely restore in your memory the truth that replaces illusion.

The history of humanity can be summarized simply: it is humanity’s search for its true identity. It is a drama of conflict and argument, as if it were the script of a play. Without conflict there would be no human history as you know it. It is notorious that despite centuries and millennia, the conflict is not resolved.

Every story should have an end if it has any meaning, that is, if it is going somewhere. But this story does not seem to be going anywhere. New characters enter and exit and relive the same drama again and again, merely with a change of sets and actors. Conflict never seems to end.

Who created this story? Why is it repeating endlessly? What is it all about? It is about knowledge.

As you now know, being and knowing are the same. Self cannot be without knowledge. Similarly, knowledge cannot exist without a self, because it must know an “I” or a “you.”

The expression “the self, in search of its own identity” reflects the desperate struggle of self to find or know itself, which is the only real need of self. All other needs that you have felt or perceived have no reason to be. The only thing you need know is yourself. Knowing yourself is the reason for life, an inherent need. If you do not know yourself you perceive yourself as nothing.

II. Know Yourself

You can do many things in the world without knowing yourself. Some of them can even be very noble. However, if you do not know yourself, you will not be full because acting in ignorance of your true self is as alien to what you are as snow in summer.

Beloved brothers and sisters, until you fully know yourself your heart will not rest in peace, nor will anyone else’s. This is not a punishment from God for having eaten the forbidden fruit, but a matter of reality. This self is knowledge of oneself. How could it extend itself of its own accord without knowing what it is?

Ignorance of self necessarily inhibits extension, and therefore proper expression. It becomes contractive.

It could be argued that simply expressing yourself in the world, if that be the only inherent need, is the right path. That would be true if the path is the right one, be it in the world or not. But this is not a matter of being in the world or not. It is a matter of where you decide to find yourself. If you look for yourself in love, you will find yourself. Look anywhere else and you will never find yourself.

To access true knowledge of your self and thus end all madness, you must go to knowledge in the right way, which is through love. There is no other way. This simply is. This is why Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” meaning that Jesus is the way to knowledge—the correct way.

Replace “I am” or the name “Jesus” with the word “Love” and you will understand. “Love is the way, the truth and the life.”

Can you begin to see that love is the only path to knowledge? Only love is wisdom because wisdom and love are the same.

III. Find Yourself in Love

The fundamental question is: where will you decide to find yourself? Although you have been told not to search, that you have already found, this needs further explanation.

When you reach the point of recognition that it is no longer necessary to search—that you will arrive through revelation— this usually follows the fatigue of having long searched and not found. You have looked, missed, gotten tired, and not found in countless cycles, until finally something inside glimpses the issue. You begin to see that the problem lies in not knowing what it is you seek, much less where it should be. How could you not get tired of a circular quest that never makes sense?

Fortunately you are not alone. You never were and never will be. The source of wisdom has placed the eternal truth in your holy mind from the very moment of your creation.

You have been given the voice that comes from knowledge. She shows you the way and reveals the truth. This is why, in due time, spirit increasingly spurs the soul toward the true question—the meaning of life, the only and final question. Regardless of how you arrive at it, everything has contributed to reaching a point of perfect discernment.

The paradox of the search for knowledge, the search for the meaning of life, is that when you do not know what you are, you have no idea what to look for, and therefore you cannot find; but once you grasp through revelation that you are love and nothing but love, you also realize that love cannot be sought. Love simply is. We will now elucidate this paradox.

The first step is to realize what you are. This means to accept unconditionally, with all your soul, your heart, and your will, that you are love and nothing but love; that is, you are the face of holiness, just as, in truth, everything is.

The second step is to recognize that if you are love, you cannot look for yourself. Once again, love cannot be sought. Accepting this may at first be difficult for those who have spent their whole lives searching without finding, which is everyone.

The difficulty of accepting that love cannot be found lies in your attachment to the search itself, and to a mistaken understanding about the treasure of your self. You have found the hidden treasure. The lost drachma has been found. There is no doubt about this. You have found your true self and with it the meaning of your existence.

What a joy to recognize this! The time of restlessness, the time of living a meaningless life, the time of darkness, is far behind! What a joy to be certain! What joy the soul feels living forever in the light! Now you know for sure the reason for your life.

Yet although you have found your self, you think that you have found it through your own effort. That thought breeds the fear of losing what you have found. You say to yourself, “If I lost you once, how can I be certain never to lose you again?” You have not accepted the fact that what you are was revealed to you, not found by you. You did not create yourself.

This is the great revelation: There is nothing to be found because nothing real can be sought. Only love is real, therefore you cannot find it. God does not hide. Your true identity never disappears or gets lost. We have already said that love cannot be sought. If this is true, and I assure you that it is, then it must also be true that it cannot be found. Love is never absent. Love is neither lost nor found.

Beloved sister! Beloved brother! Purest soul! You did not find love of your efforts; love found you. Christ came to meet you and found you. Out of fear of the power of the Creator, in your singular consciousness, you hid behind the bushes of Eden for fear of what you thought you had done.

You were afraid of your creation and you projected that fear onto your Creator, instead of humbly recognizing that what you created without love was neither beautiful, holy, nor perfect. You forgot to stay still, together with love. Had you done that in the first place there would have been no pain or suffering. You would not have separated. There is no need to separate yourself from love, regardless of what you believe you have done or will do. Love goes wherever you go.

Can you now connect the dots and realize that love never hid or went anywhere? Can you remember vividly that God does not move?

Knowledge resides in love. This means that knowledge is not concerned with singular consciousness, since it has no degrees. There cannot be degrees of knowledge or degrees of love.

Either you know yourself or you do not. Therefore beyond the conscious mind, beyond all that the mind can understand and classify, is where knowledge resides. You know that door very well and where it leads you.

IV. The Portal of Knowledge

Now we allow true knowledge, a portal to light, to activate in the memory.

Oh, daughters and sons of love! Our whole self trembles with awe and veneration at the point we have reached. We are here, standing together, holding hands, clothed in the resplendent garments of resurrection. We have emerged from the waters of sanctity.

We stand in front of the doors of wisdom, the portal of truth. Oh sacred mystery of love! Holy wisdom! You are the source of life and love. You are the delight of angels, due the admiration of men and women who seek the truth and the joy of God.

Everything you do, both as humanity and as individuals, is but a way of seeking to know yourself. Observe the force that impels you to “reach your maximum potential.” Humans seek to reach that maximum even when they know not what it is. Nevertheless this impulse is proper, since reaching and sustaining maximum potential is by definition the fullness of self.

Let’s connect these points. Knowledge is wisdom. As we have already seen, it only resides in love because it emanates from God Himself and God is love and nothing but love. We have also seen how strongly the self is compelled to know itself. We know that being and knowing are one and the same in truth.

Thus we discover that everything, absolutely everything, of what you call life is an expression of what you are in order to know yourself. How does knowing this contribute to your fulfillment? It helps when you begin to tread a fully conscious path about what your life means. To live consciously every moment of your life is to live in fullness. Unconsciousness is the absence of fullness.

You might argue that you were told that you attain fullness of your self by giving yourself, not that you attained it by knowing yourself as God knows you. That is true, but you have also been told that you cannot give what you have not received or recognized.

If you do not recognize the true self that you are, and do not consciously decide by deliberate will to live in harmony with that God-given self, then what do you have to give? Nothing. You would be like a rich woman with her treasures hidden away in a barn. How would her wealth serve her? How could it add to her fullness? Or would it cause her the slavery of having to protect its hiding place and guarding against anybody finding it, lest they ask her to share it?

V. The Dwelling of the Living

Now we reveal a great trick of the mind which keeps many trapped in a game from which few escape. Listen carefully and lift the veil of illusion.

The reason why humans seeks themselves is not because they want to find truth. If that were the case, it would long since have been found and the story would be over.

Behind the search for self is the thinking mind’s hidden desire never to find truth. This is because truth cannot be discovered by effort of any kind, nor by any mechanism of the thinking mind. The mind refuses to accept this.

The part of the mind that thinks it learns by its own effort is the part that causes this madness. Even though you have transcended the mind, there are still remnants of memory of the taste that learning provided.

The idea of reaching the truth for yourself and by yourself, the very idea of achievement by your own means is held secretly. Yet because there cannot be partial knowledge, knowledge must reside in wholeness. Thus there is no other option than to get to know yourself in relation to your sisters and brothers and in relation to everything created, including the Creator. And this is what the thinking mind wishes not to accept.

You have been told to stop searching. This is because if you continue with any active search mechanism through mental efforts, you will continue to wander the world under a cloud of amnesia rather than awake from the dream of Adam.

Beloved sons and daughters, let not the mind deceive you. Truth cannot be sought or achieved. Truth makes an appearance in those minds that have emptied themselves enough to allow truth to dwell there, just as love dwells in receptive hearts.

What joy it is when effort has ceased, when there is no need to tire yourself looking for what from all eternity was closer than your own breath. How benevolent is the creative Mother, who has given Her children air to breathe without effort. What a joy it is to reach this point when we joyfully accept the eternal gratuity of love.

Now we hear the soul in love say to his beloved:

My beloved, source of my self!

One day I hid my face so you would not find me. I was afraid you would see the ugliness I had become. I was ashamed of myself. I did not want your beauty to be contaminated by the opprobrium into which I had been transformed. Your sweet innocent look was for me like a spear stuck in the soul. I could not hold my gaze looking into your eyes.

Oh sweetness of my beloved’s face!

Remembering you hurt my heart. The very thought of having you by my side shook my whole self. My life was fought between the longing for love and the desire to forget so as not to suffer your absence any more.

Oh beloved of my soul!

One day I hid my face so you would not find me.

But you went out to find me. You searched for me everywhere. You crossed mountains and deserts, seas and plains. You did not care about your royalty, or my disfigurement, or that which tainted my peace. You looked for me and found me. And because you found me, I will live eternally in the abode of the living.

Because you found me I became one with your beauty. Your beauty became mine. The light of your wisdom flooded my mind, at the same time that your love absorbed my heart, embracing all of me, until I merged with you.

Oh, joy of reunion with my beloved! Grace of my God! Oh unfathomable mystery of love! How beautiful is your face. What a joy it is to dwell with you in the eternal abode of the living.

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