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Love without Conditions

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Love and Totality

If you love some more than others, or if you love certain aspects of creation in a different way than you love others, then you do not understand what love is.

God loves all things, because everything has come from Her. There is nothing God does not love. While you have been taught that God cannot love sin, and that is true, you must understand that it is not because She does not love you, but because She knows it is not real. Christ knows no shadow of sin. This not-knowing of the Christ of God is the perfect guarantee of your return to unity.

Those united to the living Christ in them no longer see sin because they know that sin does not really exist. Perhaps they continue to experience the instinctive repulsion that produces everything out of harmony with the beauty and sanctity of love, but that is not due to a lack of love, but because love can only love what is similar to itself. To love is to unite.

Once you decide to return to unity with the Christ you are, you live only united to what is holy, beautiful, and perfect. But you also recognize that there are different states of consciousness and that, among those different states, there is a state of amnesia of self. In that state, which you have also shared with your brothers and sisters, you can imagine many things, even some that do not make sense. However, none of that becomes an excuse not to extend love.

You have already learned by revelation that nothing can limit love. You also know Who the love is that extends through you by Itself. You have learned enough to put yourself aside, and locate your place as God’s channel.

Now you know what it means to forgive: Forgiveness consists simply in letting go of everything that is not true. That is how, for everything that comes from the state of amnesia—whether in yourself or in your sisters and brothers—let it come and go like the leaf litter that the wind brings and then carries away.

You accept what is, as it is. You accept that the temporal is temporary—born in time and ending in time. You accept that reality without judging it, without getting angry about it, without attacking those who temporarily accompany you on the journey of life within time on the way to the House of Truth. You cling to nothing. You neither dominate nor possess. You then begin to live without fear, without fear of loss, which is the basis of all fear. You only live in love.

II. Love and the Conditional Mind

Love cannot be recognized through conditional thinking. Life conceived from the linear thinking of “if this, then that” is a limited life separate from the life of God.

Not only does love have no limits, it is not separate from you. Thus you must be unlimited. There is no reason for you to be a conditional self, for what you are is unlimited. This is eternally true.

While you have been told countless times that you are not a limited nor an insignificant self, you are now being reminded again that this truth will not make sense to you nor will it create any lasting change in your life if you do not viscerally accept that you are only love.

You are not a human being, nor a certain character, nor a mother or father who takes your children to school, nor a doctor, nor a monk. You are love and nothing but love. You are love!

From the reality of the love that you are, you do what you do without ever ceasing to be love. Once you accept this, then you become love expressing itself as a human being, as a doctor who heals out of love, as a loving father or mother who takes your children to school out of love. Love can be all these things and much more. Is this not the same as saying: Love and do what you want?

Love can take any form. Love can be sun, rain, wind, song. Only love is unlimited. Only the love that God is, is unconditional. This is why, again and again, you are invited to remember who you really are. You cannot access and remain in the consciousness of unity—and therefore in your eternal uncondi- tionality—if you believe yourself to be anything other than love.

Moreover, you cannot remain in the consciousness of Christ if you do not unconditionally accept the fact that everything around you is love expressing itself. Your sisters and brothers are love. The creatures of the Earth are love. The moon and a snowflake, with all their beauty, are love. Everything that is real is love. Nothing unreal truly exists.

To live as the love you are is to live in the goodness of truth. To live differently is to live outside truth and therefore in slavery— not slavery in truth, but in your perception. We make this clarification so that you remember that believing in what is not true does not make what you believe true. Truth is how the amnesia in which you have been submerged will heal.

Since what you believe has no real effect on the truth, be unconcerned about what you think your life was or will be. Rather, this truth will liberate and take you serenely to inner peace; you will discovering that you have not affected the beauty you created in union with the Mother of life.

Nothing true can be attacked, nor even changed. The truth is eternally true. It cannot change nor be obliterated. Nothing that is not similar to itself can even approach it, because nothing that is not true can be real, for truth is the only reality.

III. Truth and Unity

Truth joins love and love joins truth. Love is the foundation of truth; they are a unit. Neither was created before the other. Nowhere does one exist and the other not. Nor is there a place where one ends and the other begins. Love and truth are the continuum of divine reality.

What is eternal has neither beginning nor end, so no conditions exist in God. Love is unconditional. From this flows the need to release the habit of thinking conditionally. If you love someone for a quality in them, be assured that you are not loving at all. Love cannot be narrowed to a person or condition; it simply knows nothing of limitation.

Can you begin to understand why you are asked to observe how little love is sometimes given to those beings who, although having a form different from yours, are your sisters and brothers, as holy as you? Do you think flowers do not go to Heaven? They do.

Everything returns to the love from which it arises. Nothing in creation is lost. Not a single child of God fails to return to the love that gave them existence. From love they come and to love all return.

Believe me when I say that if you walk in the presence of love, snakes will not bite you, nor anything poisonous sink its teeth into you. As you go along the path of life, like the living Christ that lives in you, your dense body is being cast aside, and the subtle self that you are—which is veiled to many and sometimes even to you—will come forward and you will not be what you were.

I ask you now with all my heart to accept that you have the power to perform miracles, and to bring Heaven to Earth. That power comes from Christ. Christ is the identity created by God with which you truly share all creation. Accept that Christ’s abilities are yours as well.

Nothing that belongs to God can be alien to you because you no longer live apart from Christ who lives in you. Prayer is the vehicle of miracles, and you have already seen miracles performed through you. It is one of the capacities of which you must take charge.

Recall that when we spoke of taking the cross and following me you were invited, and given the means by which, not to suffer but to take charge of the divine self you are in truth. Become aware of the power of miracle-working that is yours. When you live in the truth, you but accept the power of Christ in you, a power without conditions.

Why do we speak of the power to perform miracles that resides in you as a Christ when we also speak of unconditional love, and the need above all to love all things and beings on Earth? We speak thus because you are asked to work the miracle of the union of the divine and human in your present reality.

Jesus demonstrated that his power came from a source not of the world, but of almighty God. You need not demonstrate that again, but you do need to serve humanity by bringing the love of God to the world.

IV. Truth and Miracles

Miracles are a service to humanity. The world needs healing, and this is the service you must bring to it. You know how. Every time you join in prayer with your self, which you can do at every moment, the miraculous power of God’s love flows naturally.

You can ask for specific miracles or not. You can ask for none at all. It matters not. The power to perform miracles, whose source is always love, will unfailingly manifest.

Brother, sister, cease putting limits on who you are. Love all things. Open the floodgates of your self so that the ocean of God’s infinite love—which resides in your heart and expresses itself in multiple ways—spills into all creation more forcefully than ever.

You are to flood the Earth with the miracles of love. You are to heal the universe through the union of prayer with the living Christ in you, which is the prayer of truth. Abandon limitation! Live as Christ taught.

Show unconditional love so as to be more aware of the love you truly are. Thus your love will call others to love.

When you are asked to accept your power to perform miracles and bring Heaven to Earth, you are being asked to accept unconditionally that you can live in truth, that you can live without fear. In other words, accept that you can be the living Christ here, now, and always.

Accepting the power of God in you is part of taking charge of the new self you are. This acceptance is also an expression of unlimited trust in the love that you are. It is something you must exercise, not in the sense of striving, but in the sense of actively accepting.

Until the arrival of this work you had seen acceptance as something you did not like: that you had to accept what you had not previously. That phase was on the path to the transcendence of acceptance.

While you may argue that you do not necessarily have to accept something you do not like, the truth is that you know that everything that is denied is denied for some reason. Denial is not an involuntary act; it is a mechanism of protection arising from fear. Something true is never denied out of love. Nobody denies what they love. The denial of truth results from a lack of love of truth.

You no longer live in the time of deceit, when life moved to the rhythm of the senseless dance of deceiving and being deceived. We have returned to truth, and therefore move to the rhythm of the desire to love and be loved. It is no longer necessary to continue with denial mechanisms.

Darkness has dissipated, and the fog evaporated. No dangers are in sight. The path is clear. The sky is cloudless. Everything has returned to light. In the past your mind created a mechanism to protect yourself from what you believed to be powerful and harmful. How could you not, were it real? Here is yet another opportunity to be lovingly compassionate to yourself and your sisters and brothers.

Cease to judge and blame yourself for what you once denied, for fear of seeing it face to face. The fears have disappeared, never to return. The clay idol that once so frightened you has disintegrated with the rain of grace that from Heaven constantly falls on you, showering you with the waters of holiness.

Now we live beyond acceptance. The process of accepting what you do not like in order to transcend it is over. Today begins, literally, what active acceptance has brought you as a blessing, together with the holy gifts of forgiveness given and received. We have advanced. We have transcended the limitations.

We accept the holiness we are. We integrate mind and heart with the power of love. We recognize that we are powerful because we live in truth. We accept our divine power unconditionally. We return to love. We recover full confidence. We are free. We are Christ, living life in God.

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