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The Dream of God

A message from Archangel Raphael

I. Prelude

Lights that illuminate life! I am your beloved servant, Archangel Raphael, friend of your soul. I love you with all the love of God. Your life is important to me. You are valuable. I always think of you. You are my dream and my joy, because I share with God your dreams of greatness and fulfillment for all your children.

Yes, dearest brothers and sisters of mine, I share the same will with the Creator: that you accept the eternal gift of perfect happiness, so that we can always live in our mutual company.

He who has brought into existence everything that is has a dream for all His filiation, His kindred. That dream of the fullness of love will replace the dream of forgetfulness. We are walking toward full realization of that dream of God—actually the restoration of the memory of your full realization, for you are the one created.

In the divine dream, the plan of the Creator, all filiation returns to the unity from which it arose, and remains in the beauty, harmony, and holiness that come from Him.

In Her dream, Divine Mother disposes endless bliss, eternal revelry, and the end of tears. Her dream is to live with Her children in a Kingdom of Love created by Her in Her likeness, to be Her joy and Her offspring. Hers are dreams of unity and true joy, dreams of eternal love.

I reveal this so you continue to remember that your worth is above all concepts and words. The beauty, holiness, and greatness of who you are is indescribable. By God’s design it is revealed for you to begin to face the polarities of the dual mind and transcend them.

You had a dream for you. God had another. Yours was a dream of separation; Hers a dream of eternal union with Her son. Your dream was a nightmare; Hers the endless joy of truth.

Brothers and sisters, God’s dream is a certainty for you. Don’t deprive yourself of the Grace of knowing Her increasingly. In the depth of your mind know what the Heart of God is for you and remain united to love, from where you create a reality in harmony with holiness.

Be silent. Judge nothing. Simply join with love in stillness and wait for the revelation of God’s plan. Because God is infinite and inexhaustible, revelation of Her can happen in every moment and forever. You can always know more of God, because God never ends.

Since this work is directed at the healing of memory, the memory of God dawns in you with all its luminescence and beauty. We repeat this for the benefit of the forgetful mind.

II. From the Dream of Love to Its Reality

To fully awaken from the dream of forgetfulness it is first necessary to become aware of the dream that God dreamed for Her child, the dream that led to your creation. Then you can move towards the full realization of that dream in your life here, now, and forever. There is no separation between what you are now and what you are always in truth.

God’s dream, Her perfect plan, must encompass your existence as it is now and also be able to continue throughout eternity without disruption. If this were not so, there would be a gap between the life of time and the life of eternity. This is not the case, because there is no such thing as Heaven there and Earth here.

Sons and daughters of Divine Love, embrace this message now in the silence of your heart: The life of your self is God’s dream come true.

As you begin to allow the memory of this truth to dawn, answer this question: Do you despise or attack any brother or sister who accompanies you for a short time on the journey you make towards your heart?

To attack anything in creation is never necessary. It never was. All those absurd ideas that you harbored about the superiority or inferiority of beings, both physical and spiritual, was an inevitable response of the ego, that totally fearful state of consciousness. It was unnecessary and not part of God’s dream. God’s plan for you does not include fear because it does not include loss of any kind.

God dreams that you have a serene and peaceful life, finally living forever in the truth that you have already accepted, which is that everything, including you, shares forever the sanctity and benevolence of the same Source of eternal life.

Think of your sisters and brothers—and this includes not only humans, but all that exist—as those who for love have decided to travel with you on the fascinating journey of life. Be grateful to those who are your companions.

You are also a companion of those who also decided to come to the world of time with the holy purpose of helping others return to the Father’s house. They could not return to love without you for the simple reason that if you did not exist, they would not exist either.

Your companions and every aspect of creation not only accompany you but give you existence. If only you were to exist, you could not know of your own existence because it is in your sisters and brothers, and in every situation of life in time, where you can—and must—know yourself.

If only you were to exist, you could not know yourself, you would be unconscious—a state of unconsciousness similar to that of a baby inside the mother’s womb.

Just as the child comes out of the womb in order to know life and live it, similarly you have emerged from the womb of holiness so that the life of God may be manifest.

We have already spoken of the immense debt of gratitude we have for the saints who accompany us in life. This includes circumstances and situations in addition to both the living and inanimate beings of the entire universe. A debt of gratitude should not be a weight on your shoulders, nor create guilt, but is something you must assume to transform the diminished sense of gratitude that you often show towards life.

Every breeze is a kiss from your Divine Mother. Every ray of sun caresses your skin. Every murmur of fresh water is music for the child of God. Each part of creation is an aspect of the face of love.

III. The Network of Life

The return to the love that God is begins when you deliberately decide to love the Earth and everything that is part of it—that is, when you decide to love what you are and all your circumstances. Do you think that animals, plants, and the elements do not feel your love? They do. Everything around you is susceptible to the divine energy of love, as well as the energy of fear.

I assure you that every act of heartbreak contaminates the world, more than the thousands of factories producing toxicity. In actuality, many of these systems are a result of heartbreak and the underlying cause of pollution.

If you want change, it does not make sense to focus on surface manifestations. Behind the toxifying of Earth lies fear, and behind fear is love denied.

Would you fill the Earth with toxins if you knew that they prevented the life of beings invisible to your eyes, if you knew that they were your children? Have not you been told that Divine Motherhood is something that you share with She who gave you existence?

You are one with the Mother of life. You are one with the Source of creation. Therefore everything that exists comes from you in union with God. It cannot be otherwise, even though you may find it hard to believe.

Each leaf of each tree, as well as the wind, the waters, the fire, the fireflies of the night, the moon and the cheetahs are also your creations and your children.

Creation is not alien to you, not only in terms of its essence, but also in terms of your will, for God did not create everything that exists without your loving consent. Everything happens within that union. The creative act is always universal. In the One Mind that God is, and in which you exist, everything is in unison and in union.

It was you who, with God, created everything along with every aspect of creation. Everything was brought into existence through the cry of love that breathed out from the heart of the Mother of life.

That one aspect of life has one type of consciousness, and another aspect has another type, does not make either superior or inferior.

That the head can think with the brain does not mean that the heart is less important, nor the foot, nor the hand. Everything is part of a whole. Life has no disconnected parts.

Do you think that when you sing a love song to a rose from the depth of your loving heart, she does not receive those vibrations? Nothing you think or do is neutral. Nothing at all.

An intricate web of infinite interconnections, or relationships, holds all creation in perfect union whether or not you are aware of this network. Even though you know not the laws that govern the entirety of creation, they are nothing to be feared.

Not a single atom or element of physical matter is disconnected from all the rest. This is not a novelty for many of you, yet it may be a novelty that behind this infinite network of infinite interrelationships is love, giving it shape and life in every moment.

This web of life is the expression of God’s love. Thus we say that physical creation is the body of Christ. It is God knowing Herself through expression in form. It is the Son of God come from the womb of the Mother. It is love giving birth to love.

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