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The Bosom of God

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

My beloveds, today we manifest ourselves again as a sensitive presence. We thank you for your willingness to hear the voice that the Divine Wisdom of Heaven wishes to give to the world through you. In the name of the love that God is, we thank those who receive this work and welcome them with love and humility.

Those who join this angelic manifestation are those whom the Creator has called from eternity to join the new consciousness of the Second Coming of Christ, the new prophets of the end times.

Nothing happens by chance. God does nothing in vain. You who receive these words are literally part of the one hundred and forty-four thousand announced. Your new garments shine radiant in the whiteness of Mary’s virgin purity.

Children called by the Lamb of God, we are reuniting you, calling you in from all the corners where you find yourselves, not only in the physical plane, but in created dimensions. You are living in the final times, the times of the unification of love.

Beloveds of the Lamb! You have a sweet mission to carry out. To fulfill it will be your fullness in time, making you a bridge between Heaven and Earth through which divine grace will flow. We, a Choir of Angels of God, are immensely grateful to you for allowing us to be part of your mission and your reality as prophets of the advent.

We know that we reach the fullness of self by giving ourselves, just as all creation does. To serve each of you is to serve love, which is why collaborating with you is cause for joy. To serve is to unite.

Thank you, souls in love, for including us in your life.

II. One God

True light of lights! What joy to travel together on a path that will transcend polarity, for we recognize the duality that we have projected onto God.

The idea of a God-Father was perfect for the stage when you were not yet ready to accept that you and your Father are one.

Now we leave aside the idea of a God who was almost exclusively of fatherhood, and immerse ourselves in Divine Motherhood—not that one replaces the other, but that they unite in your mind and heart, from which the truth of the One God in you arises.

Since to realize this transcendence we have to start somewhere, we begin by recognizing that in the whole physical universe no relationship is of greater intimacy than that of a mother and a child in the womb. In that relationship one cannot live without the other. They are a unit, as is the relationship of God with the Christ of your self.

You live within God. God contains you, embraces, and imbibes everything you are. The life of God is the womb in which you exist, grow, and develop in peace and blessings. In this way God is the Mother of all living beings.

Once you accept that you are one with life, one with God, and are together a unit just like a child in the womb, you can begin to live in the reality of the bosom of God.

To return to the Divine Mother is to return to God. To return to the womb of the Mother is to return home to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let us begin the final stretch of the path toward awareness, or restoration, in memory of the oneness in which we are created by God. The path that I invite you to travel now is short, direct, and safe. This path to the maternal bosom of God begins with one of its most visible aspects—Mother Earth.

In Mother Earth you can observe and experience the providential aspect of Divine Motherhood, its beauty and harmony. Observe how, through the Earth that you have been given, the Mother nourishes the child. Experience how life embraces you everywhere.

Just as a suckling child is fed by the mother, so the Divine Mother feeds you with the fruit of the Earth. Through the sun She gives you warmth and joy. The waters quench your thirst. Trees give you shade when you need it, or for you simply to enjoy a peaceful rest. The grass offers softness to your feet; the wind caresses your body. The beauty of the Mother is manifested in the flight of birds and the perfume of flowers that brighten your life with their fragrances and colors.

III. The Land of God

To honor the Earth and its creatures is to honor the Divine Mother, is to love God. If you observe with love and truth everything that surrounds you in the physical universe, you can see how God-Mother has foreseen and provided every- thing necessary for the life of Her children. Could you really believe that your Divine Mother would forsake you when you self-excluded from paradise?

Remember that your pain is the pain of God, and that your decision to separate from love tears at the heart of Christ. We want to remind you that everything you do has an effect on God. Your fate and that of your Creator are at least as closely bound together as the fate of a mother and the child in her womb.

When you decided to forsake the arms of love, your Heavenly Mother had no choice but to let you go. She did what every loving mother does in those circumstances: made sure that you had everything you needed to be safe and sound, and that you could return without complication when you wished.

Remember, you cannot travel anywhere that is not part of God, because God is the whole of everything. Thus the Mother not only provided the necessary measures, but also accompanied you on your trip, and made an appearance in that land, although she was forced to respect the prudent distance that your decision demanded.

Did you think the One who called you into existence and gave you life would leave you to your fate? You can demand that the Creator of life respect your decisions, but you cannot demand that She abandon you. Love never abandons.

Brothers and sisters, even the air you breathe is a gift from Divine Mother, because She is in it.

Bless the creations given on Earth; in doing so you bless the Mother of the living, you bless God.

All beings on Earth are your sisters and brothers. Do they not share the same home and come from the same land that feeds all? Everything that is an aspect of creation is part of you, and this is also true of the body.

It should tell you something that what all living beings are made of is in common with what you are made of.

My daughters and sons, you are not so different from the animals, plants, and atmosphere. Nor are the angels of God, nor God Himself. You are one with everything and they with you. This truth is also reflected in physical nature. Everyone needs each another.

You cannot live without feeding yourself, and you cannot be fed but from that part of the Earth whose function is to feed you. Those aspects of physical creation that provide your healthy eating are like the blood that flows from the mother to the child in her womb. This flow from the Earth to Her children, both animate and inanimate, would not exist without the flow of God’s love.

Can you see the analogy between the flow of life from God to you in spirit and truth, and the continuous flow of life on Earth, which nourishes your existence while you remain in time?

Who gives you the air you breathe? Who makes the sun rise every morning? What is it that makes crickets sing? What is that that gives life and movement to everything that is alive? Who gives atoms the intelligence to assemble in certain ways, forming countless beings, everything in perfect order? The Mother of the living—God.

Brothers and sisters all over the world! Love your planet and everything that is part of Her as the home of God, for wherever you dwell, your Creator also lives. God loves all things. Do the same.

Love the temporal life for what it is: a loving and perfect means that has been given to you to reach the eternal. And love eternal life for what it is: your destiny, your inheritance, and the reality of your self.

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