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The All in All

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Choir of Angels, in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Light of the world!

Come, extend your hand and take mine. Let us walk this path together. United, we dive deeper and deeper into the ocean of boundless wisdom that the truth is.

Reality contains within itself the mystery of God. Neither your eyes nor your other bodily senses can see it truly. Reality is a divine creation. Reality encompasses all the glory, splendor, and holiness that God is. All of it is what you are.

I would like to take you—and those who love the truth— back to the state in which you once lived within the unity of the being that is God. In that state the peace of Christ and you are one. In that state, in the mind of Christ, you are one with God and with all creation.

I am asking you to join me in the holy purpose of returning to the womb of the Divine Mother. God is Mother.

Until now, God Himself, in His infinite knowledge, wanted to show Himself in the world as Father, as well as the love that He is. But from now on She wants to show Herself as Mother, not only as wisdom. The “feminine” of God will come to light more and more every day. Indeed, it is already manifesting itself in an evident way.

Beloved brothers and sisters, just as the mind of God created the God-Father through Jesus of Nazareth, today He wants to create the dimension of Divine Mother. Mary is your example and perfect companion for this purpose as the incarnation of the Motherhood of God.

Mary is every woman, all Christ. Mary is the Woman-God, just as Jesus is the Man-God. While in each of them resides the whole, it is important that you consider that everything, for you, lives in the union of both.

II. Duality

Given the duality that exists in the world, in which the masculine has often overshadowed the feminine, today we begin to equalize both polarities in order to transcend them. This inner journey through which we go is the final part of the path towards restoration of your unique spiritual and physical memory of the self.

Returning unity to your memory will allow you to live consistently within it.

Unity, which is what you really are, has been seen as an external state to be reached. You have not yet come to abide in it consciously every day, even though the unity of the self is the truth about you.

To remain consciously in the radiant light of truth, that is, in the Heart of God, is that of which we speak. It is for this reason that this work has been conceived in the bosom of the Divine Mother, in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the very heart of love, to make possible the transcendence of opposites. To accomplish this transcendence of duality, it is important not to continue associating God or spirituality only with the masculine.

When Jesus created the God-Father, He was fully aware that humanity could only understand and accept a male God associated with authority, while including sonship and love. The idea of a Divine Father was perfect to introduce a God of love, who at the same time is also the Source of creation and thus the supreme authority without nullifying tenderness. It was necessary not to dissociate love from authority and divine strength. Only a creation of God-Father could do that within the consciousness of the time.

A God of love was a revolutionary idea two thousand years ago, and still is. The idea of a female God simply would not have been accepted. Humanity was not prepared for such an association with the feminine, much less with Oneness.

Christ Consciousness always includes human reality, and does not rush nor skip any process. The truth does not overlook any aspect of humanity, but integrates and gathers them within the embrace of love, and makes them one with the holiness that God is.

Getting rid of the ideas you have about God is not an easy task, since it can precipitate panic. Modifying the associations you have with life, with God, with what you are, is something to be done step by step, since you can only release something when you are ready to do so. Remember that the Holy Spirit accepts your timing and ways. There is no rush, no hurry of any kind.

III. God Is Everything

My beloveds, you know that the human mind has a strong inclination toward the concrete, which makes it difficult for it to understand and accept the pure abstraction of self. Given this, God created the divine elements that would fit perfectly to the reality that you live, or think you live, on the physical plane.

The Holy Spirit is that part of the pure potentiality and abstraction of God which keeps the boundlessness of the divine alive within you. We could say that the Holy Spirit is the infinity of God extended to you.

Spirit has no attributes, nor can it be defined by concrete words. Therefore the Spirit of God that lives in you, which is what Holy Spirit means, likewise encompasses the love beyond attributes that God is. The Holy Spirit is the infinite aspect of God’s love.

God the Father is the divine authority extended to your mind. It is the law of love within which everything exists. A divine authority, as an idea and as a reality, must exist in you, for a negation of divine authority, or of the laws of creation, would lead you to chaos, and would remove love forever.

You cannot live without an authority. Nobody and nothing can. God-Father is the name we give to the laws of creation, which are without limit. Thus the Father is the inexorability of love and power of truth extended to you. This inexorability prevents you from ever being separated from love.

Christ is the Son of God, the filial aspect of divinity. All creation is ultimately filiation. Christ is God extended to His creation, totally dependent on and one with Him, as with a son who depends on his father. The dimensions of God the Father, God the Spirit and God the Son represent all that God is.

We could say that it is no longer necessary to give any other “form” to God. However, given the association of the masculine with authority and with rationality, it is necessary to lay down the Father God once shown to you, and accept the maternal dimension of divinity. To lay down does not mean to abandon those aspects of God, but to allow the motherly aspect of love to join them.

IV. Marriage of Universal Love

What is asked of you now is to be willing to join a God who is literally the marriage of universal love. This creation that we give birth to today is in perfect harmony with the will of God. Therefore it will create a new reality in your world, just as one day the creation of the God-Father-Love changed forever the history of humankind.

God is a marriage of love because everything, male and female as you consider it, resides in God, as well as in all true creation. Creation is born through this marital unity of universal love, in which love remains fused in indivisible reality. Remember that nothing emerges from separation, because creation can only occur through union.

Creation is the living face of God—not creation arising from mental interpretation but from true divine creation, which, although it surrounds you with beauty on all sides, cannot be seen with the body’s eyes. The effects of love are only visible with the eyes of love, that is, the vision of Christ. Consider this truth as we move forward.

Jesus Christ is, as is Immaculate Mary, the human aspect of God—God Himself, God in form, God united to human nature. This divine reality is also necessary, since it is almost impossible for the human mind to think without a body. The limited mind adjusts everything based on form, seeking to shape things in order to understand them in its own way. As you know, the physical universe is a universe of limits; therefore it has to be a “concrete” universe. This is the life of matter.

Material thought imposes limits on the mind that hinders ideas of infinity. Since God is infinite, the limited mind cannot comprehend God. Thus Jesus Christ is God extended in form to a human body.

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and Immaculate Mary make up the totality of the created aspects of divinity so that they may be extended to all that you are. In other words, Jesus Christ, always united to Immaculate Mary, is all that God is, gathered in physical nature.

Can you begin to see how much God loves you, you who has never left being united to Him? Can you see how the dominoes begin to fall, how the dots connect? Can you realize that whatever you believe, you cannot separate yourself from God?

Nothing can limit love. Believe me when I tell you that if you were to become a light tomorrow, God Himself will become a light with you and His heart will keep beating to the beat of yours. My brother, accept the fact that you cannot separate yourself from love, because you cannot separate yourself from what you truly are. You cannot separate yourself from life. You cannot separate yourself from God, nor He from you.

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