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A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

My love:

What things disturb your heart? Tell me everything. I am Jesus of Nazareth. I am your self. I am the one who watches over you morning, afternoon, and night. I have come in response to the beating of your heart. You have become a whirlwind of emotions which are similar to the sea, where one day I showed that my voice can temper the wind and calm the waters. I feel your worries. I notice your fears. I see your longing for love and peace, hidden behind the clouds of your emotions.

Humanity is swirling! Why do you worry? Is it not time to live in peace? Is it not time to learn the lesson of the lilies of the field and the birds of the sky?

Why do you delay in coming to me? I am the peace that has no opposite. I am the unity of the self. I am your longing and your safe refuge. All worry, anguish, or pain come from not living in me, because not living in me means not living in your true self.

Beloved of my most Sacred Heart, it is time that you accept vividly that you are one with Me and live in this reality fully. We are a unit. Everything you feel, I feel. Everything I feel, you feel. Until now you have thought about our unity as a relation- ship from Me to you. This has been because of your humility and lack of presumption, all of which comes from the sanctity of your Christ mind. But you must also accept that a relationship involves two joined parts. Being united, there is a flow between the two parts. This relationship is neither one thing nor the other but what holds both things together, making them one in relationship, while letting each one be what they are.

I want the world to know that there is not a single longing, desire, feeling, or thought that does not have an echo in Me. And I also want you to know that those who, by their own will, in union with Divine Grace, have become aware of the unity that you are with everything, are also aware of the beating of My Divine Heart.

Souls in love, I burn with a craving for love and truth. Thank you for answering My call. Let us hold hands and together walk the path of love. As you continue to receive these words, remember how much I love you. Remember also that you are the delight of My Heart, love incarnate, the face of the Father on Earth.

Let Me take you sweetly to the depths of the heart of God where tenderness dwells, where the light of truth shines in all its glory. Let me take you to full consciousness of your resurrection into eternal life.

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