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Final Words

Beloved children of all times,
I am Jesus of Nazareth, the risen one.
I am the resurrection and the life.

These last words of this third book, dictated to he who for love gives Me his hands, his mind, his heart, and all his humanity, are not a farewell. I will never leave you. I will be with you forever and ever. I can do so because I am eternal life. I will continue to manifest Myself through this soul in love, to give light to minds, peace to hearts, and joy to human spirits.

I thank all of you, all those who are part of this work of Heavenly love, those who follow My words, those who with sincere purpose seek the truth with all your hearts, those who help Me save the world from everything that is not love, those who love just for the sake of love.

In the name of Mary, your Divine Mother, I extend to you Her gratitude for having traveled in union these forty days towards the resurrection. You give Us an idea of the grace and blessings poured out on you and on the whole world because of this journey that we made together. Because of each moment of intimacy, you bring Heaven closer to Earth and literally allow the spirit of God to flood the universe with love.

My sons, my daughters! The world is tired. Bring the peace of God and the joy of truth to your sisters and brothers. Love the Earth and its creatures for what they are: My beloved children. I assure you that this work will give rest to humanity in many ways. Do not deprive yourself of the joy of sharing it. Make My words become flesh in you. I ask you with all My heart to accept the truth that I bring. Do not separate from Me. I am love made word. I am one with you. I am God.

You who receive these words, know that you are Christ. You are a real exponent of a new humanity. You are Homo-Christus Deo, forever united to me and to everything that is holy, beautiful, and perfect. You are the living miracle of God’s love. You are the resurrection and the life, as am I.

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