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A Mystical Relationship

Clarifications by Sebastian Blaksley

I. Relative to Love

During the manifestations received, I was given to understand that the work would be composed of one hundred and forty-four sessions, which should be grouped into seven books. I was also informed of the titles of each of them, even before receiving their content. The titles will be, respectively, Echoes of Holiness, Let Yourself Be Loved, Homo-Christus Deo, Wisdom, The Holy Dwelling, The Divine Relationship, and The Way of Being. Each book will consist of twenty-one sessions, with the exception of the seventh which will have eighteen.

There is a numerical relationship whose explanation exceeds the purpose of these writings, but which was shown to me so that it can be understood that in divine creation there is harmony and order in everything. Nothing happens outside the harmonies of Heaven. This order is governed by love, which contains all perfection within itself.

Based on what I received, it is clearly understood that everything exists in relationship. Nothing but love is absolute. Relationship connects all with everything as well as with source.

The relationship of the numbers of books, total sessions, and sessions per book within this work establishes a divine numerical relationship. The numbers themselves are symbols that carry a message from heaven.

II. Christ Incarnated

The one hundred and forty-four sessions are a living expression of “the Redeemed of the Lamb.” I was given to understand that this symbol represents the millions of people and beings that on this Earth, in these times, are here incarnating the Christ of God, creating a new Heaven and a new Earth by extending the love of Jesus and Mary, just as the resurrection of Christ has established it from all eternity. They are the preparers of the Second Coming. They are incarnated Christs. Christs are incarnating all over the world, in all religions, contexts, genders, ages, and realms.

With the word “realms” I mean that the incarnation of Christ, which is the miraculous gift of the resurrection, as part of the Second Coming, is not something that only happens in human beings but in all the living kingdoms of the Earth. The Redeemed of the Lamb are not something exclusive to an institution or religious tradition. In fact, it is not related to forms of religion at all, but to spirituality. They are the ones who have consciously made the choice for love. That is why this work is named as it is. I understood this some time after I received the title, which was given to me in a different way from how I receive the manifestations.

The number of sessions in each book, twenty-one, represents and carries within itself a spiritual transformation, which has a rhythm and can only be created as an effect of love. It is also related to pure divine reality. It represents the way of being of the One who created life, who is three times holy, and seven times true.

The number of books, seven, brings the reality of wisdom, of pure thought. It refers the soul to the truth from which it emerges, the pure thought of God. These numerical relations are somewhat like a rhythm, the timing and silences of music. They allow the whole reach a beauty that can only be created in harmony.

III. Beyond Words

Since the thinking mind is incapable of absorbing the deep meanings of divine truth, it is impossible at the intellectual level to understand the purpose of the structure and content of the sessions and books of the complete work. However, the soul can recognize truth when it makes an appearance, despite the fact that it cannot be put into words. Thus both the content and the way in which these writings have been structured are part of the totality of this manifestation.

The tone, color, and rhythm of the words of this work cause an effect on the heart that is open to receive them for what they are: a letter of love given from Heaven to grow in a greater knowledge of God’s love—a gift given with the very love with which it was received.

As you go through each book you can grow in the awareness of the direct relationship with Christ, your true self. In this sense, this work is a journey in which the soul goes hand in hand with love, a journey without distance that begins and ends in the Heart of God.

I hope that these words will lead you to love more, through the return to the first love that is God. Thus they will have fulfilled the purpose from which, for all eternity, they were conceived.

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