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Union and Resurrection

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you' in the presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved daughters and sons! How great is my joy to dwell with you. You have no idea how much joy arises in My heart when sharing this time of the union of the divine and the human. You experience something of it too; because through our unity you can feel the beat of My most sacred heart. My bliss resides in your full attentiveness to love. Our oneness is My fullness and yours. We are in union. To experience this vividly, and to remain in constant dialogue, is the harmony of creation. Whoever can understand this, let them understand!

Beloveds of Heaven, we are coming to the end of these forty days together, a time in union with your Divine Mother, mother of all creation, accompanied by an uncountable choir of angels of Heaven, along with the Glorious Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. This Lenten journey to the resurrection of who you truly are has been an unparalleled journey, a time of grace and miracles. United through these dialogues of love and truth, we have opened a new portal between Heaven and Earth.

I assure you, children of light, your humanity and your divinity are now much closer in your consciousness. What does this mean? It means that you have taken a quantum leap in consciousness, both as individuals and as humanity—such a leap that you are not the same as yesterday, not even the same as you were a few minutes ago. The journey you have made with Me, by grace of your willingness to join Me in these forty days towards the resurrection, has created a bridge of love between who you are and what God is. From now on you will be much more aware that you are one with love.

II. The Tears of Christ

In this final session of our Lenten journey towards the resurrection, I speak to you and through you to all humanity. I can do so because we are one mind and one heart. I can do so because you have been anointed as My prophets. There is no separation. Remember that I am the collective, as well as the individual, Christ mind. Nothing can keep me from addressing My children. Nothing can separate them from My love.

Beloved humanity: Receive the flow of My wisdom through this work! Consider how much it pained My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of your mother to have you ever leave. I wish you to know more about what lives in our hearts as Mother and Father of your souls. I speak to you from the unity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary within which you live eternally in the joy of Heaven, and within which you are the living Christ.

My insides were torn every time a son or daughter of Mine separated from Me. My Fatherhood and my Divine Motherhood were shattered by your absence. Think, beloved humanity, the unspeakable pain of a loving mother who sees her son die in pain, and that of the father who shed tears for not having the child to caress, to talk to, to care for, to embrace. Multiply that pain by millions, and then by millions more, to give you a small idea of the divine pain that My self experienced, and still experiences, every time the decision to separate from My love is sustained in your hearts. This was the universal pain of God that manifested itself in passion and death on the cross. The pain of love became visible. Fear faced love on the cross.

You often consider the pain of the cross, and the passion that preceded it, to be great. Many of you prefer to look away from My suffering as too terrible; without breaking your heart you cannot hold your gaze on the image of God crucified. But, children of My self, I assure you that that torture was nothing compared to the suffering of separation. Imagine for a moment the universe tearing apart—such is its gravity. On the cross, all universal and particular suffering was united with love, made one with God and sanctified in Him, because that is the nature of love.

The soul’s pain of separation is of such magnitude that no human words can describe it. It is divine pain. I ask you to reflect on the suffering that your self experiences whenever it is separated from love. Although these discussions alone do not serve our purpose, and even though it is impossible for you to be separated from me, reflect during this session of our final journey how these forty Lenten days bring forth universal and individual Christ consciousness.

I ask that for a short time, for the duration of this session, that you focus on your Father and not on yourselves. Come out of your self and expand toward us. Begin to understand how much I need and love you. Yes, to be divinely happy I need you. Perhaps this statement does not agree with your prior concept of God in a distant Heaven, full of peace and happiness apart from you. But My brothers and sisters, that is impossible. My happiness is you. Can a mother’s happiness be complete without her child?

My children, all pain arises from separation from love. I am giving you powerful guidance to stop thinking of yourselves and think rather about how to give joy to your Creator. Please understand that you have the ability to make God happy. This is not a metaphor. It is not said to sound cute. It is real. It is the truth of My divine heart. The living Christ who lives in you rejoices with your heart every time you join with it; joy flows from its pure love to you and to all creation. By bringing love to Christ, to all that you are, and to all that surrounds you, your happiness will be full.

To love God above all things is the first commandment because those who love themselves love their source; those who love their origin love themselves. I ask you to become fully aware of all the pain that God feels when you decide not to remain in His presence, and begin to understand clearly that God has no other joy than to dwell with His children. This is the reason for My insistence to you, whom I wish to see now return to truth, to remain forever in the presence of My holy love.

Being aware of God’s love for you is what I ask of you. It is the final part of this path of the prophet. I assure you: If you are willing to be more aware of the love that flows from the Creator to you, your life will change in very particular ways. Trust fully in love. Do we ask you to observe the pains of God and be aware of the tears of Christ, so as to become sad? No. Joining with suffering in My name is also joining the totality of what God is, as well as what gives you rest. Love the cross in me. Love everything in me.

III. Homo-Christus Deo

Many of you still do not know how to relate to the experience of pain. Here I give you a loving response to the matter of pain—a matter that you know because of the wisdom of your hearts, but yet often forget. What I speak of now is what I wanted to give the world in the example of the cross and the resurrection.

I was born and grew up two thousand years ago, traveled the ways of the world of the time, was punished, nailed to a cross, buried, and finally resurrected by My Father with whom I am one. Since the resurrection I have continued My mission in the world and in the universe. At no time was I separate from the love of God, or did I cease to love my Father. I assure you that loving My Creator has been, and is, the source of My eternal joy.

When I lived as God-Man in the world, I did not deny any phase of My life. I accepted everything with loving obedience, without desiring to understand anything in particular from a worldly perspective, but unconditionally accepting everything from God. This was the only teaching I wanted to leave to everyone, and I did it in the only way possible, living as what I am. If you observe carefully what I am saying, you will recognize that what I ask of you is to love honesty above all else. Honesty will always guide you on the path of love.

To be honest with yourself is to recognize everything that arises within you and to accept it. Do not put strange or different names to what you know perfectly well. It is also living sensibly—simply recognizing that pain is pain, joy is joy, love is love. In this recognition of what is, you will recognize, in honesty, that there is a time for everything. There is a time to be born and a time to die. A time to laugh and a time to cry. This essential truth will lead you to accept truth as what it is: simply the truth.

Living honestly allows you to recognize love wherever it makes an appearance, since you will have grown in your union with truth. You are not asked to suffer for Me; you are asked to accept in Me everything that happens in your human life. Forget not that Heaven resides in our union. In our union everything takes on a different meaning because life with God makes a difference. You are ready to live in this degree of freedom from the things of the world. Do not worry about anything, because you and I are one. Rather, try again and again to be aware of the love that exists between you and God, between God and you. In the union of that received love you become fully human and fully God.

In the union of all that you truly are, with Christ your self, is where you reach the fullness of self and with it the fullness of love. In your relationship with love lies the truth that will set you free. I invite you to live without fear. I invite you to live always united to the love that you truly are, the love of God. I invite you to live a new experience here and now, an experience of freedom you have not experienced heretofore: the full freedom of children of God on Earth.

Souls in love! This is an invitation to become aware that you are the risen one, the resurrection and the life. You are a new humanity. You are one of the first exponents of the Christic human. Many others will emerge in time, so many that they cannot be counted. They will spread throughout the world and encompass the whole Earth. Many already share this manifestation with you, even before it reaches you through these words.

My sons and daughters, through you a new humanity is born, just as a new humanity was born two thousand years ago through Mary. You are one of the first of a new human species, the Homo-Christus Deo, man-Christ. In your self reside the seeds of the new humanity, born of the resurrection of the Son of God.

My children, these words are addressed to the few, but growing in number, that today walk on Earth as Christic men and women, even without being aware of it. I await you and everyone with open arms to give you an embrace of love. I await you in the only place where we can unite: I await you in the resurrection, now and always. Unite with your resurrection in the only possible way, in the way of love and truth. Take your brothers and sisters by the hand, and bring them to the light of true life, so that together we may enjoy the joy of Heaven forever.

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