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A New Consciousness

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you' in the presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved sons and daughters! Prophets of God! Messengers of Heaven! Today I come to you again with all the love of My heart. I am your beloved Jesus. I come in union with all that is holy, beautiful, and perfect—with all that is true in you. I am the truth, the love, and the way. I am life in abundance. I am the source of all good. I am the Sacred Heart that, in union with you and with all, rejoices in the eternal extension of love.

You have no idea how much I love you, because out of love I have put a most holy veil between the singular consciousness and the divine consciousness that you are. I will explain this later. Now it is enough to say that your personal or human self, that aspect of your identity that allows your individuation, that which allows you to differentiate, is a self limited by form, even though it remains part of your unlimited Christ self. That limited aspect, that which attempts to shape shapeless love, cannot absorb the whole without disintegrating. This is what I meant when I asked whether you could look directly at the sun.

No one in the limited plane of form can see God with human eyes. This is not punishment but the reality of form and matter as an expression of the formless and spiritual. You are simultaneously limited and unlimited. You are everything, just as one day, being of Divine Consciousness, I entered the limitation of a physical body and its necessarily material mind. However, one part does not cancel the other; we are whole. The limited self, through its limitations, expresses infinite love in form and does not stop you from awareness of your Christ self. Likewise being a human did not prevent Me from also being Christ: all God and all man, both natures fused in love. It is from this union that we will speak in this session.

To everyone who desires with all their heart to hear and follow My voice of love, here I give you a revelation regarding your mission as a prophet of the end times. In this session is everything you need to know about it.

II. Receiving and Giving

Just as the first step in knowing your prophetic function is to become aware of it, the second step is to understand the particular dimension of prophecy of which we speak. This is of great importance, given the confusions that exist.

Many have misunderstood prophecies as divinations about the future, knowledge about future events that demonstrates a clairvoyance that others do not have, a capacity for predetermination of what is not yet but will be. This is not the approach we bring in this revelation. We do not seek to develop psychic abilities that are beyond ordinary understanding, although they are not denied. Nor do we deny the fact that some people develop and express certain mental abilities that are considered super- natural. Psychic abilities considered “extraordinary” can be part of the divine plan. Nothing is excluded from love.

In this manifestation of wisdom which descends from above on the wings of the angels of Heaven, united with the love of the archangels, we speak of the messenger aspect of God that the role of prophet entails. A messenger receives a message and gives it. Receives and gives. There is a relationship between who gives the message, the message itself, and the messenger. In addition there is a relationship between the message, the messenger, and its recipients. In this scenario everyone joins the one who gave the message.

The difference between a messenger of the world and a prophet is that the first does not necessarily have to know the message to deliver, nor be part of it, nor even necessarily agree with the content. That messenger is simply an instrument of transmission. But a prophet is the message itself, the messenger, its origin, the recipient among many others, and its purpose. This messenger is not a passive instrument. They become one with the message they receive, because the prophet is the message, and their expression is the way in which that divine message is known by others.

The high and the low, the divine and the human, Heaven and Earth, unite in a prophet. In this sense, we can say that a prophet is a dynamic dimension of a channel. This means that first the prophet is a channel who receives; then that channel merges with the capacity of transmission or sharing that is proper to the prophet. This is how the message is given as one. The ability to channel, which is inherent in being, is linked to the ability to be a messenger or prophet, also inherent in being. Giving and receiving unite in a totality of truth. A channel receives; a prophet gives. You cannot separate one from another; they are a unit. We speak of the ability to channel and share divine wisdom. We speak of the union of the human and the divine.

Another way of understanding the nature of the prophet is to say that a prophet is one who has recognized and accepted, as something natural to their self, the ability to consciously receive and share the love of God. In this sense, all are channels and all are prophets, as all receive and give in unison.

III. Being Aware of Christ

Beloved sons and daughters! Since what we are revealing concerns consciousness, what we are bringing to mind is that you can channel God and share Him consciously because you are one with your Father. This is and always has been your function.

Every time you raise your consciousness to Christ consciousness you receive and give God. You do that by the right of that state of consciousness. When you live in unconsciousness, you also channel and share because you cannot stop being. While in the state of Christ consciousness, what is received and given is love; in unconsciousness what is transmitted is fear, because unconsciousness is literally the decision not to consciously receive the love of God. Recall that unconsciousness is the denial of love. It is the inevitable result of believing and wanting to be autonomous. Living without love and still continuing to exist is the failed purpose of the experiment called ego.

The new prophet is someone willing to hear and follow only the voice of love, and who after having reached the state of oneness of mind and heart, lives their life in harmony with their true Christ identity. A prophet is Christ, consciously, because God is the only source of their knowledge and action. The prophet thinks, feels, acts, or ceases to act from oneness with God, which has been accepted as one’s self. The prophet has a message to give and gives it. That message is what they see and hear within the unity with God that they are. The prophet’s heart does not rest in peace if it is not in truth. The way prophets do this is as varied as the many children of God in the world. Being a prophet is a service to humanity. It is a divine way of serving love.

The new prophets allow their true identity to express. They know that they do nothing but what Christ clearly indicates. In fact, they rest serenely in Christ, their lives no longer handled by themselves but by Christ living in them. The truth that says, “I no longer live, but it is Christ who lives in me,” is an absolute reality in their lives. Express your true identity, which is love and nothing but love, because it is one with God.

The new prophets need a frame of reference to be able to guide themselves in the physical world, which is where they will spread the love of God. For this they have been instructed for a time by the spirit of wisdom, which gave them the knowledge necessary to carry out their mission of being love, and which activated the necessary transformation so that their personalities became perfect instruments in the hands of the self of love that is the instrument of Christ. They no longer seek to learn because they have learned, but their goal is to make known what they have learned. They have learned the answer to the question, “What am I?” Henceforth they live exclusively being what they know they really are. In this way they make God known, being God in God.

To be love is a mission in itself. It is the mission of every true prophet. The means by which the new prophets of the last times carry out their function is the life that they have, just as it is or as they wish it to be. Since everything that is, is in harmony with the living Christ who lives in it, their desires no longer separate them from the purpose of God, but perfectly serve the attainment of truth. The Holy Spirit transformed them into God-Humans, giving them a very concrete function: that of showing the world the new Christ-humanity being born.

The prophet has no specific task or work according to the ways of the world, since they know that the purpose of their life is not something they do, but what they really are. They know they are as God created them to be. This learning, received by the Grace of revelation in their hearts, guides their lives. Being love, they are Christ. In this way, like attracts like.

IV. Second Advent Consciousness

The New Christs of God on Earth—this being the true name of the new prophets of the end times—will be united by humanly recognizable means as well as spiritual means beyond material understanding. Through this union of the new prophets, a “vortex of consciousness” will be formed through which the consciousness of Christ will flow, creating a degree of Christ presence unprecedented in the world except for the short time that I set foot on Earth in the form of Jesus and Mary. The strength of the universal consciousness of love which occurred two thousand years ago will be united with this “vortex of consciousness of the Second Advent,” creating an experience of a unique consciousness on the physical plane.

Children from all corners of the world! I am revealing to you the proximity of a new consciousness that will manifest itself throughout the universe. Everyone will see it. There will be no way to hide it, for the time of truth has arrived, and shall very soon shine with such brilliance that what was hidden will be exposed. I am telling you very concretely that the veil that one day was placed between your singular consciousness and the divine consciousness, out of love for you, has lifted. You will soon witness what this means.

All will see the love that you have given and received, as well as the love that you did not want to give or receive. You will see all the good that you have not done. You will see it in a new light, the light of love. In this knowledge that you will receive from the hands of truth, you can freely, in union with Heaven, decide to pay off the debt you have with love. This will not be a form of punishment, or God’s request for you to amend, but will arise spontaneously from your hearts because you will know with your human conscience what love is in the highest degree as nothing and no one in the physical plane has known before.

By enjoying this greater knowledge of love, each of you will exhale from your souls a song of petition to the Creator in which you will ask, out of love and with love, to compensate the universe for the love that it wanted to give you but could not, and for the one who asked you but you did not receive. The light of truth will allow you to recognize that you are the universe, and you will realize that in that canticle of your souls, what you are really saying is: “Brothers from all corners of the universe, created and yet to be created, I want to give you all the love of God that lives in me.”

V. The Debt with Love

Even before you realize it, your hearts will open in such a way that you will shout serenely to the universe: “Brother, fill my heart with your love, and allow mine to flood yours!” This is how the flow of God’s love will move, in a giving and receiving of all in unity, as it was before time began. This is how the equity of love will be the reality of the new universe, which will arise from the transformation of the old world. Thus divine justice will be restored in human consciousness. Love is always equity; wherever given, it must be received, and wherever received, given. This is the justice of God.

In the restoration of the equity of the flow of love is where everything will be fulfilled as God established it from eternity, and therein you will return to the eternal amorphousness of love from which you will continue to be who you have always been. Thus we will together continue creating infinite universes whose foundations will be love and truth.

This new consciousness, called “consciousness of the Second Advent,” will pervade the entire physical universe, transforming atoms, molecules, elements, and even nature’s own laws. Everything will be deified. Everything will meet in Christ. Every aspect of the material universe will be literally transformed. As it reaches the final phase of transformation, it will become a perfect reflection, clear of any distortion, of the love that God is.

Once the debt with love is compensated, what is not love will cease to exist because the minds of the children of God will no longer harbor separate thoughts. There will be no place where separation can continue to exist. Those places were subject to time and for justice they were given time, but time will end, never to return. All of creation will awaken from the dream of Adam. The light of love will shine in everything that the children of God will create because they will create in union with the Creator. This will be a phenomenon of universal consciousness which all humanity, without exception, will witness. Everyone. No matter where they may be, everyone will see and receive it.

Nothing and nobody will be exempt from this “phenomenon” of consciousness, which is precipitated by means of the new prophets of the last times who, having found what they were looking for, have joyfully accepted that they were created for love, to be love and nothing but love. They live, consciously, united to the source of their self that is God, and from that unity they reflect the light of Heaven. That unity will draw everyone and everything to the vortex of consciousness of the Second Advent because the center of that awareness is I, Christ. The vortex will remain united in Me with the prophets of all times, and with all who have enlightened Earth with their love.

My children, listen once again! You are called to be living faces of love. Your mission is to live in harmony with the Christ that you truly are. You are not called to form a new religion or to follow any particular one. You are called to love with perfect love. You are ready! You have received grace, and you know it because in your hearts there is that “I do not know what” that keeps you united to me.

Sons and daughters of My heart! Being a prophet is your mission, as it was Mine.

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