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A Prophet Has Been Born

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you' in the presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I. The Call of God

Beloved sons and daughters of light! Beloved humanity! I have come in love and truth to dwell with you. I am not separate from your selves, nor you from mine. We are a unit. These words of wisdom come from the Heaven of One Mind to remind you of the truth you already know. We are a multitude. We are a heavenly legion. I am surrounded by an angelic choir and in perfect unity with your Divine Mother. We love you as nothing or anyone in the world loves you because we are the love of God. Remember once again that My kingdom is not of this world. I am the love of Heaven speaking to Earth. I am Jesus, speaking to you.

Today I lovingly address all humanity, and I do it through you who have accepted—not without doubts at the beginning— to be a writer of Heaven. This is a mission we have created for you from all eternity in perfect harmony with your self. You are one among many. There are many scribes from Heaven in these times when the Second Advent has begun. Many and varied. And there will be more, because I will manifest Myself more and more to My children all over the world. This is a promise of the Most High.

As there are more scribes of God on Earth, who with the gift of pure love broaden the channel of communication between Heaven and Earth, the voice of love can be heard in all corners of the world. This is part of the plan of divine revelation. Everyone will hear My voice. Nothing will ever interfere between My most Sacred Heart and My children.

Listen carefully, for just as in the past I spoke through the prophets, today I speak to each of you and through you. Today, by the Father’s design, I appoint you prophets to the nations. Today I bless you with this function: you who receive and write these words, and also you who welcome with love what is expressed here. Know that from now on you will literally be My “prophet of the last times.”

II. The New Prophets

Before continuing, it is important to remember that there is no difference between he who receives these words for the first time within the illusion of time, and you who receive them at an apparently later time. There is no timethere is only eternity.

By divine design, each of you who receive these words has a mission to fulfill—that of prophesy. Your assignment to carry out a specific task is not different from what others had in antiquity, although it will be manifested in a different way because you are called to create a new world united in Christ in these new times, the times of the Second Advent.

Beloved souls, I call you to be prophets to the nations. You may wonder what this means, and how the particular function that I entrust to you will be revealed to you, since I have said that you have no task but to step aside, trusting me, leaving everything in the hands of love. If this is a thought you still have, let me clarify.

There were always prophets. My divine heart aroused them throughout human history. A prophet is a messenger from Heaven, someone who receives a message from God and transmits it. You know that you have received a sacred mission. You know that your heart sings, rejoices, and vibrates upon hearing My voice. You have spent hours, days, and even years, devoting much of your energy, time, and love in the sincere search for truth. And you are also quite aware that you have found what you have tried so hard to find. You know Me as much as I do. Your love for Me is greater than you can express in words. You love Me as much as I love you. You know the one who speaks within you. You know the holy guest of your soul because you have undertaken the journey to the interior of your self. You are aware of that calm leap of heart you experience when you recognize the voice of truth.

I make you aware, once again, of that feeling in your heart that you know not how to express. The feeling of love for divine wisdom cannot be put into words, cannot be fully shared with others. You recognize that no one can fully understand what is happening between your beloved Christ, your Jesus, and you. Our intimacy is the greatest treasure we both hold eternally. We can share somewhat, but no one can ever savor the delights of our intimacy of love in the same way that you and I taste them.

III. Channeling and Prophecies

Our relationship is unique because you are unique. Your experience of your self is unique and you rejoice in it. You know that this is true, yet you do not know what to do with it. That you are called to be a channel of light is the answer. You are literally receiving a blessing that comes in the form of a mission: to be a new prophet.

Perhaps the word prophet is associated with martyrdom, sacrifice, or criticism of the prevailing system. In the past many of those who were blessed with being prophets had to travel a world in which humanity was not fully prepared to hear the truth directly. Resistance to God’s love was still great. However, these are different times. What served in the past does not necessarily serve in the present. To continue the same approach would be to cling to a past that has disappeared, and to a rigid system that can only break from its inflexibility. Wise is the one who can recognize the signs of the times.

Let me give you the basic guidelines to follow as My prophet of the new times: a manual for the new prophets of Christ. The purpose of this compendium is to make you more acutely aware of the specific function you must perform in the world. For you who have asked for a mission, this is a gift from Heaven to live in harmony with the desires of your heart.

Everyone has a role to play in the broad universe of love and truth. Nothing is in vain in creation. The function that is assigned to you—not by the whim of a separate creator but because together we created it from the wisdom of God—does not make you special as would the ego. Nevertheless, the function of a prophet does make you special in God’s way. This is inclusion within differentiation. All are equal and also all are unique and different. All are children of love. All are the love of God, expressing themselves uniquely. No other prophet before or after you can manifest the message of Heavenly love in the same way that you will. They were “they” and you are “you.” You are ready for this holy mission.

IV. The Steps of the New Prophets

The first step in this path of prophet could be summarized as follows: to become aware of the function that is given to you from Heaven. This awareness is what we are building now. Reading these words with serenity, allowing each to touch your heart and to work within your self as they themselves know how to do, is the first phase of your prophetic function. What is said in this blessed work is part of the knowledge of your function.

To read this love letter and to receive these words without judging them will allow the Holy Spirit to breathe His breath upon your mind, your heart, your memory, and your will, that the ability to prophesy be manifested in you. Remember that you were told that the abilities you now believe you have are a pale reflection compared to the extraordinary capabilities you truly have. We use the word “extraordinary” not because it is something special or worthy of exalted amazement or ovation, but to comprehend how great the talents given from Heaven from the moment of your creation are, and for you to trust in the pure potentiality of the divine self that you are in truth. Within your capacity is that of being a prophet of nations, as well as being a miracle worker.

Times change; truth does not. For this reason prophets are still needed, as are miracle workers. When the function of the prophet is well understood, it will be known that working miracles and prophesying are indeed part of an undivided unity. Every miracle worker is a prophet; every prophet is a channel of the miracles of God’s love, the source of all good. Does this mean that you should now go for a walk on water or make a silver coin appear in the mouth of a fish? Perhaps yes, although it is quite unlikely. It does not make much sense to repeat methods that served when I walked the Earth as Jesus and Mary. Now something else is needed, although with the same purpose: to continue spreading the love of God, and thus to carry the universe of form back to its original state of grace.

Do you need to go out to town squares with this book under your arm, or perhaps with other inspired books, or with the Bible itself, and shout to the multitudes that God exists and that God is love, even at the risk of being ridiculed or martyred? Perhaps yes, although it is quite unlikely. What one day was necessary in a given context is inappropriate for a different one. I am not looking for spiritual clones or imitators, but for sisters and brothers who dare to live with Me in the truth of what they are: those who live as the living Christ they already are. I look not for martyrs but for messengers of peace. I look for children who want to live exclusively in the presence of love. For this is ultimately the function of every prophet and every miracle worker.

My beloved, you have no idea the heights you have reached. You are drenched in Heaven. You have reached the point where the blessing of being a prophet of God is vividly present in you. When you have a message from Heaven to transmit to the world, transmit it. I will be with you every day. We are one, so together we will carry out this blessed mission. Since the beginning of time this role you receive today as revelation has been reserved for you. Listen as the angels sing a hymn of praise and gratitude to God for having appointed you as His messenger. A new prophet has been born. A new and eternal star shines with luminosity in the firmament of everlasting truth. A new sun radiates to all humanity.

To the whole world I say: Listen to My prophets! As a human you may be but a clay vessel, but yours is a message from Heaven. Yours is a message from your Heavenly Father, that you may be happy in your greater knowledge of God’s love. This greater knowledge of the truth of love will permit you to live on Earth as the living Christ you truly are, remaining in the presence of love. My prophets will be the living face of the Creator, of the holy, beautiful, and perfect on Earth. They shall give testimony to the new humanity that you are, coming from all corners of the world, from all religions, cultures, and ages. They will be many; and many will hear them, and when they hear them they will join in concentric circles of love that extend outward, enveloping the whole universe. They are gifts of God for the world. They are My prophets: conceived from all eternity in Ny most Sacred Heart to prepare My Second Coming in union with the whole world.

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