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Silence, Mystery, God

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you' in the presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

Beloveds of Heaven, I come to dwell with you in the presence of love. Feel the tenderness of My heart and of My whole self. Experience in your humanity the beauty of who you are. Be immersed in the unfathomable expanse of pure consciousness that you are. The purity of your self shines in everything. Feel how your soul expands to encompass everything.

Begin to see with the eyes of spirit how that which you are envelops creation. Every breeze and every petal of every flower carries within itself a part of you, and you carry in your self a part of it. Feel with pure contact the love your physical and emotional body experiences. Listen to the song of the birds of the sky and the crickets that sing a symphony of love. Feel the sway of the treetops and the continuous flow of waters of the river. Everything happens with a harmony that nothing disturbs. Feel the silence that surrounds you.

Become one with everything. Observe how a small leaf is carried peacefully on the water. Open yourself in silence, stillness, and peace. Fulfill yourself with the harmony of creation. Contemplate the benevolence of the universe. Let your surroundings embrace you in love. Join with what your eyes see, and beyond. Rather than looking at anything in particular, open your mind, your heart, and your body to the whole.

II. The Emptiness of Self

Stay silent and let the body be imbued with peace. Feel any tension in the body, maybe in the neck, lips, back, or anywhere else. Feel it all. Enjoy the simple delight of feeling. Begin to recognize that there is life in feeling. Allow the energy of whatever you feel to nurture what you are. Honor this holy moment. Let it be as it is. Free your mind to join this contemplation. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the universe. Observe how, little by little, everything is submerged in silencea silence that envelops everything. Everything is born in silence; in silence it vanishes. Everything comes from nothing and returns to nothing, returning to the pure potentiality of self. Everything and nothing become one. Stay in nothingness, from where the created emerges in all its magnificence and sanctity. Start now to glimpse the mystery. Feel the presence of love.

My beloved, you are entering the sacred temple of God’s silence, a temple erected in pure stillness, a sacred place wrapped in darkness, a silence and a beatitude that give peace to the soul. Enter slowly. Close your eyes and your ears. Sit on the throne of love. Come, do not be afraid, stay with Me, your Creator, your self, and your love. Occupy your place in the Heaven of creation. Come to Me. I have been waiting for you. Be not afraid to join My divinity.

From this sacred throne, which I conceived for you from all eternity, contemplate the universe. Look at the stars above. Observe the glow of the sun, so tiny within the immeasurable cosmos. Together let us try to count the stars and the planets.

Oh My beloved! How many wonders have been created, how much life! I give everything to you because I created everything for you. Everything belongs to you because you belong to Me. Everything was born of love.

In this sacred place, everything is silence because everything is mystery. You are immersed in an unnamable and non-transferable reality where the soul and its Creator are both one and unique forever. In this sovereign place, your self is divine strength and the pure power of love. Feel the vibrant force of being. Here your soul hears the voice of truth. Here lies the source of life. Here you inhabit the power of the miracle. Here you are in the presence of the mystery of mysteries. This is the abode of Christ, the heart of your self. In this holy home, in which all that you are resides in unity and is itself unity, all divine will is realized because God realizes Himself.

We allow mystery to be what it is. We do not try to reveal it or unravel it; we only contemplate its sacredness. We enjoy it. We begin to become one with it. In this way we accept that we are a mystery, that nothing and no one can encompass us except the mystery of God. In this infinite place of truth and wisdom, we cannot define anything, because everything is mystery. We accept that it is so. We recognize that here there are no words, no definitions, nothing except the mystery of love.

III. Christ Thinks, Christ Feels, Christ Loves

Here, as high as we have come, we are yet more attached to ordinary life than ever. We need not use a language that arose from fear, which was a means of subjecting things to a domination improper to love. Definitions are meaningless in this holy place we call your heart, here in the heights of holiness where wisdom reveals all that need be revealed, without interruption or need to use the mechanism of interpretation.

Here we are the truth of who we are and therefore we are truth. Here we understand, consciously, that we are the way, because there is nothing outside of ourselves. It is also revealed that to be what we are is the purpose of our existence. Here in this unfathomable vastness, united to love, sitting on the throne of wisdom, we are life in eternal extension. We become aware that from our source of self emanates a perpetual flow of eternal life that becomes all, and merges in the union of souls. Here we are communion. There is nothing except the self of pure love, united to its Creator, in the divine contemplation of truth and wisdom.

We extend our gaze to all that we believed was external to our self. We bless it with our bodily and spiritual eyes. We know that we are all part of a divinity of pure love that created us in His likeness, and as such we are worthy of being loved. Each branch of each tree on which our eyes rest is blessed by Christ in us; every diamond formed with the light that shines on the surface of the waters becomes holy in our contemplation.

Every thought of the mind is the pure light of wisdom. We let them flow incessantly from our holy mind, allow them to fly freely through the universe in search of union with what is similar to them, so that later they return to us having merged with that which is similar in love and benevolence.

Now thoughts of light become more luminous as the luminescence of our blessed mind grows. We are creators of light. We are witnesses of the unnamable. In a wonder that surpasses all measure, we are part of what neither human eye could see, nor ear could hear, nor mouth could ever pronounce. We have entered the mind of Christ. We are a thought in it. We are faithful observers of the miracle of life. We are Christ in Christ. We are God knowing Himself. We are absorbed by the mind of the Creator, a mind of pure infinite love. Our mind has returned to the Father’s house. We are witnesses as well as part of God’s creative process.

We observe these divine thoughts without crossing the threshold of mystery. We are one with the Creator without neglecting the inviolable part of our Father, the unchanging heart of the self that God is, the tabernacle of His self in which nothing and nobody will ever enter, just as God Himself does not dare enter that inviolable part of your self, or of any other self. That part of the heart of God, forever sealed with seven seals, which will never enter anything other than Himself, is the space of the nothingness of each self. In that nothing lives freedom. Nothing and no one can alter it. Nothing and nobody, not even God, can obliterate it.

Now we are the conscious creators of our thoughts. We are no longer subject to what the mind, disconnected from consciousness, thinks. Now we truly think with the mind of truth. We think in harmony with the mind of Christ. Now we create thoughts of peace, of beauty, of holiness. We harbor no thoughts that are not the thoughts of God because we no longer think for ourselves; Christ thinks in our minds. We have emptied our minds of all illusion; and since the mind cannot stop thinking, it now thinks like Christ because it is one with its holy mind.

We feel the beating of our hearts. We observe, without judgment, every sentiment emanating from the center of our self. We let the energy of feeling paint our soul colors. Thus, each feeling constitutes a color or a musical note that the artist of souls uses with perfect mastery with the purest palette. We listen to the symphony sung by our soul, shaped by each feeling and the unity of all of them, in a harmony that is pure beauty. The heart of Christ sings through us, the mind dances as it extends divine thoughts.

Our heart is the heart of Christ. Everything we feel is His, because we belong only to Love.

We are silent. We honor nothingness because its greatness has been revealed to us. We understand with the wisdom of Heaven that in it God is God and in love we do nothing. In this way we are all in the truth. We remain in silence. We honor the mystery. We merge in God. We listen as our soul joyfully says:

I no longer think; it is Christ who thinks in me.
I no longer feel myself; it is Christ who feels in me.
I no longer live; it is Christ who lives in me.

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