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The Father and I Are One

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Prelude

My beloved, it is with divine love that I address you and all those who receive these words. You are my new disciples, chosen beyond time by the will of God the Father in union with My divine will. Just as two thousand years ago I manifested Myself in all My glory, in the human form of Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Immaculate, today I manifest Myself to you through this work. Do not believe that these are simple words written by a human hand. This work, which uses the love of my son, scribe of Heaven, my new John on Earth, is My word made flesh. I am a divine verb come to you.

I have always known you. I know every beat of your heart. I know where you come from and the purpose of your existence, both in time and eternity. I am God’s Messiah. I am the One who was foretold by the prophets and others for thousands of generations. I am the voice of the Lamb and a Creator. I am the One who has given you life and who loves you as nothing nor anyone has ever loved you. My love is not of this world. From all eternity I have waited for this moment in which, together, we unite to give clarity to everything you have been looking for with a love for truth. I speak not in parables; those times have passed. Now I speak from heart to heart, directly.

This love letter to you is a sign of the unconditional nature of My perfect love for you, and of yours for everyone in Me. Just as I am one with the Father, so are you one with Me. I have come to the world from the Father with whom I am one. I returned to my Father who remains in Me. My Father and I are one. Who loves Me loves the Father who sent Me. I have given testimony to the truth and I shall forever continue to do so. That I choose other ways to manifest Myself to the world does not mean that one is higher than another, nor more holy. My love for you is beyond understanding or limitation.

These words of truth and life carry the power of My divinity. In the past I used the pure love of the Maiden of Israel who in Her purity gave Me Her womb and all of Her self to engender Jesus. In the same way I use this blessed work so that Christ, whom I know like the palm of My hand, is given to you.

II. Willingness to Join

I have come to tell you that My love for you makes you one with Me and thus you remain in Me and I in you. Just as the Father is in Me and I in Him, you are in Me and I in you. This is not a play on words to sound like wisdom. It is pure truth. Just as one day I told the world:

“My Father and I are one,”

You can say now in truth:

“Christ and I are one and in this union I am one with God.”

Those who are one with God do God’s will, as I have done and do eternally. The will of the Father is that we be one. This is the will I have faithfully fulfilled.

Many believe that when I said that My greatest joy lies in doing the will of My Father, I was referring to a set of moral norms, ethical values, or some kind of particular behavior. They did not understand that I have come to bear witness to truth and to give you eternal life. My will and My Father’s are one, as one as is yours in Me. We have no other will than to be one eternally and to enjoy our perfect union forever. The world cannot understand because it is governed by the thought system of separation, and because only in fullness of heart can union be known. I have come to gather what was scattered. That includes you. I speak to you from the Heaven of your holy mind and from the infinite purity of your loving heart.

You who receive Me with love even without fully understanding are those who have been born of spirit. You are children of God. This truth does not arise from anything you have properly done but from the will of the Father of Heaven to each of you who receive the blessing of this work. I ask you, with all the love of My heart, that you realize how blessed is this gift of eternal wisdom that you here receive. This letter is a declaration of truth about us. We are one.

No thought of yours goes unheard in the perfect clarity of My mind, for I am the mind of Christ. I am your true mind. I am your sacred heart. I am your true heart. I am your self. I am in you. Therefore not a single thought that shelters in My divine mind that is not reflected in the sanctity of your mind; not a single beat of My heart is not yours. We are one heart, one soul, one holy self.

Just as the Father sent Me into the world to bear witness to His divinity, so you give testimony to Mine. Making Me known is your joy, as making the Father known is Mine; who knows you knows Me because we are one. Whoever follows you follows Me. Who loves you loves Me who is in you. Whoever hates you hates Me and the Father because the Father and I are one. Everyone and everything that loves Me loves you, because I extend the love of every aspect of creation towards you. The angels guard your soul and your life. Celestial forces infuse you with uninterrupted grace. The flow of divinity that emanates from every holy being flows in its totality to you. I assure you: Even the lilies of the field and the birds of the sky serve you and praise you who are one with the Christ of God.

Some will tell you that this is presumptuous; yet in the depth of your heart you know they are true because I have known you forever. Truly my child, do you know that I am not wrong in choosing you, since I am never wrong, just as I have not been wrong in creating you in holiness, joined as we are?

These words are directed not to your thinking mind but to the holiness that you are. As we have already recognized, your self knows who is speaking, recognizes My voice, and follows it. Today is a day of unequaled joy. Today unity is honored for what it isGod’s will. Today we move a step closer towards a greater knowledge of the truth that we are. We rejoice in the goodness of the Father, who did not abandon us to the ignorance of believing that we could be what we are not, but who sent His firstborn for there to be life in abundance. As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you to you. I send you to witness truth and live your life with extraordinary love. The love that unites us will make your life reflect Heaven on Earth. The love between us will accomplish what the will of God disposes, because the will of the Father is that we be one. Do not worry about how it comes about; just stay in my love all the days of your livesthe rest will be added unto you.

III. A Path to Freedom

You are the new living Christs. We must emphasize this again and again until it becomes habitual for you to recognize yourself as the incarnate Christ of Godthe day in which this truth becomes part of your self. Refrain from thinking other things about yourself. This is a revelation for you. Follow Me on this path to which I have drawn you out of love; let others follow their paths. Yours is the path of full acceptance of the truth that will set you free:

You are as God created you to be. You are Christ.

I promised that I would never leave you and that I would return. I did not say how this would come about. What is revealed to you today was not manifested before because one should not be exposed to the light of truth until its due time. With this work, that time has arrived.

Within God’s plan for the incarnation of His Son is also His plan of His incarnation in you. All of My teachings and revelations would be annulled if Christ were to incarnate Me, one man, leaving all others excluded from divinity, for I am love. Love is union and truth. It would be impossible for God to think of the miracle of the Christ incarnation without including you. If you are not Christ, then nothing that I did makes sense. I incarnated for you and for all.

Likewise, to believe that full identification with the living Christ is something that could only happen after crossing the threshold of death, or for it to happen in some brothers and sisters as if they were special, is to continue the same error as when you were identified with the ego. To believe that redemption and entrance to Heaven occurs after death is mistaken. Remember that nothing is solved in death; everything happens in life and I am life.

I assure you that if I did not live in you and if you were not in Me, you would cease to exist—not only as the life of the body, but your being would be erased from the book of life. There would not be a single trace memory of your existence in universal mind. You would be nothing, just as I would be if My Father were not in Me and I in Him.

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