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Unconditional Acceptance

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Chorus of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Fear As an Answer

Beings of the light that never goes out! We have come in the glory of God out of love for humanity. We have come to tell you not to force your soul, but to let her walk the path she knows. The soul develops by itself. You are often disturbed by unimportant things. Your peace transforms into a whirlwind of disturbed emotion which tire you, confuse you, and sadden you.

Emotion must be honored. Likewise, they must be understood for what they are, bodily thoughts. Denying them is neither wise nor necessary. We have come to tell you to love everything you are, including your emotion. Thus when you join them, you can transcend them. Remember that attachment to emotion is a thought pattern that has taught you to respond emotionally to your perceptions.

You do not understand emotions. You confuse them with true feelings and think they are real. This misunderstanding scares you. You do not know where emotions come from nor where they would take you. Since you believe that they have often led you where you did not want to go, you think you must attack or constrain them. Emotional repression is the inevitable result of this judgment.

You respond to emotions with fear because you do not love them. Fear is not an emotion in itself, although it is interwoven with them. Fear is a lack of love. Therefore the fearful emotions that you experience are those you have decided not to love. Since not to love is to choose separation, you separate yourself from what you are experiencing. You do not want it to be part of who you are.

The mechanism of attack on emotions is part of the mechanism of attack generally. When you were identified with the ego, you attacked your body, your mind, your heart, and your soul because you simply did not love yourself. If you do not know who you truly are, you cannot love yourself, because you cannot love what you do not understand, and you cannot understand what you do not know. Remember that we have already said that the ego is ignorance. Where wisdom is absent, love can never be present. When ignorance is banished, it gives way to the wisdom of Heaven, which resides in your holy mind as truth and in your pure heart as love.

What is not understood cannot be loved. Therefore, if you do not understand your emotions, you will respond to them with fear. This is the case not only regarding your emotional self, but generally. Remember that fear is hatred—a lack of love.

II. Emotions: Energy Separate from Self

Although fear is usually associated with the emotional body, it is important to recognize that this is an effect of thought. That is, fear is a non-loving thought manifested through the emotional body, a thought of separation from your own self. Separation is manifested in anything that you believe is not you, anything you are not willing to accept lovingly. Simply put, emotions are to the heart what ego thoughts are to the mind. Just as the egoic mind is an imitation of the mind of Christ, the fearful heart is an egoic imitation of your true, loving heart that connects you eternally to God.

The first thing to realize about emotions is that none of them are true. They are not good or bad; they are simply false thoughts reflected in the body. The wisdom of the heart will always reveal the truth of your self. With it you will discern perfectly between the heavy and discordant energy of emotion and the love that resides only in the heart. Emotion does not come from the center of your self but from that unreal egoic identity with which you previously identified.

Trying to understand or control emotions by giving them names is like trying to catch the wind with your hands. If you live from emotions and identify with them as if they were part of your true self, you will feel tossed about. In a single day you may unexpectedly experience several emotional states. You will also find them surprisingly unstable. None of them is true. However, since you have for so long believed they are true, what we now do is bring them to light and recognize the identification that exists. The belief that you are a body brought with it an attachment that included an attachment to emotion. It is all part of the old thinking pattern. None of that remains.

During the forty days that we walk together with Jesus and Mary towards an awareness of our resurrection, the madness of emotion becomes evident. Emotion was evident in the experience of Jesus prior to the crucifixion and during it. This was necessary to bring emotions to the holiness that Christ is, and return them to the true self from which their energy comes. Since emotion is energy separated from the self, they can be reintegrated if you join them and allow them to be part of what they really are in their origin—part of love.

Unconditional acceptance is the only way to unite all that you are within your true self, because love is unconditional. Unconditional acceptance is a term that indicates that you accept what is, as it is, without trying to interpret anything. Emotion arises as an inescapable response to the desire to interpret. We could truthfully say that emotion is an interpretation of reality made into pseudo-feeling.

III. Emotion and Interpretation

If you give up your interpretations, your attachment to emotion will be deactivated. Remember that emotion is not good or bad, destructive or constructive. It are simply false. It are not part of your true self. You are life, and true life has no emotion or anything resembling emotion. We return to this issue once again because it is necessary to accept the fact of your attachment to the body, which includes attachment to emotion, in order to embrace that identification and to release it.

Begin to see yourself as a being without a physical body. Or begin to see your brothers and sisters beyond the body. If it serves, you can visualize the body with a heart of light, or with a blue and white luminosity that extends beyond the body and envelops it. Center your physical and spiritual vision in a point beyond the body—either in the luminosity that surrounds it or in the heart of light—and say to yourself:

I behold Christ. I am holy.

Then, always with your thoughts placed beyond the body, ask yourself:

How would God look at this holy person in front of me?
How would God think of His child?
How would love contemplate this being?

These three questions are really the same, so you need not put effort in thinking about all three, but choose the one most suitable for you. Keep in mind that this exercise is for your pure enjoyment and to become aware of your resurrection.

Once you have focused your inner gaze on the body and asked the question, let the answer be given. Once again, stay at a distance from the body. Look beyond it. Do not “do” anything. Just be still; look beyond the visible and wait. You will see how memories of your holiness, of the being that you are, will come to you. This knowledge will develop in you more and more the feeling of gratitude for your brothers and sisters and for everything created. You will feel pure. You will feel like a parent contemplating their beloved child. You will perceive your brothers and sisters as children who play the game of life in their own way, many of them without realizing their oneness with God. As you keep some distance from the physical body you will become more aware of your union with all that is real. You will experience the love of God. Those who are ready will see in your eyes the look of love; it will be Christ.

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