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Be Not Afraid

A message from the Most Holy Virgin Mary in the presence of Her Divine Son, Jesus

I. Prelude

Beloveds of My self! As the celestial Mother that I am, source of life of your self, I have come in response to a question in the depths of your heart, and within many who follow the voice of truth as the new self that they are.

In these times of Lenten consciousness, when we walk a path to greater awareness of the resurrection that you are, fear arises in a particular way. There is a time for fear—a time when what is not love must be manifested. It is part of dual consciousness. It is implicit in every living being and in every aspect of creation subject to that plane of consciousness, not only of the beings that you call human.

Self is neither human, nor animal, nor vegetable, nor of another nature. Self simply is. As already mentioned, what your bodily eyes see, what the senses of the body perceive, is but manifested consciousness. The totally fearful consciousness that is the ego also manifests. There is a realm for it to manifest itself. This is justice. This is freedom. Manifestation of fear fulfills a function.

You may wonder why we return to this. You will have noticed that we return again and again to the same subjects in one way or another. Universal themes about which much has been said continue to be current issues. One should never underestimate the need to remember the truth about these issues. We always speak of the same thing: the vastness of truth and love. There is no other topic to speak of, for the simple reason that there is nothing but the love of God.

Soul in love with Christ! Unveiling of My motherly heart and joy of My soul! Patience is a necessary virtue for spiritual growth. Frequently as a loving Mother I see the need to reiterate again and again how I love you—all aspects of your self. There is no aspect of what you are or think you are that is not of great importance to me, as it is also to My Divine Son Jesus and to God the Father. What is important to you is important to Me. Thus I speak to the heart, mind, soul, memory, and will. What contributes to your inner peace, harmony, and to your extension of love, is lovingly revealed.

Do not judge what Heaven reveals, even if you do not understand it, for it makes perfect sense in God. We are one mind, one self, one holy will. It is to that unity of your being that I speak and in doing so, I speak to the entire universe. Once again, there is no such thing as a self with certain attributes separate from other selves with other attributes. Wisdom received by a single mind literally extends divine essence to the entire universe, even to universes of infinite universes. Our indissoluble union is itself a source of divine love, therefore of eternal creation.

II. Fear Is Gone

Today I reveal a truth; if you accept it serenely and make it part of your life and a guide for discernment, it will make you happy. Fear is the shadow projected when you turn your back on love. This statement comes from the conscience of Christ and is put into particular words that contain the key to liberation from fear. Although it is true that fear is no longer present since the ego was transcended and has vanished, still the pattern of emotional response must be deactivated. The habit of responding from fear must be replaced by the habit of responding from love, so that your experience is only love.

Fear is a transversion of love—literally a turning into its opposite. It makes little sense to try to understand why the soul fabricated fear as a state of consciousness. Remember that fear is simply an energy, one that could not be perceived prior to its inception. It was invisible to the pure soul, and remains so. Only when you created a totally fearful consciousness—which we named Satan, ego, or madness—could fear be perceived. Such a fearful consciousness has a universal or collective dimension as well as an individual or particular aspect, but at no point is it connected with the consciousness of Christ.

Fear is what the mind sees when it turns its back on love, like a body facing the sun that turns around and perceives its own shadow. This reality on the physical plane is not by chance, but a representation in form of where consciousness fixes its attention. If you put your attention on the sun that Christ is, on the self of pure love that you are, then fear simply cannot be perceived.

Perception is an act of will. You perceive what you want to perceive: fear or love. This is what was meant when you were told that Christ knows not fear. Christ sees no sin anywhere, no regrets, no tribulations; not because He is soulless, but because He cannot cease being aware of the love He is, and knowing through perfect wisdom that fear is simply a projected shadow. Love perceives only love. Fear perceives only fear. The physical body perceives only matter. The mind perceives only thought.

Every time you experience fear, you are ceasing to experience love in your unique human consciousness, never in your Christ consciousness. Please listen carefully: the fear that you perceive now does not have the same quality as before when you were identified with ego. You now experience fear in a different way because everything that is part of you was integrated into totally loving consciousness, including fear. Thus your totally fearful consciousness was absorbed and transmuted into totally loving consciousness—the consciousness of Christ.

Fear cannot limit love. The light of Christ illuminated those corners obscured by unconsciousness where fear, or lack of love, was lodged in your mind and heart. Fear is no longer there. This is the reason that again and again I urge you not to be afraid. It is totally possible to live without fear because nothing can limit love. Christ cannot be limited. What you now perceive as fear is actually the emotional memory that has been left of the ego experience you had and from which you have recently been released.

III. Love and Memory

Memory is attached to time, which is another reason this work focuses on the healing of memory. Just as soldiers who fought a battle continue for some time to feel the shocking noises of war and have nightmares of war’s horror, so it happens for a while once you have left the fight, before you live peacefully.

Just as the traumas of war must be healed—which they are only when the battlefield is fully left behind—so with the emotional memory that engenders fear. The struggle with the ego—or rather the ego’s struggle against Christ—will exist within the human mind for a time even though it is an imaginary battle with an nonexistent enemy. The mind is powerful.

Since fear is an emotion, we are speaking of liberation from identification with emotion. We said that fear reveals the opposite from which it seeks to hide. Thus the fear of death is but love of life. Anger and its expression as violence is nothing but a melancholy song seeking a return to peace. We will look at the fear of death to understand further. Since truth is generalizable, we can apply it to all fear and free ourselves from the mental patterns of the old fearful self that you once thought you were.

There is no reason to fear anything or anyone. Once you accept the truth that you are not an isolated, autonomous self separate from God, and begin to realize that if God is one with you and you with God, then you are God in God and therefore nothing can happen to you that is not perfect, holy, and beautiful. People may not understand you; this generally happens because where the world sees sin, you begin to see opportunities to forgive, bless, and spread more love to the world. You begin to realize with increasing clarity that behind fear is truth. You can begin to see beyond the obvious since you live submerged in the depths of life wherein lies truth. The vision of Christ is now your only way of seeing.

Sons and daughters of divine beauty! You love life so much. If you look through the eyes of Christ, the eyes of truth, you will recognize that the struggle for survival—the engine of what was once the egoic life—is but the desire to live. Why would you not seek to annihilate what could destroy your life except that your self wants to live eternally? The fearful can be very cruel. If one is motivated by the desire to be, then the destiny of death can never be accepted. Beloved of Heaven, you will never accept death as the end for which you were created. You know, you intuit, that it does not make sense. You experience it in your fury at a world that seems bent on annihilating you. Beloved sons and daughters, if you are as compassionate to yourself and as merciful as God is, you would understand that all these states of mind derive from attachment to the body.

When you were identified with the physical body, you could not cease thinking how to survive. As much as you were told that you were eternal, identification with the body prevented that truth from being accepted. You know that physical bodies perish. You also know from experience that egoic personality changes often offer no security. Fear of death concerns not only the body but also the personality. Where is the child who you once were when you enter adulthood? Where is youth, when you enter old age?

Can you begin to see how much love of life is represented by the fear of death? Can you begin to be more merciful with yourself and with others now that you understand with united mind and heart that behind every outburst of anger is a love of peace? Can you see behind the battle cry the call for eternity? Fear always arises from a fear of losing love, or not finding it when lost. To be unaware of the love you are is fear itself, since it is a state of not being.

Therefore we can now generalize: What is not love is unconsciousness. Recall that fear is but the part of your self of which you are unaware, or that you have stopped observing. In other words, it is a part of who you really are on which you have turned your back, including not only your self but all selves. If you turn your back on the truth of any aspect of creation, you project a shadow and experience fear. Thus you are being asked not to turn your back on your sisters and brothers and to extend love to the world.

Fear is an emotion and as such is false. Christ does not have emotions. Emotions, as we have understood in this work, are thoughts reflected in the body—bodily thoughts. So the physical body, which includes the body’s emotional aspect, must be healed in memory. Although this has already been discussed, and we have seen it under the calm light of truth, the different approach that we are revealing here is that having fear of fear itself is the common denominator of everything concerning the ego.

Freeing yourself from the fear of experiencing fear is necessary, since what you wish to be free of is the energy you used to associate with dissociation or separation. Your memory hurts, as if it were a soldier who still hears the sounds of cannons that are long gone and never to return.

The old ego experience affected the fibers of your physical-emotional self. That effect is what you called learning. The process of learning was based on the body, in particular on the old being that you thought you were. Now love imbues your body and your whole self, so a new experience is learned. Now you will have the living experience of the resurrection, which will permeate your whole self to the point where it erases the old memory from every record of your mind, soul, and heart, so that even the slightest trace of fear that ever existed vanishes. This is how fear is erased forever from your memory, and with it, from everything you are.

Finally only the light of God’s love and holiness that you are in truth will remain. Only the holy will be seen because only the holy can be contemplated by the vision of Christ. Child of truth that is always true! Only love is real. This truth will be the only truth shining in you because there is nothing else.

Once again, separation is no longer experienced because it was never real. Now you are a new self, completely reintegrated, redeemed, resurrected, freed from the battlefield. We must begin to work with this new realityso new and so ancestral at the same time. Knowing how to live like the risen one that you are is necessary and can certainly take a while. Those long locked in the nightmare of illusion cannot wake suddenly and understand in a single moment. You must remember first.

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