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The Heart of Christ

A message from Archangel Raphael, Immaculate Mary, and Jesus, in unison with God the Father

I. The Vision

On this occasion Archangel Raphael asked me to describe the vision that I saw at the introduction to this session. A crystal sphere with chiseled facets, as if it were a large circular diamond, was present before me in spiritual vision. The diamond, or chiseled crystalline sphere, carried within it a light of great luminosity. The flashes of that light passed through the surface of the crystalline sphere, so that through each chiseled face a ray of light shone. The center of the diamond carried a nucleus of energy like a fire or something similar to a sun. It was as if the sun were inside the diamond. After this vision, the Virgin Mary Herself was present and told me what I now write:

My son, you are seeing the living Christ. Observe, be still and wait. This vision that you contemplate is the vision of Christ, whom you already know very well. Now you are simply remembering it. Do not judge what you see, nor try to put it into words. Just watch, be still and wait.

The Most Holy Virgin Mary also explained to me clearly that the vision refers to the essence of my soul, to the center of my self, or what we commonly know as the heart. She told me:

Son of My Heart, I have to explain the vision. The crystal represents the soul; the light inside it, the spirit of love that gives it life. The rays that transcend the soul, shining from within and reaching out, embracing everything, represent the love that sprouts from the depth of your heart and extends beyond the soul to where it is needed. You are contemplating the Heart of God, the holy essence of all things, the Face of Christ.

After this explanation, a voice that did not identify itself but which my mind perfectly recognized as the voice of God the Father, said:

I am the Creator of all things. I am the one who has created your heart. The vision you are seeing is the perfect representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I have created Their hearts, as well as all hearts. There is no difference between the heart of Jesus, the heart of Mary, and the heart I gave you. There is only one heart, the heart of My Divinity, in whose love you and all creation reside. The day has come when we will make an exchange of hearts.

Then the diamond, radiant and full of light, was present in the heart of the Risen Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth was present— alive and radiant in all his glory. In the center of His chest was the diamond-like crystalline sphere. From it emanated rays of light that emerged as an extension of the sphere of fire, or sun, inside it. I understood in a moment that Christ is the essence of every self.

Suddenly my spirit was taken to the moment when St. Mary Magdalene was an eyewitness to the resurrection of Jesus. I saw the sepulcher open, and the stone by the grave. Surrounding the sepulcher were many leafy shrubs and an orchard. There were flowers. The sepulcher stone was placed on its side after it had been removed, as if it were an open door. I did not see St. Mary Magdalena because I did not look to that side, although I knew she was there, submerged in an ecstasy of contemplation with her face on the ground. I knew that she was pure love. Although my vision was not on her, my soul felt her love and purity. My gaze focused on what Jesus told me to look at. I saw how He appeared, walking and smiling. His smile was of such beauty that it was Heaven itself. He was a few meters from the tomb. He appeared clothed with the Glory of Heaven. He said:

You are witnessing my resurrection. Now you must announce it to the world. You must accept the fact that in your nature, as in mine, there is the power to resurrect eternal life, a power that comes from God and has been given to you. I am making you aware of that power. Make it come true in you. Share it as I have. I am the resurrection and the life, just like you.

At the end of this vision I saw with perfect clarity the following sequence. There was a kind of coffin or iron “booth.” Suddenly perforations were bored into the iron coffin. The light from the diamond crystal sphere began to enter these holes. The light illuminated the interior of this iron container and suddenly it opened wide like a walnut shell that opens in two and allows the nut to be seen inside. That is how the coffin opened, and then I saw myself in all the beauty of my soul. I saw myself sleeping inside that kind of container. The voice of God the Father—the same one mentioned earlier—said with a power that resonated to all corners of the universe:

Get up. Go out and glory in your glory.

And I witnessed my own resurrection to eternal life.

After a moment Archangel Raphael said:

Brother of light, I have to explain the vision to you. Write it as it happened, including this explanation.

II. Explanation by Archangel Raphael

We are one heart. We are the same self. God created the heart, or self. This self, which is what the diamond represents, is the essence of who you are. Your being can be known. What sense would it make for God to create a self, or heart, and then hide it from spirit? Spirit knows itself in the same way that self does. The ability to see your self is a faculty of spiritual vision, given to you in your creation. This sight happens not with the eyes of the body but constantly, without interruption, through spiritual vision.

The vision of Christ, which is what has been revealed, is the true vision of what you are. The hearts of Jesus and Mary are not separate entities or realities but one heart, just as your true heart is the heart that God gave you and is in union with Jesus, Mary, and the totality of God. We call this truth the Heart of Christ.

This center of your self we call the heart, from which everything that you are springs forth. What you are, your essence, is like the rays that were described in the vision. They pierce what you are and extend beyond you without ceasing to be who you are. To radiate out from the sun’s core is an inherent property of the sun. The same goes for your heart, because your heart is literally love.

God is the creator of hearts. He is their owner and leads them where he pleases, yet without prejudice, to your freedom. The heart that is your self is the nucleus from which everything you think is thought, and everything you feel and experience is felt and experienced. Your heart is part of the heart of God because it lives submerged in Him. As in the vision, something exists inside the crystalline sphere as if floating in an atmosphere, similar to a diamond with a sun inside, or similar to how planets “float” in shapeless space. Likewise your self is imbibed and embraced by the heart of God.

We say with certainty that you are an essential cell in the Body of Christ. We use this analogy to help you understand that God placed information, or wisdom, within you so that harmony exists within creation, which is the body of Christ. Although cells may be similar, there are groups of cells that make up each organ. Each cell functions on the basis of its genetic material, that is, on the basis of what it is. The cell did not define its own essence or the genetic material from which it functions. The cell functions in harmony when it is in relation to the rest of the body and subject to bodily laws. It cannot become independent; otherwise it would no longer align with its function.

This is an analogy, which like everything that is expressed in human words in relation to the deity, cannot be described. What is spoken is beyond words. We are speaking of your self, which is love.

You can only be what you are: the heart that God gave you. There is no escape, nor any need to escape. Your heart is in essence a sacred heart, which, like a cell in the body of creation, is held together by the heart of God in Christ. God is the center of the universe and Christ is the body. When at night you silently observe the stars and become aware of the immensity of outer space, which is total silence and nothingness itself, you are making yourself conscious of the body of Christ whose center is God the Father and Creator. The planets, the stars, and all bodies in the sky arise from boundless space, from impenetrable darkness, from silence, from imperturbable stillness, from the living Christ.

Out of silence, sounds are born. They manifest and then vanish, returning to the silence from which they emerged. From nothingness the whole manifests, is born, expresses in untold multiple forms, and then vanishes. The apparent nothingness of universal space has within it the forces and energies that make life manifest. Within the body of God, that body of silence, darkness, and nothingness, everything exists. In it lies the power of life and its expression. You are one such expression. You live within the body of God, submerged in His divinity. You are part of the divine mind. You are part of the heart of God.

You have been told that the day has come when there will be an exchange of hearts. This expression must be understood in spirit and truth. It means that the old self that you were has died forever, and that now you are the resurrection and the life. One of the difficulties in understanding the resurrection, as with love, is that it is normally associated with the physical body. This has misled you. There is no true distinction between physical and spiritual. There is no separation.

That sound manifests from within silence does not mean that sound did not exist before, or that it does not continue to exist once it no longer manifests itself in the temporal plane, to be perceived by bodily senses. The energy or force of that sound remains immutable. Therefore what disappears when the sound becomes silent is simply the kind of manifestation of energy that provides existence in the world of form, space, and time.

Do you think that the energy that gives rise to sound ceases to exist when no audible sound is manifested? Do you think that there is really any difference in origin between energy that manifests itself as light and that which manifests itself as sound? There is no such difference in origin; both are particular individuated manifestations of the creative energy that gives life to everything that exists.

God is the force or creative energy of all that is and can be. As such, He manifests Himself in infinite forms, causing physical nature to be full of beings exhibiting the boundless diversity of the Creator. God is diversity. Thus He manifests in diverse ways, just like you. Moreover, the creative power of God is not only diverse but also eternal expression, always creating new forms. In this lies the joy of the Creator: creating eternally.

God is happy to create and recreate again and again, in a creative movement without end. God is the artist who creates constantly from the beauty, harmony, and perfection that is. Just as a work of art represents its author, so does God’s creation represent its Maker.

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