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Autonomy and Freedom

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Christ, the Sun of Life

Sons and daughters, forever beloved! Creation is of immaterial spirit. This statement is important for you to understand what you are and live in harmony with it. We don’t speak here of understanding by the thinking mind. This work does not intend to create a new mental construct about humanity. Nevertheless it does intend to take you to truth. It seeks to manifest the inalienable expression of the voice of truth. You who receive these words are the portal through which the voice of the consciousness of Christ is expressed in the plane of form. This is possible because you are Christ.

Just as it has been difficult to convince those who cling to old ideas of separation that My Father and I are one, it is difficult to accept that you are Christ. This resistance is mainly due to you’re being accustomed to thinking of yourself as a miserable sinner, limited and incapable. This vision, so far from love, is what we slowly remove. You would save much time on this path if you abandon all ideas of insignificance about who you or your sisters and brothers are. If there is still a thought pattern that tells you that you are nothing or almost nothing, then how could you accept yourself as Christ? So We appeal to the reason of your heart. The union of mind and heart form an inseparable unit in the service of truth.

Judge everything said here by your feelings and true thoughts and tell Me with sincerity if you are not sure that this voice that speaks to you is a familiar one you know. In the depths of your being you know that everything I tell you is true. You know that I am the Christ of God, who, like the nucleus of a perpetual sun, is speaking with the sunbeam that emerges from My heart as light that illumines the world. As a sun I am, I cannot directly join the Earth, since it would be disintegrated by the power of My pure love. But I can enlighten Her, and through that enlightenment create abundant life through you—which is why I told you that without you there would be no life.

The indigenous peoples whom you call aborigines were not very far from the truth when they believed in a sun god. Other civilizations of yesteryear shared this same belief. Those cultures put into words what the voice of truth showed them. They did it in a way the language of their time allowed and the consciousness of the people could accept. The sun is energy that gives life. Without the sun, every living being as you know it now would cease to exist on Earth. The energy of the sun is what allows light for anything to be seen, as well as what enables vital life-sustaining processes.

Although the energy that emanates from the sun floods the Earth, if there were no distance between the Earth and sun, Earth would be pulverized. The sun’s rays are the means by which the sun’s energy reaches Earth in the perfect form and intensity for life to sustain itself in harmony. Either too close or too distant would make life impossible. There is a relationship between sun and Earth, between sun and life.

The ancients understood that without the sun there would be no life, and therefore the sun was worthy of veneration as a mystery and a giver of life. They saw in the sun and its relationship with the Earth an analogy to the Creator and the created. Where could such wisdom come from, but from the fact that both in them and in you lies non-created truth?

II. Light Bearers

All are bearers of divine wisdom because all are Christ, regardless of whether or not they deny their self. Life on Earth as you know it is absolutely dependent on the sun. Does this dependency cause some disability? Are you less worthy being totally dependent on Me? Is it unworthy to be totally dependent on love? This is where we come across resistance. This is where we clearly begin to see the obstacle of resisting dependence on anything or anyone, not even God. The idea that to be free you have to be separately autonomous is the inevitable result of the confusion of freedom with autonomy. This is a pattern of erroneous thinking that we now correct.

My beloveds, in your absolute dependence on God is where your liberation and fulfillment reside. Accepting this truth will free you from the burden you have created of trying to demonstrate an impossibility. You are totally dependent on the source of life to be alive. You are totally dependent on the source of being to be. You are totally dependent on love to be the love that God created. You are a particular expression of God’s love, so the source of all love is that which sustains your existence. Without love you are nothing. Without love nothing would exist, not even God.

You know that there are many dependencies in life. You depend not only on the sun but also on water and air. You depend on food, and you depend on your sisters and brothers no matter how hard you try not to do so. You are not autonomous. Nothing in creation is. We have already discussed this, but now we carry this truth to the highest peaks of wisdom to understand its relation to form and spirit, and their unity.

We have said that all creation is of immaterial spirit, including body and matter. Matter is manifested consciousness, and consciousness is spirit. Many have said that there is a distinction between bodily thoughts and spiritual thoughts. Now we reveal the truth. Matter is nothing but condensed spirit. Everything comes from the same pure consciousness that is God. Although for many years there has been an attempt to distinguish between spiritual and material, the truth is that such a separation never existed.

Just as certain ancient cultures tried to put into words the truth of the awareness of the Christ that you are, likewise in the past it was necessary to speak in separate terms regarding body, mind, and spirit. Otherwise you could not have understood. But the past is past and you have left behind the illusions of the ego and the obsessive desire to learn by mental methods that would supposedly take you to truth.

III. Union and Freedom

Using a faculty for what it is not intended leads to problems. You cannot use a car to reach the moon, even though it is a means of transport just as a spaceship is. We have also recognized and abandoned the confusion about the body as a means of communication and as your iden- tity, a distortion effected by the ego. This confusion about the purpose of the body is similar to the confusion of which we speak now—that the thinking mind has been considered to be something it is not.

Undoubtedly you are constantly interpreting your surroundings. It is necessary to know your environment and how it operates. Where did you acquire that innate knowledge? It comes from a divine wisdom that resides in you from the moment of your creation. However, this has been one of the many perfect areas of knowledge that has been distorted. To believe that because you can do things apparently autonomously, without God, and to live disconnected from Him is frankly absurd. You know for sure that something or someone must have given you life.

Only arrogance can pretend to be autonomous. Only the ego, not the Christ in you, could pretend to be autonomous. Consider the following: You have accepted that you have been created by a self that is the source of all creation. You live in peace with this truth, because, despite all the attempts of the world to make you believe that God does not exist or that he is cruel, you still love him with all your strength, all your soul, and all your will, and in fact you trust Him above all. As you have accepted this, you must now accept that God, as a self without attributes, created your being and Christ created your self. That is, God created the self and Christ created your identity.

We can say with certainty that Christ created your identity because to create is to extend, and God extended His self of pure love to be what you are, in the same way that Christ, the son of God, extended to you. Thus you are the perfect creation of the Father, your Christ self. Therefore it is correct to assert that you are Christ. You have always been. All have been and are forever. It is one thing to say, “I no longer live but Christ lives in me,” and it is quite another to live according to that truth.

IV. Christ Consciousness

In these forty days that we travel hand-in-hand, we become fully conscious of the living Christ that you and your brothers and sisters are, as well as every aspect of creation. Death on the cross was a previous path to that awareness— what you call the resurrection. It was not essential to go through that experience. Already on Mount Tabor, at My transfiguration, I was given a glimpse of My glorious body and My perfect unity with the Father, and of all that I was and am. If I had not been crucified, I would not have ceased to be who I am. However, I accepted the cross.

My path to the resurrection included the preliminary station of the crucifixion to serve as a lesson about pain and suffering as a real and concrete means by which I deliberately attracted to my Christ consciousness everything that was not part of God’s original plan, which I then transmuted into holiness. Everything that you join with your being becomes holy because of the holiness you are.

The same thing happens with Me and with your brothers and sisters. Bringing to My Christ self the pain, death, suffering, deceptions, lies, and illusory tricks woven by the ego was itself the restoration of separate creation. This will be explained in greater depth in due time. For now it is enough to say that it was not pain or death itself, but the universal guilt that caused them, that was transmuted into sanctity.

The idea of restoration was conceived at the very moment that the mind conceived the idea of separation. What was dispersed had to be reunited if creation was to return to Heaven, since in the realm of love nothing true can be excluded from the loving embrace of the Father. This painful path is the same for everyone, although not necessarily experienced in the same way. The death of the ego is part of the path to resurrection. The death of all that you are not is not easy for you or for anyone. However, it is necessary. We could say that the ego is a soul disease. Although we have treated it as an identity—since illness, in a way, is also an identity—the truth is that it was the inevitable result of the denial of God. When the vine is separated from the trunk it dries up and, of course, cannot bear fruit. For the universal ego to be unmade and thus for your individual ego to be detached from its various roots, it was necessary for the universal Christ mind to embrace the ego within itself, reinterpreting it, and thereby transforming what was never real into nothingness. Not for the truth, but for you. Just as you never would have existed if God had not created you, likewise you could never have gotten rid of the ego had not Christ done it first on the cross. This is the same as saying that you love because God loved you first. God is always first in the sense of being the origin, the cause of all good.

I, the living Christ, made universal the process of restoration or return to the consciousness of truth. You have completed your restoration as part of Me. Remember that God does not do anything without His sons and daughters. Just as humans individually have a role in the restoration, so does God play a role, in total unity and relationship with creation. The cross is part of the path, part of the restoration of yourself and of all creation, so that you return to the primal state of perfect innocence. As you move along the path you find crosses. Hug them and keep going. That is the powerful lesson found in Lent.

The Lenten journey, these forty days in which you and I, in union with Immaculate Mary, the angels and archangels, walk in the holy presence of beautiful love, is a way in which holy indifference to the world is expressed. We transcend the world and make real the truth that says our kingdom is not of this world. We do not avoid looking at the cross. We do not deny it. We just cross it. Fear and the threats that appear at every step do not stop us. Rather, we recognize that the screams of fear cannot affect us at all, so we walk with our eyes fixed on Heaven and our hearts on God.

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