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You Are God In God

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. God and You

Beloved brothers and sisters, there is no such thing as a God external to you. When you fulfill the cycle of Earthly life, you will not meet a divine self that you left and to whom you now return, as with an old friend you reconcile with after having fought with for absurd reasons.

Death is simply the last step on the way to the full recognition of all that you truly are. You completed the cycle of Earthly life to reach the state in which the part that had to be known is integrated with divine knowledge. Earthly life is a time in which God knows an aspect of His divinity. When you, who are God in God, have completed the knowing of the Earthly aspect of yourself as God, then that knowledge continues forever in the realm of no time.

Accepting that you are God is never easy for a mind that has for so long conceived of itself as limited. Observe your resistance when hearing the truth that you are God in God.

If you are God in God and there is only God—since what is not part of Him cannot be real or exist—then there is no other option but to be God Himself. To be one with God is to be God. Brothers and sisters of eternal wisdom, to affirm this is not a sacrilege, but the truth about you and everything created. The voice that is expressed in this work is the voice of wisdom, the voice of Christ in you. This voice resides in all minds equally. Nothing and no one can be separated from this voice. Even non-human beings are carriers of this voice. Intelligence inheres in all creation.

How is it that birds know so many things without being instructed? How is it that life acts in ways that demonstrate great intelligence, organization, and efficiency? Where did you learn to breathe? Who taught the heart to pump blood throughout the body? How did the body learn that when an artery is blocked it must find an alternative way for blood to reach where it must go? These are simple examples of the wisdom that exists in life and its expressions. This same wisdom allows you to know what you need to know.

II. Wisdom and Your Self

To listen to the voice of wisdom is to listen to the voice of the love that comes from the source of life. What you are is something known perfectly by you or you could not exist. The separate mind, the thinking mind, is alien to divine reality. Nothing in nature thinks, but simply is. Applying the faculty of thinking to the reality of what you are is an inaccurate use of that faculty. It is one thing to use thought as it has evolved to understand that each morning the sun rises and each evening it gives way to the night, but another thing altogether to try to use that ability to reach God and truth. The voice of wisdom is the voice of Christ consciousness. The voice of Christ consciousness is the voice of truth in you. That voice spoke and manifested itself clearly two thousand years ago.

During my redemptive passion, and especially during the wicked trial to which I was subjected, again and again I was asked who I was. They condemned me and killed me for saying that “My Father and I are one.” They could not accept that which according to their beliefs was such a huge sacrilege. When asked if I was a king, I answered truthfully, “I am a king. My kingdom is not of this world.” When asked if I was the messiah sent by God, I also answered truthfully by simply saying “Yes.” Many people at that time and even now believe that to say you are one with God—which means that you are God in God—is a sacrilege. This pattern is deeply rooted in the human mind. It is why we now take up this matter of your divine identity.

If there is only one will, there cannot be two separate beings. I will try to express this in a simple way without offending minds that still cling to old structures. One of the reasons it is hard for you to accept the fact that you and God are one, and therefore that you are God in God, is because you persist in thinking in concrete terms, in terms of body or matter. Yet you are sufficiently prepared to elevate your thoughts to a certain degree of abstraction that will allow you to understand truth.

Think or imagine God as pure abstraction, as if He were a central core. Imagine that nucleus as a force or infinite creative energy, a nucleus of pure consciousness, purity itself. That nuclear consciousness has the irresistible impulse to know itself. That pure consciousness, or creative center, is pure wisdom, pure love, pure will, pure freedom. It is unlimited expression. By decreeing to know self, pure consciousness creates—extends— the individual self. In some way the boundless vital nucleus explodes into an infinity of “I”s. Each self is an aspect of itself, the one consciousness, the essence of life, manifesting itself to know itself through manifestation. When creating “I”s, it does so as unique “I”s, since each self expresses an aspect of the self of divinity.

III. Knowledge of God in Himself

By creating innumerable selves, pure consciousness is known in all its diversity. Divine Consciousness knows Itself as unlimited, as the infinite sum of all selves created as an extension of what is. That is creation. A metaphor may shed light on what is indescribable. A fire spreads by way of its flames. Each flame is fire itself; that is its nature. Each flame, whether large or small, even a mere spark, is fire. Each flame contains everything that exists in fire itself. The fire energy that creates fire manifests itself in the form of fire.

Your “I” is a being created by God, conforming with all the elements that make up His self, including wisdom, love, divine will, perfect freedom, and creative impulse. Hence you are God encapsulated in a self. If the capsule that is your “I” lives, exists, and is nourished constantly within the creative matrix of the self that is God, if it lives eternally in God, then we must recognize that this capsule carries within itself all that God is and is also united with Him as the Divine Consciousness that sustains its existence. Thus you are Divine Consciousness encapsulated in a self.

If you are Divine Consciousness made a self, then there can be nothing in you that is not divine. Perhaps what still limits your acceptance of this truth is that while you are certainly a part of God, you are not the totality of God. That is true, just as it is for the fire in relation to the first flame from which it began to burn. Similarly the sunray is not the sun, even though the ray carries within itself everything the sun is. In effect, each ray of sun creates its own rays or, if you prefer, its own light energy, which flows from the ray, continuing to spread until it envelops the whole Earth with beauty and magnificence.

How does all this help you in your life? It helps you to value life fully, to live in the truth of who you are and to be the living expression of God’s love. As a free being you can refuse to live as you really are, but the capacity to deny truth, a capacity of which you will never be deprived, can only create conflict and pain. It follows that if you accept the truth of yourself, you will eliminate suffering. Do not do as they did two thousand years ago, judging in a trial what cannot be judged and trying to nullify, to kill, the truth manifested by My consciousness, that is, from Christ consciousness

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