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The Last Rebellion

A message from the Voice of Christ through a Chorus of Angels in the presence of Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved children of light, we have come in the glory of the Father, clothed in the light that created everything. We are the countless choir of angels of God. We give ourselves to all who long to live in love. Knock and it will be opened. Ask and it will be given. Give and you will receive. Receive and you can give. We have come to dwell with you until the end of time in a particular way. At no other time have Heaven and Earth been so united except when Jesus walked the world, when the living Christ became incarnate in the figure of Jesus and Mary.

Christs of the new times! It is important that you understand that our purpose, as with all creation, is to serve. In our union we serve the wisdom of love. When in every moment we are united in prayer, communication flows cleanly without interference, and Heaven and Earth meet in you. In this unity we are the truth that is always true, always certain.

Remember, sons and daughters of God, where there is wisdom there is certainty, and therefore peace. Today we want to remind you of simple things that comprise the reality of your purpose in the world and in creation. Listen carefully and receive these messages for what they are—love letters from your Heavenly Father to a beloved child.

Observe your thoughts. Observe your feelings. Refrain from judging anything. Observe the body for the simple joy of observing without judgment. Contemplate what surrounds you. Become aware of what you perceive as within you and what seems to be beyond you. Begin to become aware of the unity that exists between you and everything. Feel the flow of the spirit of all things. Experience the vibrant force of your inner self. Become one with the air you breathe and the space around you. Join the silence of the night and the light of dawn. Merge into the unfathomable vastness of creation. Extend to the stars and beyond.

Give your imagination to the reality of the universe. Let it extend to the mystery. In silence and stillness, feel the beat of our wings, the wind of our angelic spirit. Let the Christ-self you are flood your mind and heart. Experience the immeasurable strength of God’s power that you are. You are life. You are the way. You are true.

Now, with mind, heart, and body connected to spirit, let the wisdom that is not of the world be expressed in you and through you. Listen to what it has come to tell you. Listen to it in your soul. Receive it from our love.

II. Wisdom and Creation

My love! I am eternal wisdom delivered to you through the sacred vessel of a choir of angels of God. I am what gives life to everything. I am the spirit that animates everything. I am the source of the soul and the source of reason. I am what makes everything exist within the wisdom of life. I am the intelligence that amalgamates matter with the immaterial. I am the breath that expresses in form and space. I am that within which everything exists and is. Inside me is mind and thought, which I created. In me is your heart with its thoughts, because they come from me. The body itself exists within me, since nothing is outside of me. I am the everything of everything. I am Christ consciousness.

One day you thought about creating God’s way without Him. You created unconsciousness—a foreign state that, although it does not affect the truth that is always true and therefore does not affect your true self, does affect your experience.

You were always conceived as the Christ of God. When I conceived you in My divine mind of pure love, which is the abode of what I am, I did it as an extension of My self. Thus you are the bearer of Christ essence, which is My divine spirit. This essence, which springs from My divinity, is the true identity that My will always has for you and Me to be one. Christ is where you and I are one. Christ is all of My divinity and all of your humanity. In Him we are fully human and fully God. In Him and only in Him we are one with God and one with everything.

I have created everything for Christ, My only begotten, which includes you. This must be well understood. Everything that exists must share in divine essence, since I have created it by an act of sharing. Everything has been created to enjoy the treasure of infinite love. For this to be possible it is necessary that you and I be one since I am the treasure of love. Love has never been created; it is what I am as God and Creator. I am wisdom not of this world. I am the wisdom of love.

My sons and daughters, we remember that to eternally adore Christ has been denied to part of creation in a deliberate exercise of freedom that was misunderstood, although respected, by me. The rebellion against love dominated your mind and heart. While this is now past, today the custom of rebelling against God will be let go forever. We do it not as an imposition, or an effort, but by reason. We recognize that there is no point in rebelling against ourselves.

The rebellion against love is what gave rise to fear. How could I not provoke you when to reject love is to live in hell? Observe how many times love has approached you in thousands of different ways, and yet you flee—not as much as before, but still you harbor resentments. Your trust in love is not yet certain. This is due to ignorance. You still believe that love is simply an idea. If true, then love could not be counted on no matter what kind of life you think you are living. Love abides on Earth as well as in Heaven.

III. Unlimited Love

There is no dimension of creation in which love cannot appear, including in space and time. Nothing and no one can limit love. Love is inescapable. This is a reality you must accept with joy, not reluctantly, as if imposed by a tyrant. Would you prefer to live a life without love?

You cannot separate yourself from love because you cannot separate yourself from what you are. If everyone knew that they are constantly looking for their true self—the true love that they are—they would cease being tired and confused, cease looking for what cannot be found. There must be a reason why you have aligned yourself against love. Do not be afraid to recognize this, for by recognizing it with sincerity and in peace, we disarticulate from memory a continuing mental and emotional pattern from which we must free ourselves, that would block access to the fullness of love.

Before proceeding, take five minutes or more in silence to consider why you feared love. We need to understand this essential issue from a new perspective. For this reason, I ask you not to skip this, even if you believe that you have released all aversion to love.

The rebellion against love cannot be understood without accepting the truth that you and God are one. This truth is the pillar of life. Outside of this is nothing. Few manage to understand and accept this in its fullness. Those who do, dwell in eternal truth. If you are one with God, there is no such thing as God over there and you over here. If you are one with God, then rebelling against love is meaningless because it is impossible for God to rebel against Himself, as if life could rebel against itself.

Meditate with serene joy on the fact that you are one with God: that you are that of God which extended in form to be able to know yourself. You are God in God, literally. Therefore all you are doing in life, your entire purpose in creation, is to know yourself as the God you are. Creation is God knowing himself. God knows himself in creation; that is the reason for creation. If creation did not exist, God would be unknown, not only to creation but to Himself.

Remember: the self is known through expression. Thus there is no such thing as an external God to ask for things, to give things, or to share ideas with. When you pray to God, you are praying to that part of yourself that is divine, that which we call the living Christ who lives in you. When you ask God to help you with this or that, you are consciously joining the part of you that is divine. Since that part of God that dwells in you is as powerful as God Himself in Its totality, then certainly you can do miracles by invoking the divine aspect of your self or getting events to be harmoniously oriented in love.

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