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A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Prelude

Beloved sons and daughters, pure souls: today I have come as the living Christ who lives in you. I come in the unity that I am, in the unity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whose integrity means all that is holy, beautiful, and perfect. I have come for love of all humanity. I thank you for your loving and unconditional willingness to attend to this work that was conceived in the design. The voice from Heaven that calls everyone expresses through you who write what God has given you to write. You are a channel of divine love who, by your own will, is willing to be a docile instrument in the hands of love.

Thanks to you also who receive this message of My holy love. Thank you for allowing the purity springing from Me to extend to you and through you to all creation. Think not that you who receive these words in an outward way are different or can be different from the one who receives them first. In the plane of truth there is no distinction between a first receiver and others, for time is an illusion. Although I have said that I will speak in understandable language, including this aspect of time, the truth is always true: I speak from your holy mind.

There is only one mind, the mind of God, which is your mind. It is in it that you think. You cannot think with another mind. There is no other mind. Divine mind is the source of all true thought. Likewise, there is only one heart, the heart of God, which we have called the Sacred Heart. It is there that you feel all that is love. Remember that egoic thoughts are not true thoughts, but pseudo-thoughts. Remember also that what is not love is nothing; therefore any feeling that is not love does not come from your true heart, just as any thought of fear does not come from your true mind.

It is essential to continue traveling in freedom in this way, where you consciously recognize that everything you are has returned to the truth, and you, as a holy receiver of the wisdom that proceeds from the living Christ, accept these words. It is also important that you understand that there are many, countless many, who receive this expression of Heavenly love, regardless of whether each of them becomes conscious or can put it into words.

II. All Are Included

The kind of time you have been accustomed to for so long has been entirely inaccurate in relation to truth. Time does not exist because it is not eternal, and only the eternal is real. However, given the existence of the state of dual consciousness—of which time is an inseparable part since it is a separation mechanism, as are space and form—then we must speak in temporal terms. Do you really believe that creation happened on a certain day at a certain time? That the creative act of God is subject to time? Is it not absurd to believe that eternity, which is another name for God, entails time?

Although you may no longer believe so blindly in the reality of time, you still believe in its linearity. You are used to thinking in those terms—very used to it. We abandon that thinking structure today, and with it the habit of thinking. Thoughts subject to time come from the ego. There is no ego without time, and there is no time without ego. Since the ego has already left, then where is time? Holy brothers and sisters, you are no longer now living in separate time. Now time is united with eternity. They are in union. Eternity extended into time and made time eternal.

Remember that the reality of the children of God resides in their perfect equality. To believe that some receive messages from Heaven because they are special is to misunderstand the reality of who you are. Remember that all are channels. Everyone channels what they want or what they “must” because of the divine plan for each soul—a plan created as a perfect expression of a pact of love between Father and child, between Creator and created. That agreement may include channeling particular expressions. Each channels in their own unique way. Every expression of love is total. Every manifestation of divine goodness is a channeling as extraordinary as anything that comes from God. To give a child a drink of water in My name is to channel—extend—Heaven.

III. Equality with Christ

That I have channeled a particular identity and expressed it in a given time, in a particular way, does not mean that you do not do likewise, although in a different time and in a different way. The same applies to all mystical manifestations. Nobody is more mystical than anyone else. Being mystical has nothing to do with what you usually associate with mysticism. You are mystical in the simple fact of being, since union with God is something inherent to your existence. Nobody ceases to be united with God. United with Him, every aspect of creation always receives the love and wisdom that come from its divine self.

There is a continuous line in the flow of divine love that cannot be discontinued. What you do with it is, in part, a matter of your free will, but you cannot stop receiving in union and existing within it, just as planet Earth cannot cease to exist within the atmosphere that surrounds it, or reverse its orbit. Everything happens in union. Time is but a point within an infinity without sequence, without a before or an after. There is only eternity.

Beloved divine soul, convincing yourself of the truth that you are within truth is not easy. It never is, because the thinking mind functions with a logical, linear reasoning system, like a processing program nourished by a certain but limited kind of information. That information which enters and processes in the mental programming, determines a conclusion which the logical mind calls a verdict. The thinking mind thereby creates its own truth, its own reality. It is the thinking mind’s attempt to be like God without actually being God.

Your mental mechanism has nothing to do with what you are. It is simply mental faculty. Confusing this faculty with what you are is akin to confusing a pen with the author. This faculty of mind, along with all of your human nature, was created to serve Christ. Everything you are exists because God arranged it to be the perfect means to serve love. The mind was not created for the speculative exercise of thinking. It was created to receive divine thought.

IV. Full Acceptance

To serve God is to serve truth and love. Service it is not about the mind or heart, or even memory. It is about allowing everything you are to be used for God’s purpose. That is what is meant by “let yourself be loved,” or that you were “created to be loved.” The essential quality of receiving your self is something you must accept. You were not created to give; you were created to receive God. Receiving it, you in turn give, not because of what you do, but because of what God is. You will accept this when you understand that the purpose of Creator and created are identical. This is true surrender. Surrendering to truth is the final step on the spiritual path. This surrender is what the Lenten journey is about. Surrendering to love is what will finally make you able to free your mind, your heart, your memory, and your will from all restrictions.

You who receive these words are doing so because your will so arranged, in union with divine will. What you do with it is also part of the work itself. Creation is an act of sharing, as is this work, since it is a work of co-creation. This creative act of God took the hand of the one who receives these words, moved his loving heart to prepare himself to spend untiring hours dedicated to transmit these messages of love to his Source and to all humanity, using the human elements like a keyboard on a computer, and extending to editing and distribution.

Everything related to this work is part of the creative plan. Each reader is part because they are thought from all eternity, along with each person who, through the reader, is affected, including the transformations they experience in their individual and social lives. Finally, since there is never a futile thought, the whole universe is affected. Thus, beginning its journey as divine thought, the energy of eternal wisdom passes through this helping hand into other minds and hearts, all as part of the design of the infinite love of the Father, and continues to flow until it reaches other minds and hearts. In this way the flow of wisdom extends from the mind of Christ. This is God’s way of creating: always in union and relationship, always in collaboration, always sharing.

You who receive these words are called by Heaven. You are a channel of God.

Be happy to be part of the divine plan to extend the love, beauty, and holiness of who you are through this blessed work. This is the path you created from all eternity in union with your Father and your sisters and brothers to bring light to the world.

Rejoice in this concrete, perfect means to enlighten the nations. You, specifically you, are here as the light of the world. Herewith you have a candlestick to enlighten darkened minds and gladden hearts saddened by the world’s despair. Here is the message that all humanity has been waiting for from time immemorial. Souls will understand. Hearts will rest in peace. Memories will begin to remember the love of loves, and in that memory find the clear path to lead them, singing, back to the house of the Father. Angels will join them from every corner of the world, and will also join you who are part of this work of love.

Beloveds of Heaven, each day we approach more closely the time of full awareness of your resurrection. A time without equal. A time of joy and peace. A time when the miracle of God’s creation comes to fruition in your individual consciousness.

There are no differences between you and Me. I am the resurrected one just like you. Maybe you think not; but that which you create from the realm of beliefs is not true. We are speaking in the realm of truth.

V. United in the Resurrection

The truth is that you rose with Me in My resurrection. Becoming aware of this is what this work is about. You will come to this consciousness because it is the will of God and also yours. Once again, there is no need to die to be resurrected, since you are the risen one. Those resurrected to eternal life need not die anymore. They have conquered death, literally. Among them are you who accomplished this two thousand years ago.

You may say—hey, here I must stop, this is going too far! How could you say that I have risen and my resurrection happened two thousand years ago if I did not exist in the world then? If something like this had happened in my conscious human experience, I would remember!

My beloved, we are one mind, one heart, one holy self. Everything that happened in My life happened in yours. Remember that your life and Mine are the same in form and content. You are the resurrected one because I rose first. You love because I loved first.

The truth about the life you are living is being revealed. Your life makes perfect sense. It lived to emerge from the dream of forgetfulness, to wake up, to walk towards the crucifixion of everything that is not true in you, to die to illusion, to resurrect the truth of eternal life, to share your resurrection with others, and finally to ascend to the Father in glorious body and soul. When you are resurrected, you live as God created you to be. That is the will of the Father.

Be happy to be the resurrection and the life.

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