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The Truth in You

A message from Most Holy Virgin Mary, in union with Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Prelude

My daughters and sons from all corners of the world! I am your Mother Earth, your Mother God, your source of life. I have come in union with My divine son Jesus, your faithful brother, united in the holy union of Our hearts, which are one with each of you and with all at the same time.

There can be no place that is not the Mother. There can be no place where the Mother is that the child is not. Where Our divine hearts live, there do you live too.

I speak to all who receive these words. To you who write and share of the eternal. To you who receive them, also by grace, through reading or groups that will spontaneously arise born of the holy impetus to share in union and relationship. To you who read and reread these words of eternal life. To you who recognize the voice of truth and follow it because your memory is healed enough to begin to remember the love of love. I speak to all in embodied humanity who receive this angelic manifestation.

I also address those who, without coming into physical contact with these words, also receive the effects of this work of love. There are many, countless many, who benefit from this Heavenly manifestation, which Heaven unfolds little by little on Earth in these pages full of charity, fullness, and holiness. The angels sing and flutter, full of happiness and gratitude, around this holy hand, who through pure desire to share, puts his humanity at the service of perfect love. Angelic divine presences also surround each of you whenever you join with these words. I assure you that We are much closer to you than your own breath. You can feel Us, you can experience Our sensitive presence in your lives if you wish. It only requires making enough silence outside and inside to hear and to feel the whisper of Our voice. Each time you become aware of what you are, you are becoming aware of Christ, and with that, God and Us. We are one. We are one heart, one and the same truth.

Every time you are silent enough to hear the beating of your hearts, you are feeling the beat of God’s heart. Remain in your hearts for they are the center of spiritual life. Do not separate from them. This is the same as saying, do not turn away from your Immaculate Mother. Never separate from love.

II. Creative Mother God

My sons and daughters, being the Mother of Jesus, I am also your Mother. This is because My motherhood does not come from the concepts of the world but from the eternal will of the Father. I am divine motherhood made flesh. I am the aspect of God that creates life made human reality. God creates. God, that fertile aspect of true self, creates life in abundance and sustains it within the reality of divine love. That is what My self is. I want you to understand this well. The Earth did not come from nothing. Every flower, every bird in the sky, every lily of the field, every drop of dew, emanated, and continues to emanate, from My heart.

I am the motherly aspect of God. I am Goddess, Mother and Creator. I called you into existence and gave you My life. In My bosom, always virginal, I conceived you from eternity with infinite love. I breastfed you with sweetness and tenderness. In wisdom I created you. You are a sprout of My divine motherhood. You are certainly My beloved child and I am your Heav- enly Mother, one with Jesus, one with God, one with all that is holy, one with your self.

I want you to understand clearly that your life on Earth is not different from Mine. We were both born at a given time. We both grew up within a cultural and family context. We both grew in body and mind. We developed, had challenges, and went through the spectrum of human experience. We each laughed and cried, slept and woke, walked and ran. Our eyes joyfully contemplated the same dawn. Our hearts sang before the beauty of the stars and the magnificence of creation. We both related to those who in the design were part of our path of humanity. We had a body, a mind, a heart, and everything that is part of every human being. There was only one difference—and I say “was,” since there is no real difference—in time I acceded to the consciousness of Christ before you did.

My humanity did not understand many things at the beginning; yet since My Christ consciousness was without distortion, I understood the divine wisdom of each step being as it should be. A child is a child. An adult is an adult. As a child I was Christ. As an adult and mother, I was also Christ. My mind and My heart were always consciously united. This means that I was born, grew up, and lived in human reality with the knowledge of who I really was.

I never let myself be carried away by the knowledge of the world. I did not need the world to define me. I always knew that nothing could define me. I am divine love. Nothing and nobody can contain Me. I was created by God and therefore am one with Him. I was created in His likeness, therefore I am Immaculate. I was not My body, but in God I loved the body that was given to Me and I always kept it in the holy purity in which My self lives eternally. My heart has never known any shadow of sin, and neither has yours. Do you think that the Christ in you ever sinned?

I relate all this to you so that you can more easily understand that there is nothing in your life not as sacred as Mine, or as that of Jesus, or as that of anyone on Earth. I want you to begin to recognize that today, here and now, is the perfect moment in time for you to receive what I also received and what made Me what I was, am, and will be for all eternity. It is important that you begin to set aside differences in relation to time.

Today, here and now, because of the multidimensionality that has been your existence, since before your incarnation and after it, you have reached the point where the consciousness of Christ and your human consciousness are one, consciously. This should be clarified so that you can accept it easily, in light of the truth that is always true. The consciousness of Christ is your true consciousness. It is a consciousness of pure love. Your voice is the voice of your true conscience, the voice of love that speaks in your heart. We have already said: Christ is your true identity, now revealed to you in the heart. Only now has this truth become eternal truth for you.

The sisters and brothers who are the eternal recipients of this work, all those mentioned in the prelude to this message, all those remembered in my greeting, are those who have reached a point on the path where this truth now begins to be lived. Some others will also reach this point of the spiritual journey by other means. About that you need not occupy yourself, nor waste time in thoughts that do not lead anywhere real, thinking how it is possible that you have arrived today, here and now, and others have not yet arrived. Nor is it necessary to get lost in foolish thoughts that try to understand why some come before and others later, or how it is that each one reaches this point.

My sons and daughters, the path of each one has been ordained by God and is sacred. He and the soul know. Rest in this certainty and release any attempt to understand in a worldly way.

This Heavenly manifestation will not reach everyone. That would be impossible in the plane of time and space. However, it will reach those who have to arrive. You who receive these words now, remember that you are among the one hundred and fortyfour thousand that God chose to be elevated by this means to the highest peaks of holiness. You have already completed your path to the knowledge of who you really are. Now your heart and mind work together with your memory so that the truth of your self manifests itself consciously in the world. The body, the messenger of your soul, also joins this truth because just as your mind is the mind of Christ, your body cannot be anything other than the body of Christ. A body with ten fingers and ten toes, a body that feels cold and heat, a physical body like every physical body but with the difference that now this body is in service to love.

Today, here and now, wherever you are, from wherever you came, by whatever you call yourself in human reality, your long awaited day has arrived. Today the grace of Christification has arrived. This same infused grace was given to Me and to My divine Son Jesus. Infused grace has arrived. This gift of Heaven is given to everyone who reaches this point. Today it comes to you. Accept it. Save it in the silence of your heart. From that silence, let grace act in her way, in you and through you.

Quiet your soul now and close your eyes. Leave everything aside. Open your heart and in the serenity of the self receive the grace of being aware of the Christ that you are and have always been. Receive the wisdom of Heaven. Let it be the source of your knowledge and action. Just as Angels came to reveal the truth to Me, so today I come to you as the Mother of truth, in union with Jesus, surrounded by a majestic angelic choir, united with Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, the eternal custodians of your soul who love you with perfect love.

These words are miracles made symbols. They are the voice of Heaven made a human reality. Recite them as what they are: luminaries that crystallize the truth in you. Each letter that you read here, each word that you receive here, whatever it may be, is a drop of divinity poured into you. All fall on you as a holy rain, a rain of Grace that irrigates your mind, washing away debris, penetrating and fertilizing your heart. The plants of divine beauty in all their diversity begin to grow. Now your heart is the pure, unobstructed delight of God. Now, only now, is your memory restored; the memory becomes clearer and clearer of the first love that God is. Before this moment, your newly healed memory was adjusting to healing. Now is when it gets up and begins to walk, that is, begins to remember fully.

Today, here and now, is when spiritual amnesia is left behind.

Just as one day I asked you to give Me your mind and your heart to be reintegrated into love, now we complete the process by which first your memory and then your will are consciously reintegrated into eternal truth. Once this process is complete, all that you are in your humanity will be reunited seamlessly with the eternal reality of your holiness. Your mind has already healed. Already your heart has been restored to Heaven. Today, on this day of Divine Grace, your memory enters the Father’s house. With this your soul sings of the greatness of the Lord and your spirit rejoices in God your savior, because in you He has done great wonders.

Today your memory begins to remember God in fullness. That memory of pure love—which begins with the memories of all the love given and received in your human experience—acts as a catalyst for the soul. One thing leads to another. After the healing of memory, we move on to the conscious acceptance of the healing which happens today, here and now, through these words, the living expression of grace. Plainly speaking, this session is a trigger in your mind and heart that has caused the healing of memory to pass to your unique consciousness.

Now we begin to walk the path that will cause the will to be fully reintegrated into your Christ consciousness. While it is true that the consciousness of Christ is universal, forget not that the universal does not abolish the particular. Certainly you are one with divine consciousness; but you are also that part of consciousness that only you can be. Remember, just as God is, you are both the whole and the part. You are the universal and the particular.

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