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The Prayer of Truth

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you', in the presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved children from all corners of the universe, holy creatures of God! These messages are for everyone, as well as heart to heart to every one. One is all, because there is no separation. Everything lives in the unity of self. Creation is the living expression of the self of pure love that God is, and is therefore in inseparable union. Every act of love concerns everything that exists, moves, and is.

Believe me when I tell you that with every movement of your mind and heart, that is, of what you really are, you impact everything. Nothing in you is without effect; nothing in you is futile. You are eternal creators of your own experience.

In the union of our hearts lies the fullness of self. We are Jesus and Mary. We are one. We have come together again to show you and the whole world our holy love through these writings of Heaven. We are the union of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, always one, always united to you, always triune.

We come to invite you to live in prayer. Prayer, as has been said, is the life of the soul. As your Mother and Father, who We are because We are all that you are, we convey the importance of you beginning to recognize that in your self are all the elements that make up our true reality. Everything that is part of God is part of Me and your Heavenly Mother who is here by your side as eternal lover of Her blessed child. We are your Father and your Mother. We repeat this again and again to engrave it on your mind and heart. We are here together for love. Feel the embrace of Our divine self. We are the strength and the sweetness of love. We are the wisdom and the simplicity of truth. We are as human and as divine as you.

II. Jesus and Mary

Beloved of Our holy hearts, throughout the history of humanity I have manifested as a self separated into two realities, that of Jesus and Mary. Out of those manifestations arose all kinds of loving devotions and holy inspirations which enlightened the world and made it more benevolent. Now a new time has arrived in spirituality, a new consciousness. It is a time of unity. Therefore I will no longer manifest as a separate self but as the unity that I am. Wherever Mary is, there is Jesus, and wherever Jesus is, there is Mary. You can no longer separate the reality of My divine essence into two figures. Although certainly through the eye of the body I manifested as both figures separately, in actuality there was never a moment in which Jesus and Mary, My human figures, were not united both in time and in spirit.

This work is a portal to a new dimension of consciousness. We can call it a new spirituality, a spirituality where the feminine and masculine do not separate but unite. First is a re-evaluation of the feminine aspect of creation. Then we will go beyond duality. You are now living in the time of the feminine. This means that feminine consciousness rises up to be equal to masculine consciousness. Both aspects of the soul are and always were a united reality. You are all women and you are all men in the true sense of being. To integrate both realities or aspects of self is to be able to move beyond them.

This new awareness of the unity of masculine and feminine not only manifests itself in human aspects and in social organizations, but also in the worldview of humanity. The barriers that separated masculine and feminine have already vanished at a deep level, and its manifestation will be reflected more and more in humanity. This is part of the ascension of human consciousness. Aligned with this movement of universal consciousness is the manifestation of Heaven. Humanity has reached such a point of elevation that it is ready to accept the unity of creation. Thus it allows Us to manifest Ourselves as the unity that We are.

If We continue presenting Ourselves as Our different human figures, even though with a clear unity of heart, it is so that you can understand that Our union does not eliminate the self but it fulfills it. Being a “we” does not prevent being an “I” or a “you.”

III. Truth and Fullness

Holy brothers and sisters, God is your Father and your Mother. God is your Source. If the conscience of Christ manifests itself within human reality, respecting the laws of humans and taking them to the heights of holiness, it is because there is no humanity that cannot be fulfilled in perfect love. To despise your humanity is an act of cruelty—so far from love that you could not believe such nonsense. Not a fiber in your body is not holy; no aspect of your personality is not holy; nothing in you is imperfect.

I loved My humanity and I still love it. The human nature that the Father gave Me is eternal. I am fully man and fully God, always—likewise with Mary, Heavenly Mother of all men and women of all times. Bringing human nature to its fullness in love is what has been the purpose of Our incarnation, just like yours. There are no differences between you and Us. That I made the ascension first, and reached the fullness that is also yours, does not mean that we are different. After Me came Mary, and after Jer comes everyone. Do we have to treat ourselves as different beings, for the simple and irrelevant fact that we are all on the same train, traveling to the same destination, with the only difference being that some are in the first car and others in the back? What difference can there be in truth if one enters the abode of Heaven before you?

You do not know how much joy it gives Us to start seeing each other in Our equality. Just as there are no essential differences between Mary and Jesus, since both divine expressions come from the same undivided reality, there can be no differences with you. You are as much Jesus as I am, and as much Mary as I am, with the exception that you are you and We are Us. As three, united in a love that has no beginning or end, we express love in our own way, according to the nature of our self as God created us. There are things you can do that I can never do, nor Mary. Those are what make you unique, just as I did things you cannot because they are part of My uniqueness. There are things that Mary can do that no one else can do because She is unique, as is every child of God.

We are not here to criticize, nor prove how wrong humanity is, nor how sinful it has been, nor to soak human faces with tears of guilt. Rather We are here because We love you, and We want to be with those who welcome Us into their hearts. Remember that wherever you go, there will We be. You are Our hearts delight. You are the sleeplessness of love. In union with Us, you are as God created you.

IV. Humanity and Sanctity

Any spirituality that does not imbue your humanity and integrate it into total awareness of the unity that exists between the concrete and the abstract, between the idea and its expression, cannot proceed from perfect love because it would be a path of dissociation—likewise with any other expression based on living disconnected from the spiritual reality of your self. Both would perpetuate separation. True spirituality is based on love. Love unites within itself all that is.

We cannot fail to emphasize the sanctity of your human nature, which has been given by God. What you do with what God has given is a matter of free will, but your nature is not. You cannot stop being who you are, although you can live in a way contrary to it in your mind and heart. Thus you can never lose your holiness, because your Source goes wherever you go. You cannot lose your peace of mind because God goes with you wherever you go.

During these forty days in which we walk steadily towards our particular experience of resurrection, we grow in the awareness of the unity that we are in love. We feel more and more the loving presence that accompanies us morning, noon, and night, every day of our lives, wherever we go. This is the essence of Lent: the realization, in form, of the truth that you and love are one and the same.

V. The Christ That You Are

My love, can you begin to glimpse the fact that you are also the incarnation of Christ, just as one day I was? If, like God, I left my whole divine essence in a bit of bread, so that My body is your body and My soul is your soul, how could I not leave it in all that you are? Are you worth less than a crumb of bread? When I approached the resurrection with the certainty that before Me was the cross, I wanted to stay forever with My beloved brothers and sisters, including you. I thought of you with every step I took on Earth with My human feet. I saw you from all time. I watched you when I was in the manger. I contemplated you when I was alone in the desert preparing for My public ministry. I loved you, and I enjoyed the vision I was given to see you when I walked the roads of the world, and also when I was going to Calvary, and in My resurrection.

I saw you always, since I see everything. Remember that I am not subject to time. I have seen your own path of Christ incarnation. I have seen the new Christ who was born and lived in you. Eternal friend of My soul! You are traveling the same path as your beloved Jesus Christ. I am no longer your teacher, nor is your Mother. Now We show the way on the path on which you travel. Allow yourself to understand—to become aware of— the purpose of your existence on Earth. You have not entered the physical plane after My incarnation by chance. It is part of God’s plan.

I traveled the path of the living Christ because that is what I am. It is exactly the same path you travel. Yours may not include portentous miracles. You may not be famous. You may not transform water into wine for humanity to begin to see a power not of this world. You may not heal the sick, externally speaking. None of that matters. None of that is essential. Did your Mother walk on water? My path required a series of elements including visible miracles and a visible resurrection. That does not mean it is better or higher. If you live in the consciousness of Christ and sustain it, you are exactly as I am, even in form. We make this clarification so that you do not forget that even if you are not aware of your divinity, you still remain as what God created. We speak of the elevation of consciousness which allows you to reach and sustain the knowledge of your true identity as a Christ self. That I reached that state by one means and you by another means is a question of form.

Soul in love, you are being reminded of who you are. You are being clearly told that you are a new Jesus Christ, a new Mary of Nazareth. It is I, Christ, who live in them in the same way that it is I who live in you. I am pure consciousness.

True prayer consists of living in the truth. Every time you connect with the truth of who you are, you are praying, for prayer is love, and love is union. This is the prayer of the seraphim. Such prayer is above even prayers of silence and forgiveness, although it is part of them.

To be the living Christ that lives in you means to be aware of everything that arises within you, to embrace each beat of your heart, each movement of your mind. It means loving everything you are. It means embracing your humanity with the love that lives in you—and in this way embracing everything that exists in the universe, starting with what your eyes see, then extending that embrace to the ends of the universe, beyond planets and galaxies toward the realm of no time. This is how you unite the eternal with the temporal. In that unity you live eternally in the prayer of truth.

To live in the truth of what you are is to live in God and therefore to live in love. The truth that I come to reveal, or rather to remind you of, is that you are Me. You are Christ. Your life in physical human reality is the same one I traveled, although I was first conscious of my unity with God. Does that matter?

Dear children who receive these words of truth, I want to be very clear in what is being revealed. I use words that can easily be understood. I express truth that is always true in human words. Listen with attention and with openness of mind and heart. My word is not poetry, beautiful words that cheer the heart for a while and then leave you in the desert of illusion. No, My word is the essence of truth. I am the word of eternal life. My word is like the wind: you know not from whence it comes nor where it goes, but it blows, it always blows. My word is the wind that blows. It is the wind of love, the breath of living love. My word is true.

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