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Love and Be Loved

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you', in the presence of the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved soul, take My hand and your Mother’s hand and let us walk together in the unity that we are. United we are the center of the universe. There is nothing other than the Father, the Mother, and the Son. We are the union of the three hearts. We are the truth of self. In the Son resides every thing of the Father and the Mother. This knowledge is what We want you to know during this special time in which Heaven wants to give us a particular way to be together for love.

I know that many expect to find wisdom in these writings because they have become accustomed to reading in order to learn. Some measure the validity of these writings by finding in them new information. This is due to the security you felt in the past when learning certain things which you think helped you to develop. We want you to leave aside that mechanism forever. The secret of this work lies not in what can be learned, but that love, and only love, is what it evokes.

This work is a love letter. It is a perfect dialogue between the hearts of the Father, the Mother, and the Son. In these dialogues of love, We need not always speak of human wisdom which, although it calms the mind’s desire for knowledge, is not the only thing for which the self longs. The mind longs to know, but the heart longs for love. In both yearnings, united, resides the longing to be, which is not other than yearning for God.

II. Provision

With these words, beloved of Our Sacred Hearts, We want to remind you of love. We are not your teachers; We are one with you. We are not separate, instructing or correcting; We are the holy love that echoes in Our hearts. We accept every show of love on your part, whatever it may be, however it is expressed. Likewise We ask you to accept Our gifts of love. Being with you in dialogue is the delight of Our holy self. We are not alien to you, nor do we stand superior or remote. We are what you are. For this reason We can communicate with a different means of communication than those used by the world.

Our communication is from heart to heart. You already know the language of love, which is why We can be in constant communication. No exercise or ritual is needed to be in union, for being in union is Our reality. Making you aware of this is Our goal. For this we travel the path. The goal has been reached. You are awake, otherwise you would not be here, listening to the voice of the love of your Jesus and your Mary.

We want you to experience each day with greater intensity how much we love you. Knowing the love of God is the life of the soul. Love is inexhaustible; there is no reason not to receive more each day. The joy that causes Us to love you and live in union with you cannot be described in words. To look at you is Our divine contemplation, because when We see you We see the love we all are, and feel the love of the Father in every fiber of Our self. Caring for you is the reason for Our existence, because holy love always protects. Your look is Heaven to Us. Your smile is like a breeze of soft air that refreshes Our hearts.

One of the methods adopted by love is to answer questions of the mind, to give peace to those who still ask questions, because they have doubts or because they are still a little attached to the joy of knowing, as learning brought them joy in the past. We like to receive questions of the mind, since it is a sign of trust and relationship. After all, We talk about Father and Mother and Son. We speak for love. However, it is essential that you remember that the fundamental thing is not to accumulate information or particular worldly knowledge. The essential thing is to live in love, to know you are loved.

To know God is to know perfect love, and that is a matter of experience. To experience yourself is to experience love and therefore God. Words are sometimes important because they are a familiar means of communication. Yet love has no words. Love resides behind every word in this work, a love expressed by the helping hand that has given itself to this work as the scribe of Heaven, a love of Father and Mother, friend and brothers in holiness, of angels and archangels, and also the love of all those who in various ways have contributed to bring these words to you and to the whole universe. All who make possible the realization and extension of this work are part of this concert of love.

III. Communication

This work is a sign that communication between God and spirit has been restored—or better said, between God and human consciousness. We make this clarification since in truth the spirit is always in direct communication with God. The body is not communication itself but an instrument of communication; not the expression, but a means of expression. It is only the mind that can be disconnected to some degree from communication with the source of self. It is important to remember that spirit is perfect. Spirit is immutable, never changing.

What was disconnected from the voice of love was the will. Not paying attention to love is an act of will. Not listening to the heart is voluntary. Only the mind can define purpose. Thus when talking about the mind we are talking about the will. Returning the will to love is about healing memory, the return to the Father’s house and atonement. We speak of the will to receive the love of God. It does not require any effort or any ritual, nor is it something that some can do and others cannot. Every self has a will just as every self has a heart. Mind and heart are a unit.

In the depths of your heart is inscribed the purpose of your existence. Knowledge of that purpose is what we call the wisdom of the heart, an essential part of your self. All carry it. It is that reality of your self wherein lies all certainty of who you are and your certainty of purpose, which we recognize as your will. The will of your self has nothing to do with desires, nor is it something that can be defined. It simply is. Thus there are no words to express it, and yet you can know it in the unfathomable depth of your sacred heart, in that place within where everything is at peace because there is no doubt.

True communication occurs from heart to heart, from self to self. Only in the truth can there be true communication. This type of communication requires neither words nor language as you conceive of it, that is, a series of mental concepts expressed through symbols. Rather, true communication is communion, the union of two souls and with them, all souls in union with the totality of self.

God communicates eternally with your self and all selves without interruption of any kind. Although this cannot be interrupted, it can certainly be denied in the singular consciousness, although not in all. Not a single self has ever walked the Earth that has denied love entirely. Everyone has loved. Everyone has had some experience of self love. It is impossible to deny God completely. God can only be denied with concepts in the thinking mind.

The thinking mind can in its madness create its gods and demigods, heroes and idols. But the mind’s imaginations are but fantasy. Fantasies do not make a dent in reality. To believe that unhealthy imaginations of a separate mind can change what is, is frankly an idea worthy of compassion.

Sisters and brothers of all times and beliefs, this is a great revelation. Your communication with Source has never been interrupted. You have never lived apart from truth. Your true self was never affected by the world’s follies. Nothing that is not love is part of you, and has ever had the slightest impact on your soul. You are immaculate. Your souls are the Immaculate Virgin.

Every thought you harbor that might suggest that you have been desecrated or dirtied by sin is simply a hallucination. You have already been released from this, so you should not harbor such absurd ideas. We recognize that there are those who still believe in such things because they are not yet ready to recognize their sanctity. That should not be cause for concern of any kind; each has their way of traveling. We let everything be as it is. We live in the peace of the living Christ who lives in us.

Within your self is a place where you can read God’s purpose for you. There, in the sacred precinct of your holy will, resides truth, love, and Heaven. It is where we are living now. Even if you remain on Earth and have not disconnected from ordinary life as you conceive it, your self and everything you truly are dwells in the sweetness of God’s love. Nothing and no one can violate the strength of your self. Nothing and no one can sully your holiness. To accept your holiness is to accept that you are risen. It recognizes that if Christ resurrected, it is because everyone has risen to grace. Therefore there is no longer a need to die to be born.

An apparent death which led to eternal life happened long ago. It happened when time was conceived, although only two thousand calendar years ago, was it seen by human consciousness. For God there is no time. There was never a time when you were not living the resurrection. When out of love, as the consciousness of Christ, I became the man Jesus and woman in your Heavenly mother, the Immaculate Mary, was when the knowledge of this truth passed to singular consciousness. That awareness passed to human consciousness at a given time does not mean that that is when the event happened. Does the sun wait for you to wake up to give you the beauty of dawn? Do not your pupils still see the light of stars shining from thousands and thousands of years ago that are no longer there? That you may continue to see what is contrary to love does not mean that it continues to exist. That you see the love of the resurrection now does not mean that the miracle happened now.

My sons and daughters, this conversation we are having between you, my Mother, and Me, is a communication from heart to heart. From one holy self to another holy self. It is beyond words. It is the communion of love. Little by little let it transform you. United we are the light of the world.

Remember, now and always, that we are a triune unit. We are the eternal reality of love. We are unity. In this unity that we are, to love and to be loved is one and the same, as you are one and the same with God, in Christ, your self.

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