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A Single True Love

A message from the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

I am Mary of Nazareth. I am always with my divine son Jesus and also with each of my children. I want you to know that I cannot love Jesus other than as I love you. I know you know, but I remind you so you do not forget as we three travel this Lenten path—Jesus, you and I—are in the holy union of three hearts. Remember, souls in love, that you are in union with My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I invite you to meditate deeply on what the truth of what “we are one heart” means. Whenever you travel the road with Jesus, you also travel with me, Mary. Where Mary is, there is always Jesus; where Jesus is, there is always Mary. Where Jesus and Mary are, there also are you who have opened the doors of your heart to us. And beloved scribe of Heaven, messenger of love, I have come to thank you for your acceptance of the spirit of God.

Today I thank you for all the times that you sincerely followed, with rectitude of purpose, the teachings that Jesus wanted to give the world. Remember that what is worthy are the intentions of the heart. Every time you decided to love, in any way, you extended the love of the Father and therefore you extended your self of pure love far beyond the confines of the physical universe.

My beloved child, this work will fill a countless number of sons and daughters of My Immaculate Heart with blessings. Remember, you have free access to My pure heart. I am the Mother, always the servant. There is no distance between us. There is no reason why you cannot see Me, or hear Me, or listen to My voice calling you incessantly to remain forever in the presence of love.

II. Thy Will Be Done

My daughters and sons, the time you spend with these words prepares you to receive this blessed manifestation of Heaven through the countless angels of God, through Jesus, and through Me, and to perform miracles. Above all, you give the world the light of Christ. I assure you that the world is brighter and more loving because of your loving obedience, humility, and willingness to receive wisdom that is not of the world, and to share it with the world.

Listen, all my children. Each of you is important. Each one of you can be, if you so wish, a beautiful instrument of God’s love, so that the beauty of Christ is manifested on Earth through your physical and spiritual bodies and through everything you are, do, or stop doing. Beloved humanity, today as yesterday, in the name of My Divine Son Jesus and in the love of the Heavenly Father, I invite you once again to live in the love that God is. Love one another just as I love you, and with the same love with which Jesus loves you. But My children, how could you love one another as Jesus loves you if you do not open first to know that My love is the same love as in the heart of Jesus?

Beloveds of the Father, open your hearts to receive divine grace. Let My love transform you more every day. I am Mary, the living Christ who lives in you, the truth of your self.

Keep your mind and heart fixed on the goal. Look for nothing in the world. Do not get distracted. Look at Me. Look only at My Immaculate Heart, which is one with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You allow yourselves to be tormented by the screams of the world. You will hear the cries of those who have not yet accepted divine truth. Do not let yourselves be carried away by the surrounding negativity. Perhaps many still remain immersed in the dream of oblivion. However, nothing has the power to deflect you from your goal.

The time that we travel together in these forty days, in union with the Lenten season, invites us to be witnesses to the power of God on the physical plane. The life of Jesus, His purpose, can be summarized in a simple way: in Jesus lives a power not of this world. You have witnessed the kind of power that is exercised in the world. However, that mundane power is limited, temporary, and not true power but an expression of fear. The world understands power as a means to force submission. Jesus also submitted, but not to the laws of the world, not to its codes, systems, or authorities. Jesus wanted to show you, whom He loves infinitely, how far obedience should go to God, that is, to perfect love.

I was free to accept or not. I accepted whatever the Father’s will was for Me, as did Jesus. And this is what I invite you to do. We invite you to say the following perfect prayer again and again, every day of your lives, until it is impregnated in your whole self:

“Father, may your will be done through me. Father, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.“

Purest souls! It is impossible for the human mind to understand the power of this prayer. Each time you utter these words with sincerity of heart, you create a movement in the very heart of God. The whole self of pure love that God is then creates a movement similar to that of the spirit of God from which you were created.

Each time you say this prayer, you remove shadows from your mind, your heart, your soul, and the whole world. If you understood the power of this prayer, you would do it without delay or resistance. In it lies the whole truth about the spiritual life. There would be no need for teachers of any kind or for books that contain teachings if the world lived in this prayer. Uniting your will, or what you believe is your will, to the Divine Will, will initiate the transformation that you are waiting for in your life and in the whole world. The coming of Christ through Me was the effect of the unity of my will with the will of God, merged into a single will.

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