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The Kingdom of Unity

A message from the Most Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved children of Mine, beloved souls all. Today I come in the glory of Heaven, which is also yours. I thank you for your love. I am the Mother of Jesus. I am Mary, mother and universal co-redeemer. I am the one in whom God begot the living Christ and gave him a Human face. I am the bridge that unites human and divine natures.

I have come with My divine Son Jesus, by the will of the Father, to walk with you these forty days toward the resurrection. There is no path Jesus traveled that I have not done in union with Him. As a Mother of God, I am also the mother of all and I am united to all that is true. There is no separation between My Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In this truth lies the fact that there is no separation between you and My self. We are a unit. We are a single self.

Soul in love with Christ: If every road that Jesus traveled on Earth He did in union with me, how I could I not travel also with you, the beloved of My heart, these forty significant days in the life of universal consciousness?

My children, I am as human and divine as Jesus is, and so are you. Do not cause your humanity to disappear because of a supposed amorphousness that does not embrace form being part of God. Everything that is truly part of you is holy because it is part of God. Nothing that is not true can exist because it cannot be real. Everything that is true exists in God because He is reality.

II. Unity and Self

Beloveds of God, just as I have insistently asked you not to drown your souls—that is, not to deny your spiritual reality, reminding you that you are not a body or a personality—today I ask you, in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that you accept the reality of yourself as the union of divine and human. Everything you are is perfect as it is. To love God is to love yourself. Reaching full understanding of this truth is what will eventually have you consciously live in the truth of yourself. You are fully human and fully Christ, as am I. A mother and child are of the same nature, likewise a father and child.

My beloveds, when My divine son Jesus moved towards the resurrection, I knew that I, too, had to pass through the cross. I knew that for Me, too, it would be painful like nothing else. However, I also knew that the resurrection would be the ultimate reality, which allowed me to hold my heart high during those difficult hours.

My sorrows were part of the holy and mysterious reality of God’s redemptive love. Not a single wound in Jesus’ pierced heart did not also hurt mine. Jesus’ heart and my Immaculate Heart became a single pain. Within that painful and yet salvific unity of Our pierced hearts, all the sacrifices and sufferings were gathered and still gather. In other words, that divine unity of the Sacred Heart and My Immaculate Heart embraced the idea of sacrifice and the idea that something could oppose love—not only relative to humanity but to all aspects of creation. This is how universal pain was absorbed into Our hearts and transmuted into light.

Creation had to be restored, recreated again on the basis of divine love. The original plan had become distorted and needed to be redirected back to the light of perfect love. This is what my life and that of Jesus accomplished once and for all, in union with you.

III. Continuum of Eternity

These forty days that we traverse together, within the union of the three hearts, is a path to the conscious fullness of being what we truly are. This path has all the components of human life but with the addition that it is walked in the constant and sincere desire to live solely and exclusively in the will of the Father.

It is important that you remember that you are eternally as God created you to be; there was never a time when you were not. We say this again because it is essential that you remember that death does not exist, nor is there really an end.

Everything is part of the continuum of eternity, including your life. Birth into the world of form, death out of the transient human form, the resurrection to eternal life and the elevation to the Father in glorious body and soul are part of that continuum. Once you accept that only the eternal exists and that everything else—however powerful to the separated mind—is illusory, then you can go through the continuum of life without clinging, but simply flowing. It is a continuum that increasingly connects you to the love that God is.

Even as the world of that time looked at the passion of Christ as a painful failure, I saw everything from the perspective of love. It was the will of the Father and therefore had to be love. I knew the Father could never allow anything imperfect for His beloved Son. Faith in love was always My sustenance; My soul lived constantly immersed in the love of God. This did not prevent Me from being as human as you, nor as divine as you. As the Mother of Jesus I knew that the birth of My divine Son was an act of love. My humanity did not fully understand, but My heart did. My thinking mind did not always understand, but My Immaculate Heart stood sovereign.

In my heart I knew that My Son’s passion and death were also acts of love, just as were His resurrection and ascension to the Father.

As I have told you, there is nothing in Me that is not in you. If you accept this truth—that you already know, and that I have come to help you remember—it will be much easier for you to accept your union in God. Your thinking mind need not be in disagreement with your heart. Your mind need not be apart from love. Once you understand that the heart is the center of spiritual life, and you firmly decide to live from spirit, then you cease to create mind-heart conflict.

I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am a heart, as are you and everything created. Being a heart is what we all really are. With My life on Earth, Jesus and I demonstrated the strength of love, the truth of who we are.

IV. Self and Expression

To demonstrate what we are is our purpose. There is no possible escape from this. You always choose between demonstrating the truth of who you are or the illusion of the false self. To become aware of this expands the heart to receive the infinity of God and opens the floodgates of your heart. Knowing that you are a heart allows you to live in truth. Now you are ready to accept this. Now you can join parts that seemed separate. What you are and your expression come together as it is in Jesus and me.

Spiritual and human life are in unity. Without inconvenience you can talk with the angels of Heaven, with God Himself, and with your brothers who still identify with the physical body. The dividing line between the spiritual and physical worlds was abolished forever with the resurrection. So it is not surprising that every day there are more manifestations of Heaven on Earth. This was not so before the first Lenten time.

Before the resurrection there was a veil that separated one kingdom from the other. We could say that before the resurrection, humanity, and with it the physical universe, lived in the realm of fear, of formless chaos.

Jesus was the incarnation of God and remains so today. He was the one who inaugurated the reign of love in the hearts of those in form. That is, He was the first to bring full access to perfect love to the world of separation-borne fear. This is literal. His coming abolished the numbness, the amnesia to the awareness of the perfect holiness that you truly are and your ability to live according to that eternal truth.

The resurrection was not a singular event with a beginning and an end; rather it is the reality of the new creation. Its reality is ever-present. To become aware of your own resurrection is the goal of these forty days. You are the resurrection and the life. Believe me when I tell you that you can resurrect the dead. Have you not resurrected your mind and your heart, which were dead to the truth and wisdom of love? Death is unconsciousness. Therefore it is not a metaphor to tell you that you have risen to eternal life because you have risen to the truth. Unawareness of the love you are is a death—the death of consciousness.

Certainly death does not exist and never existed; but what exists, on some level, is the experience of unconsciousness. This is what is spoken of as the resurrection: the journey of human consciousness awakening from the dream of forgetfulness, to return to the truth of love and light and to live in that.

Being eternally awake is your destiny. You, who have awakened to the truth and live in love, rejoice! After these forty days, we will go together to tenderly awaken those sisters and brothers who are ready to rise from the dream of Adam.

The time has come when you become aware of your resurrection.

The time of truth has arrived.

The kingdom of Oneness has arrived.

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