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Love and Form

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. The Purpose of Self

Listen to me, self of My Self. Listen to Me all who receive these words of wisdom and love. I am not an amorphous being, although My spirit is unlimited and covers everything because I am the whole of everything. Although love is forever without attributes and is eternally amorphous, the love that I am has taken shape and has given a face to love. Today the face which was first shown in the feminine figure of Mary and the masculine figure of Jesus of Nazareth is now shown to the world in you.

You are the face of love on Earth. That is your purpose. Your purpose and what you are is the same. Your purpose is not a function, a job, or something you do. It is what you are. Since you are love, your purpose is to be love.

To the extent that you allow your consciousness to live fully in the truth of who you are, the love that you truly are, to that extent you fulfill your purpose.

The purpose of water is to be water. The purpose of wind is to be wind. The purpose of a tree is to be a tree. The tree, according to its nature, will manifest as a tree. It will bear fruit, provide shade, and praise God, spreading its branches like open arms of gratitude. Some will give one kind of fruit, others, another kind. Each has roots, a trunk, branches, and expresses beauty, as trees do.

The water of a river flows and creates the necessary conditions for aquatic life. Within that river there may be fish, algae, and countless other beings of that ecosystem. Without water they could not exist. Water in turn irrigates everything it passes through, as is the nature of water.

The wind does what is natural to wind. The purpose of existence is to be its true nature. That is why we have spent so much time reminding you of who you really are.

Being aware of who you really are allows you to live as who you truly are. This matter of identity is what I have come to demonstrate at the time of Lent. Your function is not to do anything, but to be what you are, which is love.

To be love is a way of being. You were created by love to be love and to express divine love with your very existence, just as a tree expresses divine love in its way, or the wind in its. Each is part of the infinite ways in which love manifests itself, as are you.

This question of identity has everything to do with the teachings of Lent. Lent is the extreme form of the expression of this truth. My life was dedicated to demonstrating the true identity of the son of God. This is why I have talked so much about who I am.

This question of identity has been developed over and over throughout Lent, not only as a theoretical, metaphysical matter, but in a particular and extreme demonstration over forty days of the eternal life that I am.

The sole purpose of Lent is to show in a clearly visible, irrefutable way, my divinity in human form and the union of my human nature with divine nature. In other words, I have clearly shown what you are. This is the essence of Lenten wisdom. This is why Lent is universal.

I have said that Lenten time is not limited to certain religions, just as Christmas is not. Christ was not born to impart the knowledge of his incarnation to a group of people only for them and not for others to know the divine truth. Likewise, the clear demonstration of being a man-God was not a demonstration in which only a few could participate, privy to an eternal knowledge that others cannot know.

II. Love, Certainty, and Reality

Children of all times, places and beliefs: Listen to the voice of love. Listen to her because love is wisdom and in her is where you will find certainty. In the wisdom of love is where you will receive what you are waiting for, receive the certainty that you are seeking, the peace you are longing for, the embrace that your hearts need. It is in love where all that is needed is given.

I have not come to tell you that you only need love to calm you with an abstract or metaphysical idea that is disconnected from your human reality of life in time and space. No, if that were the case, it would be little different from the ego’s idea of separation. Love is not an idea. Love is not an abstraction. Love is you. Love is what you are.

All pain comes from not being fully yourself. Whenever you suffer, you suffer because somehow you are not being fully you. Whenever you are afraid, it is because somehow you perceive that a situation, or a person, or a thing, or a something or someone can make you not be you. Whenever you stop being you, you suffer. Whenever you are fully you, you are fully happy.

If the world scared you, it’s because you felt that it did not allow you to be yourself. If you do not want to join the world, it is because you somehow believe that it has the power to make you not be you. That is what you think every time you are not doing what you really want to do. You know who you are. You know you very well, because you were created in the certainty of your self, which is all you can be certain of.

True certainty—what makes you feel safe and therefore at peace—comes from the certainty of knowing who you really are. Trying to replace that certainty with another type of certainty, from money, human relationships, or many other things, is what has made you live in a state of permanent uncertainty.

What you are looking for is security, to be able to live without fear. Where there is no security there is no certainty, and therefore there is doubt. Where there is doubt, there is uncertainty about your own identity. Although the identity crisis has already passed, there are still memories of doubt and uncertainty in your thought patterns and emotional responses.

You were created in the full assurance of God. God did not doubt you. If you are afraid, you doubt, because you do not remember who you are. Therefore your problem is no longer one of identity but of memory. This is why we have conceived this work, which is aimed at healing the memory of who you really are. It will never be too soon to remember, again and again, that you are a child of God, that you are invulnerable, that you have a Father who thinks, acts, loves, and intervenes in your life in a direct way. You may you call it miracles or the laws of nature—it matters not. What matters is that you accept that God is not only pure abstraction, but is also one with you and acts fully in you.

If there is something that I wanted to demonstrate in Lent, it is that there is no such thing as two wills. God’s will for you is to be happy, as is yours. Therefore, there are no differences in the essence of what is available to man and God. That you want to be happy is beyond discussion, but you do not know how to reach it, or you attempt to reach it in a way that is not true.

How to be happy is our topic. Ultimately that is the goal, since sin, or what is contrary to love, is all that deprives you of happiness.

III. The Security of Love

My sons and daughters, I close by asking you to take a seat wherever you are receiving these words and forget the world. Release all your beliefs about what I am. Be silent, and in that silence begin to feel the love that you are. Feel how your self rests in peace. Feel how your self lives in harmony. Immerse yourself in silence. Let me hug you. In silence listen to the voice of love:

“Beloved, thanks for coming home. Stay in the presence of my love. You have returned. I love you. I watch for you. You are my beloved child. I want to take care of you. I am not calling you to suffer, because I have already gone through all human suffering, so you do not have to go through it. I do not want sacrifice. I, like you, want mercy. I want you to be happy, just as you want happiness. Let go of your worries. Give them to me. That worry you have now, give it to me. I love you.

My beloved child, I am your Father and I want to take care of you more every day. I ask you wholeheartedly, from Father to child, to let Me be more in your life. Allow Me to show you all My love. Open yourself to miracles. Trust Me. I will solve your problems and you will be happy. I love you My child. It is not necessary that you crucify yourself. The crucifixion has already happened and need not happen again. You need not die to rise again, because death was already abolished by Me. You need not continue to suffer.

My child, you are living in the time of the resurrection. Stay in My heart; do not turn away. I am here where you are. Remember once again that this problem that concerns you so much, I will solve it. That paralyzing fear has no reason to be. What you think will happen will not. Rather you will see for yourself the benevolence of creation.

My beloved, I passed through the Mount of Olives, through the painful path to death on the cross, and then towards the resurrection. I did it so that pain, and everything that was not part of love, was united to the light of holiness and was transmuted. I did this with a single purpose, that you be happy.

Little child of My heart, trust me fully.

I am your Father and I love you. Trust Me.”

Now we say Amen and remain silent, receiving love.

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