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A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Observation

Beloved sons and daughters of mine, today I speak of trust. Observe how the thought patterns of worries and concerns of all kinds seem to assault you again and again. These concerns come, in fact, from beliefs contrary to trust. You think that through a preoccupation with your concerns you can change what is and what will be, instead of allowing your problems to be resolved in another way, to give space to the new.

My child, trust in me. I know all about your worries. I know all that anguishes you so. Do not forget that I am a man, and as a man I know all your needs. I know that bills must be paid. I know your need to eat. I provide.

I ask you to observe the pattern of concern, the recurring pattern of worry. Always it takes concrete form: maybe money, a business, health, the safety of the children. Everyone has an area in which they feel insecure. Maybe there are several areas, but they are always few and very specific. We now work with these areas to experience those patterns of thought and emotional responses, and to transmute them.

When you feel worried, sit down, relax, take a deep breath, connect with the desire, and wait for the answer. The answer to desire will be given in due time and in perfect form. Someone will knock on the door and bring you the solution, or a situation will be unlocked, or a successful idea will come, or simply the problem will otherwise be resolved.

Observe how the thought pattern of worry blocks access to peace, and therefore to your true self. Once the thought pattern of concern arises, you make that concern real, which then encompasses the entire space of your mind and heart, and thereby you lose peace. The days go by and it may seem that the problem has not been resolved, but then you realize that what you saw as a problem was a blessing, a blessing that you did not understand at the beginning. It may have bothered you just as it bothers a child when a loving mother gives medicine that may taste bitter but is good for health.

If there is a single thing that Lent has tried to bring, it is unconditional trust in God.

Concerns are a thought program. I ask you now to observe that mechanism, recognize it for what it is, and accept the fact that it comes from fear. It is fear of uncertainty, of not knowing what the future will bring. This fear of uncertainty generates a state of anguish that must first be accepted, and then released.

II. Unconcern

Living a carefree life is something that the ego cannot afford because the ego believes that being constantly preoccupied is being alert. Being on the alert because of fear is egoic. You are asked in these times of Lent to be alert for love. I asked my beloved apostles the same thing when I was praying, and they fell asleep. I ask the same of all those who have made the choice for love. Watch. Be alert for love. You will see that love always comes as a lover, always seeking the beloved.

Being alert in favor of love means trusting fully in love— God’s love. This is no idle clarification about trusting in the active love of God. Trusting others to solve what you think of as your problems constantly leads to disillusionment. Two similar beings cannot have in each other what the other lacks to solve their apparent problems. If this were true, one would have to be incomplete and another not, which would annul the equality of the children of God. Such mental patterns that create useless worries remain installed in the mind. Let them go.

III. Salvation

Fear produces what it fears. Therefore, when one begins to distrust life, when one begins to create within oneself mechanisms of distrust, then facts arise that confirm that it is justified to distrust. In reality, trust in such cases is lodged in what is unreliable.

If you trust that money will give you security, sooner or later you will experience that money is not enough. New expenses appear and you will say, “It is never enough.” If you put your trust in the body, one day a disease appears and you will say, “Here is proof that I can not trust anything or anyone.” When you place your trust in a relationship with a father, children, a colleague, a partner, a friend, or a neighbor, and make that relationship your savior, it will not be long before you realize that your savior will fail you. And when your savior fails you, you will despair.

The question I have come to ask you today is: Who is your true savior?

I have come to the world to save you. I speak directly to your heart. I speak to you, and I remind you of what you know but still find difficult to recognize; so that in this time of Lent, you can accept your absolute and total dependence on love, that is, on Me.

One day I told you that the extent that your confidence in Me is the extent to which I become totally dependent on your trust.

Beloved sons and daughters, it is up to Me, to whom it belongs, to create the energy necessary to produce the material or immaterial goods and the spiritual situations necessary for you to fulfill the purpose of your existence.

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