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Healing and Resurrection

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Man-God

Beloved of the Eternal Light that shines everywhere, today we will talk to you alone, here in a sacred place, in the silence of our hearts. The sound of the wind surrounds us. The waters dance, reflecting the serene movement of the spirit of love. Everything is peace, tranquility, and harmony. Observe how the trees dance to the breeze and how sounds follow each other in a rhythm of pure beauty. In the surrounding stillness we are one in the love and truth of our self. In union we are light—the abode of light. We are the truth that enlightens everyone with undiminishing strength.

I talk to you from heart to heart, as always. My love will never be absent. You were created in perfect love and it is love that sustains you in every moment. This is not an abstraction. When the idea of the world was created, I already existed because I have always existed, and so have you. No idea can ever limit love. Realize that I am love. Remembering this is enough to bring true peace to your heart and mind. I am not only the pure potentiality of self I am the source of all being. I am pure loving will. I think, I experiment, I feel, I act. Do I not do so in you and through you?

I want us to enter a new dimension together, the dimension of the humanized God: a God that, although beyond all limitation, is also one with everything and therefore present in the reality of form. The separation between mind and heart has led some to believe in a separate state of existence of the physical universe, including humanity.

Something I wholeheartedly wish for you to accept on this Lenten journey is my perfect union with the human. I am God and I am man. You are also. This truth must be accepted. To believe in a God incapable of experiencing that which comprises the vast range of human experience is to misunderstand. You are one with me as I am with you. You are God in the sense that God has given you His divine nature by creating your human nature. Do not be afraid to say, “I am one with God, and when I am, I am God Himself.”

Full acceptance of the union of divine nature with human nature is where we are going. I say “going” because it will be a journey. We will slip away from a lack of acceptance until we reach the full merger of human and divine wills. The lack of acceptance we mention manifests itself as much in human reasoning as in certainty of heart. You may believe that you are one with God but you have not made this a certainty yet. We are going from belief to truth. There is no more propitious time for this journey than Lent. Undoubtedly there are other paths, but why look for other, longer paths when you can travel a shorter, serene, and safe path to this worthy goal?

When you cry, God cries. When you laugh, God laughs. When you speak, Christ speaks. When you sleep, God keeps watch. Everything you are and do is divine. When I began to walk the path to what I was fully aware would be my crucifixion and then my resurrection, I looked at you. My state of consciousness allowed me to do so. I saw all beings on Earth, throughout time, in all creative dimensions, and across all potentialities. Not a single thought or movement of the heart of any creature is not within me. No one can think a thought without Me, for I am the source of thought. Nobody can do anything without Me because I am movement itself, and its motor. Nothing can be apart from Me, since it is My Self that gives existence. I am. Even what is not true has an origin in My Self of infinite love.

II. One Will

During My life on Earth, I, the Creator God of all that is, the Almighty, the Infinite Wisdom, consciously joined the totality of human nature. As a man, I traveled the same paths as you. I was born, I ate, I drank, I walked, I slept, I searched, and I found. This was not a Dantesque fable that appeared within the observable spectrum of creation history. It was a reality, a part of that history. Like God, I knew that extending My Self would also extend what I am not. Likewise, I knew that the Christ in me, which had also extended to creation—since Christ and I are one and the same—would continue to extend the I Am. This means that the incarnated Christ, or that part of My divinity that would become man, was part of the original plan in the same way that you and I would become one. Remember that creation is movement. The movement of what we here remember as Lenten consciousness is part of the infinite movement of the spirit of God.

How could I become one with you if I did not go through the whole of human experience? When a newborn child cries in her crib, what does the father do? Wait until the child is grown and can by herself go to him? No. He goes to where the child is, picks her up in his arms, draws her to his chest and becomes one with her, nourishing and satisfying her. In that movement the father and the child become one. This is a metaphor that illustrates in a simple way what happened to you; and when it happened to you, it happened to everyone.

Creating a Man-God is what My plan consisted of before creation existed. My design was never to create anything separate, because that is not possible, nor does it make sense to do so. One of the difficulties you have in understanding the union of both human and divine natures is that you focus on metaphysical, philosophical, and abstract concepts. But your humanity expressed in form is concrete. The creation of form was part of the plan. What was never part of the plan was the opposite of love. The I-am-not-God sought to replace the I-am-divine. The pain, the suffering, the thoughts of separation and everything that comes from the opposite of love had to be pierced by My holiness, which is also yours, so that you can be who you are. You are divinized man. God is humanized God.

In terms of My passage through Earth as a man Christ, we could say that Lent, the forty days that preceded my resurrection, began with a request: take the cross and follow me. That request was not in vain. It was a necessary beginning to be able to take everything unwanted to that ineffable place in which everything that is not part of love is transmuted into love and vanishes forever. When I said, “He who would come after Me, take up his cross and follow Me,” it was not an exhortation to suffer, but to take charge of all that exists in your mind and heart that is contrary to love, and to diligently, in serenity and peace, remove it from the garden of your soul. To do so requires two things: 1) observance, that is, attentiveness, and 2) obedience, that is, beginning to let go of all of what you perceive as your will and allowing the will of God to direct all of your conscious existence.

You must take charge of your mental and emotional processes. You must take charge of your heart and your mind. We are talking about cleansing the heart as well as the mind. In the mind of the risen one—and that is what you are—there can be nothing that is not love. Therefore, not a single thought in you does not come from love, nor does any feeling arise that is not perfect. There is nothing wrong with you. You were wrong, believing that you could separate yourself from love, and that you created a reality opposed to what God created should not be cause for concern or condemnation. The time to punish, to correct error, or to pay for apparent sins has been left behind.

An essential aspect of the Lenten journey we are on is to understand that the only problem that can exist between man and God is the belief that there can be different wills. If there is something that my life demonstrated, it was that I lived exclusively dedicated to the will of the Father who is in Heaven. You have no idea of the transformation that happens when you abandon all other beliefs or patterns of thought and emotional responses that might even suggest such a thing as a will of yours and another of God.

To stop wanting to have a will of your own, to yield to the will of God, is the last step towards eternal life. It all started with an act of will. God created you by His own loving will. You are not an accident. You did not emerge from nothing. The will to create love caused you to exist as the personification of love.

III. The Cross and Resurrection

My beloveds, I cannot fail to mention that you must take charge of everything that you experience in yourself that is not love. Often you do not want to hear this because it brings back painful memories. I know that you are tired of looking at darkness and foolishness, for you have seen the light and found true meaning. More than a few of you prefer to hide your heads underground, thinking that what you do not see does not exist. We have already discussed the mechanism of denial. My brothers and sisters, this is a pattern of thought from the old way of thinking. Now we release it and allow it to fade and transmute in Christ. Remember, we walk towards the resurrection, but we still have a little way to walk. We do it not for ourselves but for the whole world.

Let us move forward. We have already accepted that there is no such thing as two wills, yours and Mine. We have already accepted the need to take charge of that which does not come from love. You do this whenever you are honest with yourself. Saying that you feel good when you feel bad will not change your mood.

It is necessary to speak again of the mechanism of deceit and lies, for the foundation of the old world was a big lie every step of the way. Although this is true, now we are creating a new world. We create it first on the basis of new thought patterns, and then on the basis of that which is beyond all thought. We carry the thinking mind, not only with its content but also its mechanisms, to the cross and let it be crucified, resurrected, and transformed into a new mind. This process is cruelty-free, a bloodless passion and crucifixion.

What hinders your full awareness of the Christ that you are is that you still associate the cross with pain and think that healing and resurrection hurts. Sons and daughters of love, hear me: Healing is not the same as resurrecting. We speak not of healing wounds or restoring your mind, for that has already happened. You are safe and sound. Hear me again, and stay for a few moments in the silence of your heart as you experience the peace of your soul as you hear these words: You are safe and sound. Let these words penetrate your heart. Let them enter without fear. They will resonate in your memory. They will stir the memory of your perfect innocence.

We take charge not of what was madness, but of your virginal state. You are called to take charge of your holiness, of the beauty that you are, to be safe and sound as you are in truth. This is the new renaissance. Until now you have associated taking charge with something unwanted, the cross and pain, which you still are far from associating with love.

We speak now of associating the cross with the resurrection. We speak now of the unity that exists between everything you are and what God is.

III. Being Resurrected

My sons and daughters, We speak of your resurrection to eternal life, not about your healing. Death does not exist. We are remembering this, because it has been demonstrated. Nothing is more important than the resurrection on this path to Heaven. Searching for healing is understandable, perhaps even desirable, since it arises from the irresistible impulse for happiness. But although the call to happiness will always be heard in your heart, and anything perceived as contrary will create resistance, we are not at that stage. It is time to leave behind the mania of looking for spiritual healing.

It makes no sense to go to the doctor when you are healthy. We repeat this because thoughts and feelings coming from that old perspective continue in your mind and heart, a perspective from when you perceived yourself as sick. When you perceived yourself as such, it was a desecration of your holy mind. Although it was the beginning of your perfect healing, it reminded you of the overwhelming experience of feeling separate from God.

Truly, you could only turn your eyes away when you recognized what you had done was terrifying. And when you looked, you swore never to look again. The experience of a dissociated self was overwhelming, disturbing, and stunning to your mind and heart. No words can adequately describe it. You fainted, the pain was so great. It is this of which we speak as the fainting of Adam, or the dream of forgetfulness of God.

The fall into unconsciousness was the consequence of this pain. But that happened in your mind, not in truth; just as the resurrection to truth and life would also happen because it is impossible for the connection between human and divine to sever. God’s plan is to share with you the entire Heaven of your divine mind. Heaven is a divine idea, created by God. Truly, Heaven and God are the same because there can be no difference, no separation, between Creator and created. Just as you are God when you remain in the presence of love, so it is with creation, which is always linked to its source—love. God and love are the same.

Acclimating to the old way of thinking of self was habitual. Likewise, little by little, you will acclimate to the true self that you are, that you have for so long forgotten. You will acclimate yourself to love. Prior to your Lent and resurrection, living with fear was the reality of the contraction in which you lived. Now we begin to live consciously without fear, joyfully recognizing that we are the resurrection and will live in love.

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