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Forty Days to the Resurrection

A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Prelude

Beloveds of Heaven, Today I invite you to join Me in a particular way. Spend some time alone with your self in the pure love that I am, a time that will take us to the full awareness of the resurrection that you truly are. I myself have traveled this path that I invite you to walk today in union with me, the Christ in you.

This path to the resurrection—to the awareness of the eternal life that lives in you—is a path of relationship between equals, a path based on giving and receiving. To make the most of it, certain things must be remembered. One is that if there is a rela- tionship, there must be an exchange. The reality of the exchange between the parties within the relationship is what I have come to speak to you today—most especially today, a time that many of you call the beginning of Lent, a time during which spiritual energy is unparalleled.

My children, it is a time of the beginning of the new. A time in which My Divine Heart absorbs, in what you call Christ consciousness, the universality of pain and anguish of a broken self and transmutes it into the radiant reality of resurrection. I assure you there is no time of greater grace than this. It is the time when the promise of restoration, a part of the history of creation, becomes a conscious reality for all.

Today we begin the forty days that were necessary before the time of my resurrection. From the beginning of this volume— the third work written from Heaven and dictated to this friendly hand— I invite us together to go through Lent, a time not limited to a cult or belief system, but honored by the entire universe. The reality of Christ is always universal, just as love is, regardless of how it is manifested.

II. Lent and Creation

What happened to Me when I walked on Earth happens infinitely and eternally, because I am infinite and eternal love. It’s the same for your true self. To think of Lent and resurrection as an event of cosmic scope is to think truly. The resurrection and its phases were reflections of the reality of all creation. There is not a single dimension of divine reality not reached by it.

The passion, death, and resurrection of Christ was the creative movement of the self of pure love that God is, by means of which, to put it in a particular way, the illusion of the fall was transmuted into the truth and sanctity of divine thought. Lent, properly understood, is the time of remembrance or restoration in consciousness of an event whose scope cannot be understood by the limited separate mind because it is a creative act and therefore an act of love, and love is always unity. These times are of transformation in the light of holiness. It is time to take everything to the cross so that it disappears forever and we can reappear gloriously in resurrection.

Soul in love, I ask you to travel this road for the next forty days to connect with your deepest feelings. I ask you to observe and embrace them. I also ask you to observe, embrace, and inte- grate every thought that arises in your mind. We will not devote ourselves to discerning between true and false, but merge into a new state of consciousness—a state new to your singular consciousness but eternal to your Christ consciousness. That this state of Lenten consciousness is eternal for Christ, and that you can immerse yourself in it, is what will make you aware of the unity that we are and our unity with all that is true.

Just as you were invited to join the consciousness of the full- ness of being during the time of Christmas, now you are invited to embrace everything from Lenten consciousness. This is the name we use to express the phenomenon of Christ conscious- ness that must first be recognized, then accepted, then inte- grated into your experience. Lent and all that it involves is a path of the soul. It is the way by which the separated soul begins to integrate within itself everything that caused separation and the crucifixion, and then is able to live resurrected.

III. The Consciousness of the Resurrection

Let’s recall the memory of the death of the ego, of your ego, and the resurrection of the Christ in you. This has already happened and you remember it well. You know that the ego is no longer here and you know it well. Your consciousness knows it. But you also know the habit of egoic patterns of thought and emotions. This Lent will be a journey to deprogram those patterns, to release them, and to let the mind of Christ replace them. This will not be done according to what your thinking mind believes should be done. It will be done by joining your will with the Divine Will through the spiritual process of the Lenten journey.

As you join everything that arises in you, day after day, hour after hour, during these forty days, you will experience different phases of the growth of spiritual energies. The intensity will grow day by day until it reaches its zenith: the resurrection. Our heart will guide us. To fully unite with all you feel and think at every moment is the path of union and therefore a way to truth.

With this introduction, my children, beloveds of Heaven, we begin Lent. We begin this journey right now, with the certainty that it is a path of blessings, and of unmatched grace. This is a path within a greater path on which we walk to the resurrection. We do not stop at each station of Lent, but rather always move forward. We move forward through the deepest darkness, which we accept and embrace with love, to reach the clearest light, which we also embrace and integrate in love. Then we transcend the dualities of shadow and clarity, good and bad, big and small, to live definitively in Oneness.

This is an invitation to walk the path that leads to the recognition of the patterns and emotional responses of split consciousness, to finally begin to live in unitary consciousness.

You will experience emotions of great intensity along the way. Do not stop. We always move forward. Lent is a time of great spiritual intensity. Do not be afraid of that. It is a time when powerful spiritual energies confront one another. We might say it is the last useless path to the cross to reach the resurrection. It is useless because it is illusory, yet nevertheless it is real for those of you still anchored in dual consciousness.

Before we continue we must recognize that if Christ traveled this path, there must be a sacred reason whose effect is universal, pure, divine love. Let us not despise this gift of Heaven that is the Lenten journey. I went through it out of love for truth, obedience to love, and for you. This is a path full of grace, fullness, and blessings in which you are united with Heaven. Keep in mind during this journey that the world is a great illusion; and that the day will come when the veil will be lifted and in the forgiven world you will see the true creation of God, a creation where love, peace, and harmony reign, and whose foundation is love. God’s true creation exists; you know it well. Your consciousness is already anchored in that reality, which is the reality of the self of pure love and therefore the only reality created by God.

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