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A message from Jesus, identifying Himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

My love, pure soul, I am the living Christ who lives in you. These words come to you from the Heaven of your heart.

I am the unity of being in which everything exists and is. You, we, are that union. We are the union of love.

I have come to look for you, so that we continue to submerge ourselves in the depths of the infinite mystery of love: love without borders, love without beginning or end, salvific love.

I am the voice of love. I am the wisdom that resides in every living being. Remember that nowhere am I not eternally united with you in the light of truth.

I am in every tear shed, in every perceived darkness, in every smile, in every light, in every dream, in every truth. I am in each rainbow, in each flight of the birds, in each lily of the field.

I am the voice of Christ consciousness made flesh.

These words carry within them the power of the love of my divine heart, just as a pregnant mother carries her beloved child within her womb. As we advance in this work, you will discover the love that rises, radiant and serene, from behind the symbols that the words represent.

You have been chosen in the design to receive and to give these words. Let yourself be loved. Let yourself be filled with the love of this work. Your being knows who is speaking. Let your mind rejoice in wisdom. Let your heart rest in the solace that comes from the remembrance of my voice, which these words stir in your memory.

This work has been written for the mind and heart, united in the fullness of being, with the purpose of achieving the healing of memory. Clear memory of the first love—God—will bring to you the memory of the holiness that you truly are. Once memory is healed, together we will bring love to the world. And we will return to the heart of God, from where we will bring love to all created worlds. This is how we return to our place within creation. This is how we extend love.

This is a powerful work because it comes from my divine love. Everything that comes from me is clothed with the power and glory of Heaven, just as is everything that comes from the depth of your heart. The power of these words lies in the love with which they are given and received, in union with you and with my being. For in union is the presence of Heaven and Earth. In union is the totality of love.

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