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Final Words

Beloved of all times and corners of the world!

These words are a song of love and truth. These words will continue to be given because the world always needs the Word of God. This is also justice.

We bid you farewell for now but we will continue to extend love through this particular manifestation.

This work is a work of wisdom because it is created by love and with love. It is a work that comes from the Heaven of the one mind. We are one mind. We are one holy heart. We are the same truth. The reality of union is what allows these words to be said. As you know, there is no such thing as many minds or many hearts. There is only the mind of Christ, in whose mind we all live.

These words are heard in all corners of the universe. Every moment you spend united with these words you are bringing Heaven closer to Earth. You are raising the dead and healing wounds. You are singing with us, the angels of God, your friends and fellow saints, a hymn of praise and gratitude.

These words are not poetry, nor do they pretend to share hidden knowledge. These words come from wisdom not of this world. They act mysteriously in everything and everyone. The Word of God is always effective, without exception.

We thank you with all our heart for spending time with us in this work. Please know, beloved ones of Heaven, that when you unite in love with these words, you are, literally, channels of light by which love flows from Heaven to all creation. Your brothers and sisters, together with all creation, benefit. Remember that we are a single being, so whatever you received through this manifestation, through your open heart, has a holy impact on all.

Share with all what you have received. Be generous with this manifestation. Remember that you are channels of light that can never be extinguished. Go into the world announcing the good news. You have a means to do it. Enjoy the joy of sharing. Be messengers of peace. Take love to the world.

In truth I tell you that in Heaven everything will be known. You will see souls joyfully sing and dance through these words, for you have found the light of Christ and returned to the path of love.

Children of God! Always remain united to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and you will be happy, for you will remain eternally in the love that you truly are.

I bless you in Christ’s love,
Archangel Raphael.

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