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The Little Path of Heaven

A message from Jesus, identifying himeslf as 'the living Christ who lives in you.'

I. Prelude

Beloved soul in love! I cannot stop loving you with all the love of Heaven. You are the delight of the Mother of God, of the angels and of my most Sacred Heart. Sons and daughters enlightened by the grace of Heaven, today I want to ask you to let me draw back the veils of your heart so that the whole world will know more of our loving intimacy.

Let nothing disturb your heart. Let nothing have you believe that anything within you is wrong. You are a joy to me. To look at you is to look at my Father in Heaven. To be with you is to be in the sweetness of love. Nothing in the universe could resemble the beauty of your heart. When you sleep, I see you. When you walk, I am with you. I follow as a faithful friend wherever you go. No place am I not; there is no place where you and I are not joined in the light of holiness, or where my love is not. Your entire existence is within my embrace.

Beloved of my being, if you heard the beating of my heart, inflamed as it is with love for you, you would die of love.

Beloved of Heaven, let us go together through the world, carrying the love that springs from our joined hearts.

There are so many wounded hearts, my beloved! So many discarded illusions, crushed dreams, unrequited loves!

There is still so much suffering in the world. We cannot sit idly by. Our sisters and brothers need us. They call to us from all corners of the world. They are the saints of the last times, souls that still know not that these words are being written and taking shape, but will nevertheless receive them because the words have been written for them.

There is so much fear yet to banish from hearts!

Souls from all over the world, souls who have left the Earth, souls who have come to choose love over fear again, souls who will come in due time, listen to the voice of my love. This love will show itself more every day. This love is poured out entirely for each one of you. I ask you to come to my heart and to the heart of my Immaculate Mother, and in the union of our hearts to remain forever.

I invite you through my scribe from Heaven, who out of love lends his time and his hand to write this letter of love. I invite you to experience beautiful love, a love that has no beginning or end, the love of the Holy Trinity, the creative Trinity that gave you birth, the Trinity that is a mirror of your lives when you remain in love.

You are called to be a holy trinity, just as God is: Triune love, real love, and celestial love, for all eternity. Such is the love of which we speak, a love that will flood the Earth with light and truth as you open the floodgates of your hearts to the sweetness of Jesus and Mary. We are your faithful friends, your father and mother, your being. We are the union of being that you truly are. I ask your unlimited trust in my divinized humanity. I am the same as you in essence and in truth.

I am Jesus of Nazareth, the one who resurrected two thousand years ago to show you the truth of your own resurrection. I am the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception, the one who ascended to Heaven in glorious body and soul, to show you clearly, perfectly, the destiny of souls that live in truth here and now.

You are called to ascend to Heaven right now, in a continuous ascent, in the condition in which you believe you are. You are the living face of Christ. In due time you will leave the body to join, in spirit and truth, in a resurrected body with everything that is eternal.

II. The Simplicity of Love

If you knew my Mother’s love for you, how She talks to me of your loving disposition, of the most holy beating of your humble heart, you would cry of happiness. When you finish your journey on Earth, which is always temporary, we will meet in a new reality. In that reality we can enjoy the fullness of our triune being: You, the triumph of my love, and my Mother, the sweetness of God. Together we will form a triune family, a holy family, a union to which we will invite and attract all who freely wish to live in love.

Beloved of all times! Love is an option. This blessed work, that with so much love, humility and simple dedication is bringing immaterial love to form, is an insistent call to live now and exclusively in the love that God is. This love is available to everyone because it is what everyone is. I simply want you to be deeply happy. And I know—because I am wisdom, just like you—that true happiness does not come from the things of the world but from the eternal. You also know this, but sometimes forget when you get entangled in the affairs of everyday life.

Beloved child, this is an invitation to allow your face to be mine. I want everyone to see me and know me in you. I want everyone to know how I love them. I want everyone to come to dwell with me in the realm of perfect love, together with the Father of all creation, the angels, archangels, and your Mother, who lives only to give you the love of holiness.

Soul in love, I want you to be happy. I want to wipe away your tears and no longer have them run down your cheeks. I want to heal everyone’s wounds just as I healed yours. I want all my brothers and sisters to freely experience the sweetness and purity of the heart of Mary Immaculate.

Sisters and brothers who receive these words, listen well. As children of the truth you know the one who calls to you, and when you hear my voice, your hearts leap for joy, since you recognize the voice of love. You are the chosen ones in the design to give a new face to love, now. You are Christ.

My beloved, I want to make your gaze as mine with the look of love. I want to make your smile the purest smile of Mary. I want to make you into something new. I want to make your thoughts holy. I want to make your feelings holy and your works be works of holiness. Together we will bring love to the world. Together, we will make Heaven open wide and the Earth sing a hymn of praise to God, the Father and Creator, to see the humanized God that you are. Beloved, accept now that you are Christ. Begin to walk on Earth as gods, loving everything, always in love.

Let yourself be transformed more every day by my love and you will see that your path will be as serene and harmonious as a summer breeze. Your voice will reflect the tone and content of the voice of the Christ in you. Your dreams will be happy, guarded by the angels of Heaven. You will live a new life. Some aspects of your life will change very quickly, I assure you; others will take a little more time. Everything that is part of your existence and your being, without exception, will be transformed by the light of holiness that our union will radiate.

Remember, my children: The love that springs from my most Sacred Heart can make your being a new being, and it will do so as you trust in me and give me your love.

I invite you to let yourselves be filled with God. Here you have a very simple path, accessible to everyone. The path that I present to you in this work is simply to let yourself be loved—to freely learn to receive love. And I am also inviting you to express your love for me in the many ways that you think are appropriate to your nature. Everyone has a way of being. It is from your way of being that I long to receive your manifestations of love.

Just as you express love to your friends, children, or spouse, that is how I ask you to love me too. I invite you to give me a kiss every morning, to greet me when you wake up, to tell me good morning, or to say good night before going to sleep. I invite you to tell me, “Jesus, I love you,” “Jesus, I need you,” “Jesus, this I must do,” “Jesus, that seems to be what I have done,” “Jesus, I need this or that,” or simply, “Jesus, help me.”

Invite me to be part of everything in your life, from the smallest and most irrelevant aspect, to what you consider to be your greatest knowledge and understanding. To me, everything that happens in your life is important. Nothing is insignificant. You are the pupil of my eye. You are the reason for my love.

Do not separate yourself for a moment from my Mother or from me. She is the one who has saved the world, together with me and you. She is the first who fulfilled the plan of God for human beings. We are the obedient children who have become the light of Christ, as a result of being united with Her holy love. Each one of us fulfills a function within the plan of atonement.

I invite you to walk a holy path, a simple way, just as love is. Remember that love and truth are one and the same, as is wisdom. Always keep in mind that the truth is simple, as simple as love. The path of simplicity is the shortest path to Heaven, which is why I invite you to it with my most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Getting to Heaven is not enough; we need to stay in Heaven. Believe me when I say that simplicity will make it happen.

I invite you to live in spiritual childhood. Become like children in the arms of your mother. Live your lives with unlimited trust in love.

The simplicity of this holy path lies in your direct relationship with Heaven—with me and with your Immaculate Mother. This relationship includes your humanity. It is a relationship as real as the relationships you think you have in the world, but with a seal of holiness and the joy of the mystery of God. Thus your human nature and your divine nature are united in a simple way. Thus you go from the top of the mountain to the world with a clear goal: to bring love.

Once we have brought love to the world in the measure that corresponds to each of us, then we will rise in glorious body and soul to Heaven, and from Heaven we will consciously continue to bring love to all creation.

Remember, dear soul, that together we are the Heaven of the world. Remember that I will always be by your side and in you. Remember also that you no longer live, but it is Christ who lives in you. Above all, please remember that my love accompanies you forever, wherever you go.

My love will never leave you.

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