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Mystery and Reverence

A message from Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

My children, I am the Mother of God. I am the Immaculate Conception. I speak to you from the only place where my voice is spoken, from the love that God is. I am all yours. All my children have the right to my loving heart as the Mother of God.

Today I want to spend time with you, my children, who are saturated by the waves of the world’s madness. I want you to know surely that I am always by your side. The distance that exists between you and me is even less than that between you and what you are. You live in difficult times. This must not be denied, since all denial is unconsciousness. But these difficult times should not discourage you. These times are times of the birth of the new. In every birth there is pain. The birth pangs of the universe are what you experience now. But I assure you that those pains are evidence of the triumphant manifestation of my Immaculate Heart.

I remind you of these things so that you are prepared and at peace. Such times have long been a source of anguish for many of my children. But it must not be so for you, since you have crossed the threshold of truth. You well know that God exists and that you are one with Him. You know that you live in the unity of the three hearts. You know the wisdom of love. Seek not for more wisdom; nothing more is needed except to know that you are loved unconditionally by Heaven. You need to feel my love. You need to experience the warmth of the embrace of my divine son Jesus. You have the right to receive the tender kiss of the Holy Spirit, and to listen to the melodies of Heaven that the angels of God sing without ceasing.

II. Pain, Mystery

Children of Heaven! All must go through the path of redemptive passion and the cross. This is not a punishment, nor a defect within creation. I come not to criticize or make you bitter, but to serve. I am the eternal servant of my beloved children. I am the servant of the Lord. Let the cross no longer be a scandal; denying it makes no sense. Likewise to say that the cross is a punishment in order to rise to a greater Heaven is an outrage to truth. The cross is the cross. Simply that. Pain is pain, which must be integrated into the experience of being. Pain is always the pain of birth, and can be experienced emotionally or in the physical body. It does not matter.

I talk to you of such things because you need to understand that pain is not something from which to flee. Neither is it something you must go through, thinking you must act this way or that. Rather, simply allow pain whenever it makes an appearance and let it go whenever it departs. Every pain is temporary; it always passes. The same must occur with joy. Remember that everything happens. Pain is a mystery, as is life. The path to peace requires it. It is not helpful to try to understand what cannot be understood.

My children, I have chosen the theme of pain to take your hearts where you still feel a little uncomfortable. I do it because it is important to accept that not everything can be comprehended. Unwanted states usually represent areas that lack understanding. This is an area of concern from which I have come to free you, today and forever.

Pain is pain. Life is life. Everything is what it is. These are not syllogisms or circular truths but the simple truth—so simple that it is often overlooked. As a loving Mother I invite you to live in the simplicity of your heart. This is what this most holy message concerns, which the Father wants us to have in this holy hour. Remember, my children, that the blessed manifestation expressed in words here is a gift from the Father. In His infinite goodness He has allowed me to spend some time in union with Earth in this way.

When I speak to you, it is God Himself who speaks to you through my voice. And when God speaks to man, Heaven and Earth are one. This does not mean that previously they were not, but that when you are ready to hear the voice of God in your heart, you become aware of truth. There is no such thing as Heaven over there and Earth over here. Earth and Heaven are one, inseparable. Your humanity and your divinity are an undivided unity, inseparable. Separation never existed except in solitary consciousness.

Some things must remain a mystery. Not everything must be discovered. In this time of confusion, this time of waiting for love, a time of the birth of the new, it is an error to seek to remove all veils. Although eternal truth resides in your memory, and truth must be brought to light, it is also the case that some things arise from misunderstanding certain aspects of divinity. Therein lies mystery, the unknown.

The mystery of pain must remain a mystery, along with the mystery of life.

Holy children! You who travel the path of simple spirituality, remember how often you tried to interpret your dreams, tried to reveal your future, tried to go beyond what can be known. Do not try to discover the mystery of the Holy Trinity, nor the mystery of life, because it cannot be known. From all eternity God has wanted mystery to exist. Accepting this is important. Abandon the compulsion of the thinking mind. I am asking you to stop looking for meaning in things.

Wisdom cannot be learned, nor has wisdom anything to do with the evolution of thought, nor has wisdom any part of indoctrinating the mind or filling it with information. You already know that being learned does not mean being wise.

III. Wisdom

I am the Mother of God and therefore the Mother of Wisdom. I am the delight of God, because God loves the taste of true knowledge. Bear this in mind and remember that you are also the delight of a God who is perfect love. When you are told to let yourself love, you are also being told to let the wisdom of God flood your mind and your heart. Together we are coming to the end of these messages, but not to the end of consciously welcoming the wisdom of love. This, and only this, will forever erase the ignorance that ruled the mind. Knowledge is of the wise, not to be mistaken with pseudo-knowledge that could be owned by some and not by all. Wisdom that cannot shared by all creation is not true wisdom.

The world has taught you to find the mechanisms of power with which to dominate and survive. Information is part of the dynamic of mundane power. Having information that others do not possess is necessary for mastery. Information is power, as it is said. Often you can dominate others when you know things they do not. The rampant race to know more and dominate more has no relation to true wisdom.

The cornerstone of the thought system of the world is survival—survival not only of the body but also of the mind and its ideas. In this fight you have built many weapons, both visible and, as in the case of information, invisible. Your current world plays havoc with your peace of mind. If you want to bring Heaven to Earth, information must always be subject to love. Using any type of information to exercise power is a form of abuse and causes pain. Thus you can see the difference between accessing information and wisdom, between being informed and being wise.

What comes from God cannot be used. This includes love, being, and wisdom, as well as everything else that God is. The wisdom that cannot be used often makes it feared, as it is with love. In fact, the fear of love comes from the absolute impossibility of it being used. You cannot use love. You cannot use God. You cannot use wisdom. You cannot use your being.

Wisdom and love are one and the same. I invite you, from the Heaven of your holy heart, to let yourself be loved. Let the wisdom of Heaven be your faithful companion. I assure you that wisdom is closer to you than the distance between you and yourself. Wisdom is what created you. Wisdom is the beauty in which you exist. She exists before anything exists. In wisdom were all things created. All creatures live by it and in it. The wisdom of life is what sustains the universe. Without wisdom you could not exist. Every being receives wisdom. Wisdom can neither be learned nor taught. However, receiving wisdom, as with receiving love, is not the same as sharing it.

Sharing the wisdom of your heart is love. Thus we unite the three strands that we have considered in this most pure and holy love message: the thread of the mystery of the unknown and unknowable, the thread of wisdom, and the thread of love.

Mystery, wisdom, and love are truly one and the same.

IV. Christ and Wisdom

From the depth of my Immaculate Heart, I invite you once again to put aside all worldly knowledge and encourage you to live life differently. I invite you to live life in the manner of Christ. In one part of your being resides the Wisdom of Heaven, because Christ is wisdom. Wisdom is not information—it is your being. The being of infinite wisdom is what created you. In that being is where you are as God created you. In the Wisdom of Love is where truth lies. Let mystery remain a mystery, for that is what it is. Do not lose peace by seeking to know what cannot be understood, and what is not necessary to understand. Remember that you often seek to know, not out of love for wisdom, but simply to feel more powerful than your brothers and sisters, or not to feel inferior. None of that is of Christ. God is not interested, and neither are you, in vain games of dominance or power struggles that lead nowhere.

I am speaking of wisdom and power and of the difference between information and knowledge, which is the same as the difference between being and not being. Being is, by definition, of wisdom; where there is no wisdom, there is no life. The question is not simply between being or not being, but between knowing and not knowing. If you do not live in wisdom, you cannot live as God created you to be.

Immerse yourself in the silence of your heart. Worry not. Let go of all thought of what makes you suffer, as well as all thought of the future. Stay in the presence of my holy love. In this eternal now, you and I are one forever. Stay here with me. Close the doors and windows of your mind and begin to hear the ancestral voice that, although forgotten, you have always loved. Listen to Heaven calling you from all eternity to live in the peace of God. Listen to wisdom speak to you, literally, telling you what you should know now— never telling you beforehand nor after the need has passed. Everything you should know, you will know at the right time, and what is not necessary to know you will never know. There is nothing that is too much for you in life. God does not exceed what should be.

Be silent and begin to let the feeling of reverence for life flow. That reverence is wisdom itself. In that holy silence, we both abide, mother and child, praying without words to the Father of love. We are silent so that we can hear. We open our hands to be able to receive. We enter the unity of being. We stay in the Heaven of our hearts. In that unity we include all creation, not the creation of our limited understanding, but of all truth. We embrace the mystery and enter the temple of our holy hearts with complete reverence and respect. And we hear the voice of the wisdom of love.

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