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Nothing New Under the Sun

A message from Jesus, identifying himself as 'the living Christ who lives in you'

I. Perfection

Beloveds of Heaven! I will always be by your side and in you. I am the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am the one who walked the world as God being man, teaching love. I am your friend. I am your being. I am the reason for the existence of the universe and I am the universe itself. I am your essential Soul. I am one with you and you are one with everything. I am the one who watches over you day and night. I am what you are. I will always be by your side. I am your faithful friend. I am the living Christ who lives in you. I am the abode of light, from which all the light of holiness shines.

It seems difficult to love the world, but it is not. Or rather, it is as difficult as you want it to be. We have come today to draw back the veil between the wisdom of God and your understanding of love. The difficulty you have in consciously extending love to the world lies in your way of thinking, not only in relation to what you think love is, but in your mind itself, in your mental process. That mode of functioning still remains in the inertia of the egoic mode of thinking, and is an obstacle. You know it. You cannot love with the mind, just as you cannot forgive with the mind. Love is not a matter of thought. To love is to be. Or put another way, love is what you are. It has nothing to do with something you do, think, or feel.

Love is not a feeling, nor a thought. Before you are fully ready to give the world the love that has been given to you, you must understand some things. I do not let you go to the world alone. I do not abandon you. I am always by your side. I am helping you every day to carry love wherever it is that God wants you to be, in perfect union with your true will.

First it is essential to remember that nothing can happen in your life that is not God’s will for you. Not a single hair falls from your head without the consent of the Father in Heaven. This was true even in the age of the ego. Now that the ego is gone, imagine the true reality of your life and your relationship with everything—now that you live in truth. Rightly understood, this means that nothing happens without God and your acceptance, since your will and His are one. Everything exists for your good and for the good of all creation, including the agreement by which the ego dissolved and is no longer part of your identity. You attracted to yourself everything that was necessary, so that what was not true could crumble and give way to what is.

Brothers and sisters all over the world! Understand that you are perfect as you are, and your lives are perfect as well. No life is better than any another. There is no difference between you in what you are. Everyone is involved in creating a story, the history of creation. This story had a beginning but will never have an end. Realize that you are coming home. Some are more advanced than others, but all are on the way back to love. You are all coming to my heart like a river that flows down from the mountain, with power, toward the ocean with which it merges, becoming one with immensity.

II. Live Centered

Droplet of water, melt with the ocean of love that I am! Be not distracted by thinking or looking at others. Just look at me. Stay always united with love. Let others follow their path. You go on yours. Do not fall into the old traps of the ego that, under a false charity, is apparently worried about the salvation of all. This kept you separate from your being and caused too much suffering. That trap has already been recognized so you will not fall into it again. Do not worry about it. We only mention it so that it is recorded in your memory a little more.

My daughter, my son! That which you see before your eyes, or takes place as if it were a movie, is nothing other than God’s plan for you. Your life is a set of realities that make up what should be, so that your path is perfect for the purpose of God and for your true self, perfect for the purpose of remembering who you are and returning to virginal consciousness. Your path, believe it or not, allows you to get to Heaven faster. Saving time was always part of God’s plan, and yours, too. It does not make sense to linger.

To live in the certainty that nothing happens in the divine plan that is not perfect allows you to live in peace. It is the same as saying, “Thy will be done.” “Be done” is the essence of peace.

If everything that happens in your life is perfect according to the joint plan of God and your being, then you will be able to return more quickly and in a more serene and peaceful way to original consciousness, the consciousness to which you wish to return. The world would not arouse anything other than accep- tance. The world, if you understand it well, is a springboard. The world allows spirits to wake up to the truth and choose consciously. Some choose only love, others do not. Only focus on those choosing love, because that is what your coming to the world is about. It is about coming to choose only love. Remember that I am speaking to you, individually. There is no such thing as a whole world that I can speak to. God is not a God of masses. God is love and love is identity and union in truth. Therefore, we need not think about what will happen to everyone. I only care about you. And in that “you,” by a mysterious way, the whole will be included, which has nothing to do with the worldly concept of “all” or “world.”

With this memory of the perfection of your life in mind, I ask you, beloved brother and sister, to accept the fact that there is no person, being, thing, or circumstance that is not under my direction, and therefore under the direction of love. In spite of everything you know this well in the bottom of your heart where a hope that does not disappoint lives—the hope that everything will turn out well. You know this, although often you do not remember it. Certainly everything will be fine. Do not doubt this. God and you, your being and my love, are always the universal winners, not in the sense of triumph of the egoic thought system, but in truth.

III. Individual Will

You attract everything that happens in your life. You cannot repeat this enough. In the collective ego mind is the idea that destiny plays dice, or is infatuated with the children of God, or submits them to what it wants. You do not like some things that you have attracted. Some embarrass you. Some you may see as saintly, some as great achievements on your part. Some you would like to repeat, maybe a couple times more. Others you would prefer to be erased from the book of life. All of this is part of the human experience. Everyone has such variety in their lives. These comprise the set of nuances that together are the human experience.

All human experiences on Earth are similar—never the same, but always similar. This is because you are all alike, though not identical. The life of a bird is how the experience of a bird should be. The same happens with trees, and within this, the particular experiences of each species. Some experience cold and snow, others the heat of deserts or the exuberance of the jungle. To believe that the life of your brothers or sisters is different from yours is to focus only on the surface. Look a little deeper, as you now can, and you will calmly observe that everything is the same. Brother, sister, there is nothing new under the sun. Enjoy this truth.

All the world experiences the same drama of life—only the actors change. The life of each of you is like a movie that repeats itself over and over throughout the duration of time. It is always the same story, told in different ways and performed by different actors wearing different costumes, but still they are all similar. You have all come to the world to meet Christ. This alone is why the Father of all things holy allows the existence of the universe of form. No one who walks the Earth can avoid it. Everyone will see me. They will see me because I am the truth, the way, and the life. I am the resurrection to eternal life. I am the bridge that leads to the Father.

Once you accept that your life is not random, that nobody is playing with you, much less are there dice—since chance as you conceive of it does not exist—then we are ready to move ahead with the thought system that will help you to take love to the world without fear. And once accepted, this fact will allow the boundaries between the internal and the external, the inside and the outside, the soul and the world, the holy and the profane, to fade. Those differences disappear. Everything is reunited in the embrace of love. Everything, being a union, returns to union. What returns to union returns to love because both are the same.

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