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Take Love to the World

A message from the voice of Christ through a chorus of angels in the presence of the Archangel Raphael and the Archangel Gabriel

I. Being Love

Soul in love, we have come to speak with you and to all who join these dialogues of love and truth. Today we have brought a message, a memory of Heaven, a reminder to you and to all who seek peace. This message invites you to remember that your function is to bring love to the world. This is the function of all children of God. This function was shown to you with perfect clarity by your brother, the Christ Jesus. Remember that he, who is the exemplary life, went out to walk the paths of the world, sowing love and giving it at every step. He was not without challenges, but always gave love to the world. All the love that he had in his most sacred heart he shared with the world and continues to do so in many ways. You who receive these words and share them are one of those ways, chosen from all eternity, so that the love of God extends to the whole world, even beyond where you ever imagined.

To be love means to be love at all times and in all places. Observe that where love is most tested is in worldly interactions. This is because you believe that love can be obliterated by the world. And in an attempt to prevent this obliteration, you protect it within the confines of your home, or in the silence of your privacy. “Nothing will sully the beauty of love,” you say in the depths of your heart. “Nothing and no one will desecrate the sanctity of love,” you think secretly. You look at the world and say: “I will not give you my being, because nothing and nobody will make me lose it.”

My brother! My sister! Protecting the sanctity of your being is what you seek to do every time you fail to take love into the world. You do this out of fear—a fear of losing love. We have come to remind you how to release this fear. You are ready to let go and bring love to the world consciously, not as an automatic act, but as an integral part of your function on Earth. This will make the divisions between the external and the internal disappear, between the world and your being. And you will become more aware every day of the totality that you truly are. Not only will you feel more a part of everything, but you will leave behind forever the feeling of separation, which in reality is but a lack of integrity.

To believe that love can be taken away is to believe something absurd, because love is eternal and the essence of what you are. Love is what you are, and I assure you that this is eternally true. The fear of not being—which is what the fear of losing love really means—has no basis whatsoever. Here lies a great truth that will set you free. Fear arises from the fear of losing love, which is the fear of losing yourself.

Today we will bring that pattern of fearful thinking to the light of reason and let it go.

First, accept that the world has failed you and that you feel a deep disappointment, because it is true. The world cannot give the mind the security it seeks, for the egoic mind conceived it. If the totally fearful mind, which we call the ego, was the creator of the world’s systems, then it cannot find the solution to the issue of security. Thus, beloved of Heaven, it is essential that we begin to observe this fear calmly. Observe how the world seems submerged in panic. The state of terror to which many are subjected is a visible manifestation of the arrival of the time of light and truth, and that everything is being healed. It is a sign of true hope. All fear that comes to light ceases to be, since fear is unconsciousness. Therefore, abandonment of fear requires its exposure to light.

Now, what part of you is afraid? It is the egoic mind, which is totally fearful consciousness. This fear is simply a fear of not being, a fear of losing integrity. This tells us something: that integrity of the mind exists and that its integrity is the basis of peace. Integrity comes from being certain of its reality. This is not an exterior matter but an interior one, although it is projected or extended outward. True certainty of the mind lies in knowing for sure what it is. This fear is an unequivocal sign that the egoic mind is ceasing to be. Otherwise it would not be afraid. As egoic consciousness vanishes, a reaction arises. This reaction is what you can observe in the world. The convulsion in which the world seems to be submerged is nothing other than the externalization of that pattern of fear, which causes it to vanish.

II. A New Humanity

Sisters and brothers from around the world, we come in the glory of the Father to tell you not to worry. Do not be afraid! The screams being heard are echoes of the past. The time has already begun when you can hear the echoes of holiness. The time has come when you can listen to your hearts and feel how they beat with the beat of the life that God is. You have taught yourselves that the last times are ones of great tribulation. This, too, must be reinterpreted in the light of truth. These great tribulations to which many refer are nothing other than the great healing process of the universe, a process in which you are already living and of which you are a part.

Brothers, sisters, listen well. The universal healing has already happened.

We invite you with love to start being actors of your new humanity, of your new being, here and now. You can—and in a way you must—change your thought patterns. You are ready. You can start from now on to live without fear of any kind. This change will seem difficult, but it will not be, because your consciousness has already evolved enough to be able to modify patterns consciously. Discipline your mind and from now on you will see miracles arise every moment. This is faith. Be sure that everything will turn out well, and everything will be. Fill your hearts with noble feelings and you will see the sun rise even on the most cloudy day. Live life with a spirit of praise.

Be aware of the need you have to bring love to the world. This need is urgent, not in the sense of anxiety, but in the sense of its utmost importance. Beloved soul of the Father! The screams of the world, those echoes of the past that you still hear, are telling you in thousands of different ways: Brother, do not deny me love.

Now that you know, what will you do? Deny? No, because you are not now who you once were. You are a new being; and in your new humanity, you respond with love to the call for love. Now you begin to bring love to the world consciously, and thus complete your journey in the fullness of time. Once you have concluded your part in the way of giving love, you will say happily: “Father, everything is accomplished. I return to You in the certainty of the peace of a mission accomplished to which You entrusted me. I brought love to the world and with it I know You, the source of all love. Now the world is one step closer to Heaven. Now the world belongs to You because I belong to everyone in You.”

III. The Strength of Love

Why do you think that love should be safeguarded in a lockbox, under seven keys, so that it does not contaminate the world? Do you think that love can contaminate? Do you think that if you only give love, and respond only and exclusively with love to every circumstance in the world, you will be devoured? All these questions are the same question, and arise from the same thought. The fear is to stop being. You do not want to give love for fear of losing it. You do not want to fear showing the love of your heart, which flows in abundance, because you know it is divine in nature. You do not want to desecrate the holy. You do not want to give pearls to swine. Can your brothers or the world can be considered as such?

Children of God, if you remain always attached to your inner being, to everything that you think, feel, and experience, embracing everything that arises within you—be it a feeling or a thought, without judgment of any kind and in the pure loving contemplation of what is—we assure you that the world cannot make you lose your center. You will not lose yourself in it as you have before. Cease believing that what once was, remains. It is not true. What was left ceased to be because it was never true. Now you are in other times, the times of Christ, the times of truth.

“The truth will set you free” means that you must remain in the truth that you are in every moment. If you feel sad, embrace your sadness and tell it with your inner attitude: “I welcome you. You are part of me and therefore I love you.” If you perceive overflowing joy, remind yourself that joy is also part of you and therefore very holy. If what you think you perceive is uncontrolled anger, tell it also, just as you would with a very angry girl, “I love you, you are part of me, you are very beautiful. I love you as you are, because you are a part of me.”

This exercise is not a banal. It is the exercise that will crystallize your ability to bring love to the world.

For tomorrow, or maybe in a little while, when you cross the door of your home and go out into the world and find yourself face to face with that universe that seems incomprehensible, I give you:

I love you, you are part of me, you are very holy. I judged you one day and I was afraid of you. I did not know you. I did not understand. But that is now behind. Now I look at you with new eyes, the eyes of Christ. I am willing to see you through the eyes of love. Now I can tell you in truth: I love you, you are a part of me just as I am a part of you. I apologize. I judged you. I was fearful of you. I saw you as cruel and ruthless. I looked at you with distrust. I could not even sleep in peace, thinking that from somewhere danger would attack me and tear me apart. Fear haunted me night and day, but not anymore. I ask for your forgiveness and I forgive myself for all that. I do not want to live with fear. Now I want to live full of love. I do not want to continue being afraid. Just as one day I downloaded all my anger onto you, now I release to you all the love of my heart.

A world that cries out for love is a world worthy of holy compassion. Therefore, from the divine compassion that exists in your being, let the love of your heart be poured out on the world. Flood the Earth with your love. You can do it because you know how to love. It is only necessary to be attentive, so that only thoughts and feelings of love exist in your mind and heart. Test it. You will see how everything suddenly changes when you just allow love in all its forms in your interior. Smile a lot, because a smile is a message you send to the world, to Heaven, and to your being, a message of love. Sow your inner garden with the flowers of joy that will never wilt. Speak words of true hope. Tell happy stories. Cultivate the habit of being happy and sharing the wisdom of God.

Now we begin to let go of the fears that come from the old experience of having lost ourselves in the world. We will not lose ourselves anymore. Now the world is a new world. It is the world that appears in front of us with open hands and outstretched arms, asking us to give it love. It is a world that says: “Brother, where you had lost before, now you will find yourself.” This is how the world ceases to be an enemy with which you entertained yourself by weaving perennial wars, and becomes your friend on the way back to Heaven. You will enter the Kingdom together, holding hands.

Soul in love, close your eyes for a moment and recall your purpose of bringing love to the world. And when you open them again, we assure you that you will no longer see the old world; you will see the new Heaven shining on you that reflects the love of God in union with everyone and everything. Once you have reaffirmed this purpose with faith and sincere love, nothing will be the same. Do not worry if you believe that your faith is smaller than a mustard seed; the love of God is greater than anything in creation. You are ready. Trust what you receive from Heaven. Be ready, today, right now, to bring love to the world and for the world to be renewed in you. Accept the gratitude of the universe which will come from your decision to open the floodgates of your heart. Love will flow to everything, because love always creates new love.

Let yourself be loved. And as soon as you get up from the chair you are in, start living a new life. A life without fear, a life full of love given to the world and to everything, now and always.

We give you thanks for giving a face to love!

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