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Everything Passes

A message from the Blessed Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved of Heaven, today I come as the Mother of God that I am. I have come to remind you that everything passes. This truth you already know. As Mother of all, I remember you with love. Beloved soul, I am by your side always. I notice all of your needs. I watch over you, as I watch over all of humanity and every creature, for I am the Mother of everything created. I am the source of life. I am the one who has given life to everything that exists. I am life in abundance. I am love.

Pure soul, beauty of Heaven! I invite you to think more about this great truth that we remember together today: Everything ends. The world of time and form is perishable. Bodies will pass. Youth will pass like a spring flower. Projects of men will pass. Nations will pass. The sun and planets will pass. The passenger will cease because he is a passenger. Everything of time will pass. But my love will never pass. That which is eternal never passes. In this simple truth lies your peace.

Your bitterness and pain often come from a misunderstanding about permanence and time. Time was provided so that material creation has a beginning and an end. This is the intrinsic reality of time. Time is not an endless continuum. Eternity is the realm of no-time, the realm where everything happens because everything is eternal. Eternity is the realm of perfect love which is alone eternal and therefore alone real. Everything else is wrapped up in the cloak of time and in due time will cease to exist. In other words, Heaven is the realm where nothing passes ways, since it is eternal. Love never passes away. Illusion is the realm in which everything passes away. That is why we should never be afraid of anything because everything passes way except for Love.

Children, love will never cease, nor will truth or wisdom pass away, because they are the same. This truth must be united to the truth that says everything passes away. A correct understanding is necessary in order to live in the wisdom of God, and be happy in a peace that has no opposite. Wisdom is your destiny. Wisdom is the science of love because it is true knowledge. Therefore when living in wisdom you will be at peace. Your bitterness often comes from confusion between the eternal and the perishable. Once the veil of time is drawn back, wisdom will shine in all its glory before you, and you will be able to see face-to-face the truth and the love that never ends.

II. Time and Eternity

Clinging to the transient as if it were eternal reveals a lack of understanding. This mistake will be resolved as you discover the sweet taste of the wisdom of love and no longer wish to live without the joy of truth. Clinging to the transient as if it were eternal is painful. Such an attachment moves you farther from truth. If you cling to what sooner or later will no longer be, and consider it essential for your happiness, you will fear its loss. This fear of loss is often unrecognized. Acceptance is necessary for you to integrate and transcend. We save love now by removing the fear of loss from your hearts and minds, for it is a fear that comes from a lack of understanding. If you embrace the wisdom of love it fades away easily and causes no more pain.

The fear of losing what you love causes suffering because the loss of something you love activates a painful memory. That memory causes you to relive the pain of separation, which was perceived as the loss of love. When the separation arose, the pain of uprooted love was immense. Just as a beautiful flower suffers and finally faints when it is torn from the fertile Earth, when the rebellion against love arose, you felt a dismemberment of your being. The pain was so intense that it was experienced and recorded as a daze of untold proportions in the separated mind. Such a traumatic experience wounded the soul. That soul wound, caused by the denial of being, is what we will uncover today so that finally my Immaculate Heart, the ointment for wounds, will heal forever this error of perception.

Daughters and sons of a wisdom that is not of the world! Listen with calm attention and keep what is said in the silence of your heart. If you ever forget, do not worry; I will always be by your side and I will do in you what you think you cannot do. Remember, my beloved, that we are one—one heart, one mind, one holy love, one truth.

I repeat so often that you live in the presence of love, that you love one another and express love in any of the endless forms that true love can adopt because in your souls is a deep yearning to live in eternity. To fully satisfy that desire, you must live in love. Love is eternal. Love is your being. Love is what eternally remains. It is what you truly are. When you search for love, you search for eternity. When you search for what completes you, you search for the eternal. You are searching for your being. To lose love, if that were possible, would be to lose one’s being—to cease being. No one wants to stop being; that would be soul death. Love is essential for life. This is not a new commandment, but simply the condition of divine reality, the foundation of truth. What is separated from love ceases to be. What is united in love is all that is. This is inescapable. And every moment within the love of God, which manifests in infinite ways, you encounter yourself.

To live with love is to live in the Kingdom of Heaven. This is eternal life. This is Christ: Christ is Heaven because Christ is love. Letting your whole life be lived by the Christ who lives in you, will release you from the fear of loss forever. You will realize that the only thing you need is to be the love that you truly are. If you are love, you give love. Christ shines in you, and you live in God’s peace.

That is why it is so important that you often remember that everything passes. So I repeat: worries shall pass, pain shall pass, life on Earth shall pass, but your being shall never pass. You are eternal. Therefore I invite you to let nothing trouble you, let nothing scare you, whatever may seem to happen. When you immerse yourself in the depths of the heart, you will feel the certainty that comes from the remembrance that everything passes, the good and the not good, but love, like the word of God, never passes.

My daughters and sons, do not cling to the ephemeral. Cling to my Immaculate Heart and to the most Sacred Heart of my divine son Jesus. In this union of our hearts you will find forever the certainty and love for which your heart longs. Come, drink from the fountain of life. Come, rest in the arms of your Mother, who gave you life and sustains your existence. When everything passes, our love will shine and we will forever sing together of the mercies of love.

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