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The Fullness of Love

A message from the voice of Christ through a chorus of angels in the presence of the Archangel Raphael and the Archangel Gabriel

I. Love and Freedom

My love, sons and daughters of the highest, holy creatures! Today we have come once again, full of pure love for you and for all humanity, as we do every time we spend time alone with you. Immerse yourself in the unfathomable depths of triune love. Embed yourself in the solace of perfect grace. We are legion. We are pure compassion. We are the multitude of the Heavens who have come to dwell with you and with people of every condition.

Human nature! Your nature was created by the love of God, Father of creation. All who have ears to hear, listen. Your lives are important to God. Even if in your freedom you choose paths which may not be in harmony with divine will, the Creator of life always accompanies you with love. You can deprive yourself of many things if you wish, but you cannot deprive yourself of the love of God.

Love is what has given you existence. It is what keeps you a living being. It is what gives you a mind, a heart, free will, and everything that constitutes your being. Never forget that you are free. Exercise your freedom consciously by choosing what your hearts really crave. You have the full right to be happy forever. But, holy brothers and sisters, happiness consists of living consciously in the truth of what you really are. If you are not what you really are, which means being consciously aware of God’s never-ending love, then you would be nothing. And being nothing you cannot be happy because nothing is the absence of everything, including love and life.

You are pure love. That is what in truth you are, if not in illusion. What love is cannot be explained nor seen, but it can be known. To know means to experience with the whole being. When you experience whatever it is you experience with your whole being, all your senses, all your soul, then you are being full. And since fullness and love are truly one and the same, then being fully yourself is how you reach the fullness of being, and with it, the fullness of love.

It is the fullness of love of which we speak today. We speak while full of joy and peace. We speak by the pure will of the Father, who lives in harmony with the true will of your souls. We thank you for this time together and for your Yes to this wisdom that is not of the world, that manifests itself in a multitude of ways, among which this written expression is one.

About two thousand years ago you were told that if you were afraid, then you had not reached the fullness of love. This is true. Love and fear cannot coexist just as water and oil cannot come together. Coming together means union, or joining with. You cannot live with fear and with love simultaneously. It does not matter if one is illusory or not. For the purposes of what you experience, as long as you continue to believe that fear has some effect, you will believe it is real. And since your faith moves mountains, if you believe that fear has done anything, then you continue to give power to fear. Giving value to fear, believing that fear can produce some effect and therefore have some real power, prevents you from releasing it completely.

II. Free Expression

God’s child! Little one born of purity that cannot be sullied! Beloved soul of the Father! We can already realize the trinity relationship that exists between the fullness of being, love, and freedom, as they truly are one and the same. Associating love with freedom is somewhat unusual, yet that is what love is all about. To say love is to say God. To say love is to say freedom. To say love is to say life.

The fear of free—and therefore full—expression of what you are is what still holds us back. And how could you not be fearful when the world stoned those who gave themselves the unacceptable luxury of being fully as they were created?

The world cannot teach you what true freedom is, for the world as you know it is an idea of limitation and loss of being. The maxim of the world of form is to be less. That is the purpose given it by the ego. But you are no longer prisoner of the ego. Soul in love, now you are learning to live in the time of freedom. It is not intended, nor should you pretend, that after so many millennia of captivity you can live comfortably day by day in the unlimited space of freedom. Do you think that after living in prison for so many years you can enjoy the laws of freedom without going through a period of adaptation? Remember this until it is no longer necessary.

The world cannot teach you what true freedom is, yet you can show true freedom to the world. That is what you will do henceforth because you teach what you are. If you are aware of your true self you must be teaching freedom. Beloveds of Heaven! From now on, we will concentrate on the goal of teaching freedom. In this way you will recognize love.

III. Love of Wisdom

Before moving on it is essential that we remember that the fear of which we speak—the opposite of love—has nothing to do with practical fears. We use this expression, “practical fears,” to differentiate the feeling of fear that occurs when, for example, you seem likely to be struck by a fastmoving car. That is not the fear of which we speak. We are not asking you to fight against that natural feeling of protection that comes from the divine memory of being. Every being seeks permanence and you are not an exception. The urge to preserve life is part of the truth of who you are.

What you often call fear is not. It is simply prudence or certainty. You do not get away from the car out of fear, but from the certainty that comes from your being, the certainty that you do not want that for your body. This is a conservation instinct, simply a mechanism of survival. And this also has its origin in uncreated truth, since it comes from prudence, a virtue that comes from true discernment. Exposing yourself to dangers knowingly is not prudence but foolishness. Had Adam and Eve discerned danger in the Garden of Eden, they would not have eaten the fruit of the tree. Had that fear been abolished a long time ago you would not be here, listening to our voices.

The fear we speak of here is the fear of freedom, which is also the fear of yourself. To be afraid of love is to fear your own being because you are love. Let’s connect the dots: If being, love, and freedom are a triune unity, then you are not only love but also freedom. And where could freedom reside but in the realm of the will?

The will to be what you are is what free will really allows. “Fullness of love” is an expression that tries to reveal fullness of being. To be full is to live in love, for if you are not fully yourself in all aspects of your being, whatever they may be, then you cannot be fulfilled. Freedom allows you to be fully who you are, regardless of whether others realize it or not, and without any need to reposition yourself to help others see who you are. That is necessary. The only necessity is to allow yourself in every moment to be who you are as well as to allow everyone else to be who they are.

Listen carefully, sons and daughters of light. True freedom means to allow yourself, without judgment, to feel, think, do or not do what from the depths of your heart you know is true. It is the same with your brother, your sister, and with all of creation, including God. This is the most perfect definition of what true freedom is: freedom to be who you are, and lovingly to allow everything to be as it wants to be, without engaging in anything except being yourself, just as God created you to be eternally. For this to be possible, God created a universe of unlimited spaciousness. There is room for everyone. Nobody need be run over by others. Free beings will unite where the universe summons them.

Now you know where sweetness dwells, where truth lies. Now you know that freedom has been given you, not for you to deal with it, but for you to be free to be who you really are. Free to be love and nothing but love, just as God is. For that is what you are, in undivided union with the foundation of your being— your Creator, with love.

How simple is the truth! What joy to live with truth! Everything is easy in the light of divine discernment.

Now we say happily and with simple reverence:

Oh holy wisdom, joy of the eternal truth, your sweetness is sweeter than honey and your radiance more effulgent than the sun.

Oh light of divine wisdom! Who can count your wonders, who your beauty?

Before time you existed and gave shape to life. You ordered everything perfectly, giving a time for everything. Before humans could think, you created the mind and made your holy dwelling. Before the human heart began to throb, you flew over the formless waters in which life would be born in abundant, innumerable forms that would express your ineffable beauty.

Oh blessed light of eternal wisdom! You are the cry of the angels of God, veneration of the wise, sweetness of the humble, and munificence of the kind.

Oh holy wisdom! Let me never separate from you. Be the source of my knowledge and work forever.

And so we say “Amen,” so that through this holy prayer the everlasting wisdom may be invoked in our consciousness and we may live forever in its radiance.

Sons and daughters of light, love, and wisdom, love will guide your steps and those of all who truly love. Become wise in love.

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