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Love the Cross

A message from the Archangel Raphael

I. Prelude

Beloved brothers and sisters, friends of my soul, I am Archangel San Raphael. I stand before you with my name as you know it. I have come to say and express how much I love you and also to remind you and all those who receive these words that I am also known as “the Medicine of God.” This is the name I prefer you to use to address me so you remember that in God it is always possible to be completely healed no matter how much a part of creation may have fallen ill. Did you really believe that the Father, who is infinite love, would allow His child, who is the light of His eyes and the reason for His existence, to choose an option that would lead him or her to suffering without possibility of return? God not only creates but heals. The healing force of God is what I am.

Beloved of God, before developing the topic that I have come to share, allow me to express to you, at least in a small degree, how much I love you. You are the delight of my heart because you are the delight of God. To look at you is to look at Heaven. Your heart sings and vibrates every time you hear the voice of love because you know the language of Heaven perfectly. Through the beating of your passionate heart, you create a song of praise whose beauty is beyond description. Souls in love with Christ, your eyes are for me like two beacons, through which eternal wisdom sparkles. Your body, as it is, is the living expression of the body of Christ on Earth and therefore is the admiration of angels. Your way of being, as God created it, is not just a little piece of Heaven, but holiness personified. I thank you in the name of all creation for existing.

I thank you in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for being as you are. All of us who have been clothed in the glory of the Father thank you for your Yes to love. And with these words of gratitude we thank all those who receive us with humility, peace, and love. You who are reading or listening to these words, know that you are the beauty of God. Your existence is a joy for all creation. You are valuable. You are important. Your life and your happiness matter to us. We know your every laugh and cry. We are not indifferent to the beating of the human heart. The joy of a mother in a son or daughter reverberates a hundredfold. Everything that is yours reverberates in us a hundredfold.

Today I want to be alone with you. The Father, in His infinite goodness, has allowed it and I thank God for His will. Alone with you but not in solitude, because we always unite in love; where two or more come together in the name of love there is Christ. And where Christ is, there are angels and with them, Mary. And where Mary is, there is life, harmony, and joy. Therefore, gathered together in our union and relationship, we are left alone to speak heart to heart in holy intimacy, in the sacred temple of our holy mind, united in love and enveloped in a light that will never wane. It is the light of wisdom, a healthful, healing, restoring light.

II. Acceptance and Healing

I am God’s Medicine and I want to heal all your wounds so that you cease to suffer. I want to heal the hearts and minds of all the children of God. I want to heal the Earth and the Sun. I want to heal the whole universe. I will, because that is the will of God. Since you and God are one, you are also one with me. I am not something foreign to you, just as you are not alien to me. I see you when you wake up, when you are praying every morning, when you go out for a walk. I see you at every moment and in you I contemplate the living miracle of God. I accompanied you in your exploits, which sometimes made me smile, seeing that many times you acted like the child that seeks to play the game of the great, without realizing that you are and always will be a child, a little one.

Oh, tiny souls! Souls that the world does not see and often obliterates! Yet you are the beloved souls of God. You have little idea of how much love the Father radiates before all that live in holy humility. God is a friend of the humble. God has a special liking for them. What I say is not a hyperbole, it is a minimal glimpse of God’s incomparable love for you and for everyone who lives in the humility of the heart. I speak of humility because it is in humility that you can find me. It is in humility that you will find the ointment for your wounds.

Humility means walking in truth and it is in the truth that you are that all healing resides. It may not appear to be the case, but this is what I will speak of today—of the ability of truth to heal every wound and to restore all creation in the blink of an eye, no matter how injurious or how small the condition may appear. Suffering does not belong to you nor to any part of creation. You cannot cure what you cannot see, nor can you understand cause and effect. You are called to be a healer because you and I are one. Therefore the Medicine of God is not alien to you. I speak to you as if I seem to be a being external to you, but I am not. We are of the same will and of the same being, therefore we are one. There is nothing in me that does not reside in you because there is nothing in me that does not come from God.

I am Archangel San Raphael, the Medicine of God, and I can cure all diseases, all wounds, all that makes you and the whole world suffer. But you must trust: Trust the words that are given to you for love and make them yours. This requires humility. You are now ready to heal consciously. What could it mean that you are ready now, but before were not? Before, you were not prepared for healing because you were identified with the ego. As long as that identification persisted, total healing was impossible. How could there be healing when the cause of disease is not eliminated? The wisdom that I am imparting to you is not new, it is eternal; it does not come from knowledge acquired by the world but from God. All sickness, all suffering, comes from separation. There is no other source. There is no other cause. Separation is the only thing you should keep in mind when you seek to heal. This will be explained in detail so that here and now you can live in the peace and happiness of God.

You need not wait to be happy. You can be happy now, and I ask you to do so now. Healing and happiness are the same. Nobody is happy when sick. I shall eliminate the concept of illness in the mind and when this has happened completely, you cannot experience it as you have until now. All disease and suffering come from the separation of your being. In other words, when you separate yourself from your being, you experience sickness and suffering. What does it mean to separate from your own being? It means that you perceive something in yourself that you do not want, and by not wanting it, you look for all possible means to “get rid” of it. This includes the attempt to get rid of feelings, thoughts, sensations, and any perceived states that you do not like in yourself or others, which is the same. This has already been discussed, but now we take a step further, so that you can find a way to free yourself from that mental-emotional mechanism of escape.

III. Rejoin

How you relate to what you do not like is the basis of healing. So far you have dealt with what you do not like in a way that only hurt yourself unnecessarily. What you do not like is external to you. What you do not like is an event. What you like or do not like is what you feel in your heart or perceive in your mind to either love or fear, accept or reject. What you love, you embrace. What you do not love, you reject, which is to attack. Disease is born from this war, this conflict. To be afraid of something that you either feel as a sensation or perceive as a thought causes you to separate yourself from your own being. “Take it away” is how you reject it. You send what you do not like to unconsciousness by forgetting. A similar mechanism is your avoidance behavior when you try to avoid certain types of people, situations, events, or relationships— something you do with anything that may arouse unwanted feelings or thoughts.

There would be no need to reject anything if there were no desire to be special. What you really want to do, with this mechanism of aversion, rejection, and attack, is to try to remove something from your being that does not fit with your idealized image of yourself or of God. You have fallen ill and have suffered unnecessarily for lack of full acceptance of what you actually are and have always been. To fully accept yourself is healing, and therefore full of happiness. All your suffering was unnecessary. This does not mean that God has not taken your pain into account and transmuted it to the extent that you allowed through the Holy Spirit. God is not an inert being unmoved by your pain. But God knows the source of that pain as well as the source of healing. God knows that you will heal when you align yourselves with divine will. It is a matter of will.

No one heals who does not want to. In the same way, no one becomes consciously ill; the disease is unconsciousness, as is suffering. To be unconscious of part of yourself is to reject something of you, which is unloving of yourself. My beloveds, listen well: The path to full healing is to love, to embrace every- thing that arises in you. This has already been said. Its cost is to embrace the cross with an embrace of love: loving the cross.

Loving the cross seems contrary to happiness, or even insane. This was true in the time of the ego. But now we are no longer in that time. The ego in you is gone. Now you are free of that false identification that caused so much useless pain. The pain of the ego was from your identification with it—a denial of your true identity. The ego corresponds to the denial of your being. Every time you separate yourself from your feelings, emotions, sensations, or thoughts, or whatever your inner experience may be, and separate yourself from their expression, you separate yourself from a part of your being.

Feel how your body reacts to an affirmation that says: Brother, sister, love the cross! Embrace the pain! Part of you trembles with great fear at the prospect of feeling pain, anger, anguish, sadness, depression, murderous thoughts, disappointments, discouragement, melancholy, or anything you have labeled as unworthy of you. This aversion to love the cross—that is, to accept everything that is part of you now and always—is what makes you suffer, not the cross itself. You create your own cross, labeling it as undesirable or inappropriate. It was said, “Take your cross and follow me,” not for you to suffer but for you to stop being afraid of pain and thereby eliminate all suffering from your existence.

You do not want the cross because you have judged it to be undesirable, just as with everything you do not like. Some have tried to give meaning to the cross, which allows them to appease the feeling of anger. Others do not want to see it and thus try to live as if it does not exist. When they run into it they writhe and rant against God, life, and the world, in an attempt to release their inner energy and thereby “take it away.” Everything you do not like and have not accepted is the source of disease. In full acceptance of all, healing is born. Acceptance of all your feelings and thoughts, without judging them in any way, but embracing them in love, will make for a happy life. Herein is holy indifference to the world.

IV. Healing Is Here

Brother, sister, to end our dialogue together let me tell you that you are ready to heal fully. You have summoned me. You have summoned the Medicine of God because from the depths of your being you want to be happy and live life fully. For this to happen, together we must raise all situations and relationships as necessary to re-experience what one day was denied and to reintegrate now by feeling. This is the way to return to the Father’s House, that is, to return to the integrity, wholeness, of your being. This is to gather what had been dispersed. A whole being is a safe and sound being. An unintegrated being is a suffering being. In integrity or lack thereof lies the difference between being healthy or not.

With all my heart I ask you to embrace everything that arises in your life. This does not mean that you try to like what you dislike. It does not mean that you change the label already applied, saying that something seems good when you think it is bad. Nor are you being asked to call the profane holy. I do not advocate illusion or lies! We are speaking of the truth as the only source of healing, and therefore of humility. We are speaking of trust: to trust fully that there is no feeling or thought in you that is not holy. Everything in you is good. Everything in you is perfect. Everything in you is beautiful. Everything in you is light. It is essential for you to accept that there are no bad thoughts or bad feelings.

There are only thoughts and feelings. They exist for you to be able to express yourself. Honor them for what they are, a blessed part of you that is manifesting. Honor them because everything that comes from you is blessed and beautiful. This is true. Do not doubt even one moment of your life, for you are beauty personified. God feels everything you feel in your heart and think in your mind. Now you are a new being. And that new being is aware of union with God.

Beloved children of God, little do you realize how much I want today to be the day in which you learn to embrace the cross in Christ. Let today be the day in which you decide to love everything you feel, experience, and think, both in yourself and in others. This is possible because everything that now comes to your life is holy; its purpose is to reintegrate everything that was dispersed in you. If anger was what you rejected, now it will come to you, not to frighten you as it did in the past, but as a holy messenger to tell you: “Brother, embrace me in love, I am only a feeling and therefore I am pure because I come from you.” If feelings of vulnerability were what you hid so carefully, now they will come to you because you are prepared. As with anger, it will say to you: “My sister, do not reject me, I am part of you, I am pure, I am holy as are you, so let me be.” And accept it you will, allowing yourself to feel vulnerable without fighting it. The same will happen with depression, if this is what you denied, as well as with joy, tenderness, and compassion, for how many times have you drowned your laughter, and hid your smile? How many times have you refrained from expressing the tenderness of your heart?

The circumstances—which are relationships—that appear in your life from now on will help you to reintegrate your being, or make yourself aware that you are already an integral being. With this, perfect healing takes place. Nothing will be left unseen. Everything will come to light. Rejoice because you are ready to see everything in yourself through the eyes of Christ, through the eyes of love.

Trust me. Trust in the wisdom of life. Trust that everything that comes to you will make you increasingly aware of the healing that is already yours. Remember to embrace everything you feel. Honor it, whether you like it or not. And very soon you will see that that distinction will disappear and there will simply be love. For you will love everything you are now and always, without the need to create an ideal self, or wear yourself out creating a self-image. Now you will love yourself. You will be healthy. Or more accurately, as you regain the awareness that you have already healed, the entire universe does as well. Now you and I are one. You no longer need invoke the Medicine of God, you are the medicine. You are the sick, the healthy, the healing, the healed, and the healer. And your brothers and sisters will soon come to you; and you, in silence, without doing anything, with only your presence, will heal them, for that is God’s will for you, just as it is for me.

Can you start to see how many feelings and thoughts you have drowned? How little spontaneity has remained after “growing up”? How many games have you stopped playing, pretending to look serious and mature? The time has come when that is past! Now we replace seriousness with freedom. We give up the fear of feeling and being, for love. We embrace everything that we are. We are here, now and always. We do not deny our being. We replace denial with full acceptance. In this way we recover the awareness of our perfect unity. We live in the embrace of love. This is how everything that seems to be outside is embraced, because in the full acceptance of what you are, the frontiers of the internal and external vanish. Those frontiers were created by minds in separation to push “outside” what they did not like inside. Now, the inside and the outside are one, as they always have been, all united in love.

This is how Heaven and Earth come together. We recognize that we are one being. Now you are healthy, for you unconditionally accept yourself, and with that, your sisters, brothers, and the whole world. Through acceptance you replace the fear of yourself with love of yourself. Now you love everything that arises in you, even the cross. Now you love yourself.

My blessing to you that you hear and follow the voice of love.

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