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Come, Be My Light

A message from Archangel Raphael in unison with the Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Beloved pure soul, betrothed of the living Christ, love that God is! Today we have come, once again, as the countless children of the Creator that we are. We have come by the will of the Father to speak to you and to all souls who in one way or another receive the words of love and wisdom of this blessed work. You souls are in the design who by your openness of heart welcome this manifestation of Heaven. From all eternity you have been conceived by divine wisdom as part of a supreme plan. We have come to address you today by means of a helping hand who, as a scribe of Heaven, becomes the channel of our angelic voice and serves the cause and effect of heavenly love.

Thank you for listening to the voice of Christ, the voice that speaks in all hearts thirsting for love and truth. Christ is love. Only the true love of Christ is Heaven. You who are the betrothed of Christ, remember always that the Father has given us a message for each of you who are part of this work, either by reading, lovingly listening, or by sharing your experience and giving expression to the love and beauty of God. We also speak to the many who unknowingly receive the love that flows from us to them through this channel of grace. They are minds that in one way or another seek the truth, hearts that sincerely yearn for peace, love, and concord.

Beloveds of God, remember that the word of the Most High is the word of eternal life. It is a living, life-giving word. It always achieves its purpose. And since it comes from everlasting wisdom, the pure love that you call Abba, Father, God, or Creator, it is unlimited. It is not subject to time or space. Thus the voice of love always reaches where it needs to go. The word of God is like the wind: you know not from where it comes or where it goes, but it blows. The wind of love always blows, refreshing arid hearts and removing the debris that conceals the soul’s light of truth.

Holy ones, we have come in response to the call from you who have asked for a spiritual practice. In the past you have immersed yourselves in the grace of prayer and contemplation. Know now that we are no longer on the path of effort, action, sacrifice, or rituals of form. You no longer need exercises. Now you are in the time of living the truth that you are, in the time of being, in the time of the joy of love. This is the time of Mary, a time of harvest, in which you, the sowers, return singing as you bring in the sheaves, a time of remaining in the radiant presence of the truth that is the supreme end of reason. However, since you have asked for a practice, it will be given, just as you who asked for a path of devotion and prayer have been given the devotion to the union of three hearts. A single practice is all that we offer for you who are the spouse of perfect love, who already live in truth.

Remember: while truth is always true, not everyone comes to it at the same time. It is always advisable that even though a practice is no longer necessary, or even inappropriate, still it may be used until the perfect time for you to release it. Meanwhile, God attends to this particular desire of your soul. Therefore, enjoy the ineffable gift that Heaven gives you in this spiritual exercise, which, if understood in spirit and truth, contains within itself all true practices of love of the Creator that help us to live in union with the totality of God.

II. An Exercise In Union

Be still now. Leave the world outside. Leave aside all your worries, if you still perceive any. Let all your beliefs go serenely. Immerse yourself in you and in the immeasurable vastness of your soul. Call with all the love of your heart:

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Husband of my soul.

Say the name three times. Call him what he really is for you: blessed husband of your soul. Feel the name resonate throughout the universe. Become aware of how creation is silent in perfect reverence before the love of loves when you, the betrothed, pronounce the name of your divine spouse. Say the name of the beloved of your soul, then be silent. In peace remember that Jesus is the name of the humanized Christ, God made man, your brother, your husband, your divine savior.

Immerse yourself in expectation. Observe all creation as imbued in sacred silence, in the ecstasy of love, truth, and contemplation, in the presence of the husband of love. Feel the union of your heart with the sacred heart of Jesus. Join him. Stay with your beloved. Stay in love. Fulfill yourself in this. Tell him how much you love him, then return to silence. Let love do what it does.

After having met with Jesus in his most sacred heart, pronounce the name of the mother of the living, who is also your blessed mother. Say to yourself:

Mary, Mary, Mary,
Mother of God and my mother.

Link your heart with the Immaculate Heart of Mary and become a single being in union with the mother of love and with Jesus. Become one heart with the divine essence. Get lost in Mary. Feel the embrace of tenderness. Feel the warmth of motherhood that springs from your insides and imbibes your whole being. Feel the sweetness of Mary. Abide in the purity of your heart. Be silent, and drink from the fountain of eternal life that springs from the Immaculate Heart. Now, join your soul to Jesus and Mary. Let Christ express himself as what you are, here and now. Enjoy yourself in the presence of love.

Beloved soul, follow God’s voice. Regardless of what you believe about Jesus or Mary, even if you knew nothing of the greatness of their divine hearts, simply pronounce the names and receive in the depths of your heart the grace of being aware of your union with all that is true. Your soul knows of what we speak. The soul sings, dances, and vibrates upon hearing names of love.

Do this exercise every day if necessary. Cast yourself confidently into the arms of love. Stay in this divine union, the refuge of your soul. Your mind will find the solace and security it seeks in the center of the heart of Jesus and Mary. Your heart will find the calmness, peace, and serenity of spirit for which it longs. Embark with the nectar of pure divine truth that emanates from this union of perfect love. Inhale the beauty of the holy perfume that springs from this sacred union. Become one with the whole. Stay in the presence of love, now and always.

III. A New Alliance

Sisters and brothers in Christ! Now that you know how to reunite with the totality of the love that you truly are, and now that you know that you do not need any spiritual exercises—except the ones that keep you united to the love that you are—you are perfectly ready to receive this message of love from Heaven. We have come to form with you a new alliance, which is within the great alliance that Mary has made with you, or rather that God Himself has made with you and whose perfect expression is the love of Mary.

Beloveds of God, this is a message from your Heavenly Mother, brought from the dimension of no-time by our angelic hands and magnificently proclaimed in the voice of our celestial choir. We give it with all the love of our hearts, with all the love of the Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in whose essence everything that is true exists, including you. Please receive this gift with love and humble gratitude, aware of how much God loves you and how much love for you manifests through Mary and Jesus.

Yes, beloveds of the Father, we have come to seal a perfect alliance with you for you to become aware of the covenant of your hearts with eternal love. You and your Creator have a perpetual alliance of pure love. What is a betrothal but an alliance? Do you not use a ring as a symbol of a marriage alliance? We do it in the name of God, that is, in the name of love. This is a covenant of love between you and God, a renewed pact that today will be sealed forever. This covenant reflects the beauty of your heart united with the greatness of the heart of Jesus. This covenant already exists; today it comes to awareness. It is a pact between you and your being, between you and truth, a covenant never to separate yourself again, even for a moment, from the love of God, just as He never separated, nor will ever separate, from you.

Both of you are now linked with bonds of love and light, united for eternity. In this covenant, God Himself warrants: my beloved, blessed soul that came out of my being, we are no longer two but one flesh, one spirit, one truth, one identity, one holy love. We are the perfect union of truth. We are the oneness of love. We are eternally one, husband and wife, lover and beloved. We are two faces of a single truth—the face of love and the face of holiness. We are a perpetual alliance of love. We are one, the created and the Creator. We mutually accept the absolute, irreplaceable, indissoluble dependence of God on you and your being on Him. God Himself has now become fully dependent on your trust and your love.

In the silence of love from the depths of our hearts we listen with joy and sacred veneration to what the Father says to the Son, what the husband says to the spouse. God speaks with the soul. Hear now, in silence, the voice of love speaking to love.

The voice of God the Father: “My love! Soul that has sprung from My love, self of My Self, ineffable beauty! One day you wandered through strange lands. That day, seven swords pierced the heart of this faithful beloved. From that day I waited for you with a flaming desire of love. I looked for you throughout Heaven and Earth. I placed myself on a hill so you could see Me. In the glory of My resurrection as Jesus I called to you. I made portents and gave signs in many times and places so you could not fail to see, to bring you back to My arms. I sang you love songs so you would not forget Me. I sent My messengers to remind you of the love that unites us. In the bed of Heaven that I prepared for you from eternity, I waited. I prepared a mansion for you who are on the throne of My divine heart. In this mansion of Heaven I will treat you with the most delicious delicacies, delicacies that sprout from the delight of My heart.

“Oh, beloved of My Self, ecstasy of a God who is infinite love! You are the delight of My heart. You are the beauty of Heaven in which creation recreates itself. You are the love of My life. Oh, beloved soul! From the day I saw you leave, My heart sang a plea of love that said: Come back, come home My child! Come back to My arms, My beloved!

“Pure soul, beauty that has sprung from My holiness! One day you went to wander through strange lands. You left Me terminally ill in the desert of your absence, a father without a child, husband without a wife. All light became darkness. All music from Heaven was silent. I was bereft. Oh, beloved child, love of My Self! If you could imagine the pain that My divine heart felt upon seeing you depart, you would cease to exist. Oh, beloved! How much pain to have you separated from Me! Such pain of your absence can never be assessed. But child of My love, now that you have returned, which for all eternity I knew must happen—because I am your Father and Creator and I know the heart of My child—now that you have returned of your own will, My happiness has no comparison.

“What love can be greater than love that chooses to love eternally, purely, in truth and freedom? Just as seven swords crossed My heart when you left, an infinite universe of endless joy arose when I saw you return—a happiness that can never wane because it comes from the perfect certainty that we will now remain together eternally. The joy of eternal reunion abolishes all trace of pain. Your return multiplies joy and love. Great is the feast of Heaven for your return! Great is My inextinguishable happiness. Even though the love of a child inside a mother’s womb is worthy of praise and joy, more joyful is the love of the child who, though free not to love, nevertheless chooses to love her with all their soul, with all their heart, and with all their self. Oh, My child! You are the joy of your Father. You are the triumph of love.”

The response of the Soul: “My love, Father of Heaven and of everything created, Beloved of my soul, I am here. I am back. I have returned. I returned not by myself but was brought by You in Your own arms. You searched for me. You found me. You loved me first. You brought me back to the nuptial bed of Heaven that is Your heart. You, my Father, my Beloved, You and only You have found what was lost. You saved me from eternal nothingness. You who are infinite compassion took pity on this lost soul who, without the warmth of Your love, would have passed through all eternity in the desert, thirsty for truth, in frozen lovelessness.

“You, faithful Beloved, have brought me back. And by the grace of Your kindness and mercy, I will be able to sing forever to the glory and purity of Your love. I have returned to Your arms, brought by Your love, to remain forever attached by Your side. Oh, my Beloved! Now I will sing eternally, with Your angels, the divine melodies that spring from the hearts that have become one with Your divine heart. Oh, my soul’s Beloved! Hold me to You for all eternity. Do not let me ever separate from You so that I can enjoy eternity in Your company.”

In union with your soul all Heaven now says “Amen.”

This sacred dialogue resonates throughout the universe. The perpetual covenant between your being and your true God-Self is sealed with this dialogue of perfect love. Your being and God have consciously become one for all eternity, a willful act of divine and human natures. Both natures have united for eter- nity. The alliance is sealed in a deliberate act of your free will, an act of free choice to which every soul is called. It is an act that you, individually, do in the name of all souls here and now because you have become a channel for the reunion of souls. You gather what was dispersed. You open a new portal between Heaven and Earth through which the miracle of divine love flows and extends. Anyone wishing to drink from this sacred source will be forever satisfied.

IV. Channels of the Light

Sons and daughters of the reunion of Heaven! Souls who by your own will, joined with the will of God, have returned to the Father’s house! You who welcome these words with love, this is the revelation being given to you now: You have been chosen to be channels of light. Each of you is called to spread love in your own way. We call you to constitute a countless number of channels of light that will open the floodgates of your hearts and let flow the light of truth and divine love. You will live as living reflections of the light of Christ. You will be love flowing from Heaven to Earth. You will be fireflies of love, stars of the new creation.

You who receive these words, know that you are ready.

As channels of light, which in these final times is as it was two thousand years ago for the apostles, you do not proselytize or seek to convince anyone of anything. You look for nothing. Why look for what has already been found? What will never be lost again?

As channels of light you are the living expression of love. This is what you are invited to be from now on. You are the souls that have passed through holy love. By letting yourselves be traversed by Him, you have been made one with Him. By becoming one with Him, you are no longer of the world but have been reborn in the spirit of God. You are the anointed ones. You are those who from all eternity were chosen in the design to continue the work of creation, that is, the endless extension of love. You are those brought into the world to bring the living Christ to Earth. You are the channels of the Second Coming of Christ through whom rivers of grace will flow. You are torrents of love, blessed clouds that will bring a deluge of blessings, flooding the Earth with love and truth. You are the true worshippers of the Father, for you worship Him in spirit and truth. You are those to whom the Father of lights says: Come. Be my light!

Blessed souls! You who are called to be part of the countless channels of light, join us, the angels of God. Join with Heaven. Join the love of Mary Immaculate. Join the living Christ who lives in you. Extend love to the world so that the Son of God returns to find not only faith on Earth but love, beauty, and holiness. You are called to be channels of light, the ones who prepare the Earth for the Immaculate Heart of Mary. You will plant white lilies, roses, and daisies, and the eternal spouse of souls will come to dwell among humans. Beloved of Christ, accept this invitation to be a channel of light. This is the invitation you have been waiting for since you came into the world, created for you as the personification of the purity and holiness of God.

Beloved, blessed souls, hear with perfect clarity! Being that for which you have been created is how to live in perfect happiness. Being a channel of light is your grace, your destiny and your glory. Although you already know this, still you wonder what is your specific function. In this call lies your vocation, because extending love is both the reason for your life and the fullness of your being. Listen well, beloved of God, as we repeat what your heavenly Father tells you from the immeasurable immensity of the created universe: Come, my child. Be my light, now and always.

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