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The Fertility of Union

A message from Archangel Raphael in unison with the Choir of Angels in the presence of Archangel Gabriel

I. Prelude

Betrothed of the living Christ, today we have come once again, arrayed in the glory of the Father. You know us as a multitude of angels of God, like a procession of the betrothed who leaves the temple with the hand of her beloved after being espoused by Him, her soul’s eternal spouse. This great blessing of perfect love we have received and extend to you by the will of God. We come in love and truth. In endless joy we unite with your being forever. We thank you for accepting our loving presence. We thank you for allowing us to be part of the betrothal of your self and the Divine Self that is the source of all being.

Your spiritual marriage has already taken place; know it and accept it. Understand this well because of the false interpretations that may linger in your mind. All are called to spiritual betrothal. This is nothing peculiar. Understand clearly that betrothal means a union in fertility, a union in which one always lives. Everything exists in union. And every union is fruitful in some way. Your union with God, the union of your being with the love that you truly are, is no exception.

Just as we explained creation in seven stages or phases, so do we explain the evolution of consciousness as seven phases of the soul, or seven abodes of love. Although symbolic, it helps to understand this history, this movement.

There is a time for everything, even outside of time. This is not something that can be fully understood when the mind and heart are still limited by conditioned thinking. But every mind that has transcended the ego can understand it —and that includes every mind that has come this far and that by the design of its heart and its creator has decided to accept these words. These minds understand that word-symbols simply point to an end. These minds have already been able to integrate form with the formless. Such integration is what we have come to speak of today: an integration that will help you comprehend to a greater degree the state of union, of betrothal, that lives in your souls. And you will know more fully how God loves you and the ineffable beauty of the soul’s love for its Creator. Such is the love of which we speak: the love of God for the pure soul, and its reciprocation.

II. The Degrees of Union

Everything that exists must exist in union. This is always true and must be understood at all levels. Even at the level at which time seemed to be for the purpose separation or the loss of conscious union with God, everything was still unified, since nothing can exist outside of unity. Joining the ego was an option, and it paid off with dark and sad fruit. What else could have been generated in a union like that? Joining the ego was a joining with something that was not the truth of your nature, but nevertheless, you united with it and you fathered a child.

Fear breeds fear just as love creates new love. You join human nature with human law. This union begot the world. Joining the world is an available option. Just as you can join this or that group and with it join their values, laws, norms, and systems of thought and organization, thus it happens with any union. In union you become one with what you join. Likewise, in love you become one with the beloved. You always become one with what you love.

Can you join with what makes you suffer? Oh, yes, of course; you know this very well. Can you join with what is foreign to your nature? Oh, yes, to a certain extent, and that will engender a brokenness in which there will be neither beauty, nor peace, nor harmony, because it is contrary to your nature. It will be a temporary fertility. Such fruit is destined to vanish because it does not have the necessary elements that allow it to be preserved. Moreover, it will be fruitless, sterile. Obviously this is not true union, but we will take up this distinction between true union and false union later. What is important to realize now is that all union produces effects. In your freedom you are free to join love or join what is loveless. You can join anything you wish, but you are not free not to join. We shall expand upon this.

Just as we speak of levels of creation, or of a higher level and a lower level, or a corporal level and a spiritual level, we must understand union similarly. At the level of the body—and this includes the physical as well as what you call the psychic—that is, at the level of the humanity that you think you are, unions exist even if they are imperfect and incomplete. They are, never- theless, unions. It would be unworthy and useless to deny such unions, since every union, incomplete or not, contains a desire for unity which arises from a true impulse for union. This desire comes from the simple fact of being, and it always happens within pairs. This is why in nature you can clearly see the union between the members of the same species. What is like your being will join with you because of what you are and what it is. If well understood, this law of attraction is the law of creation. Just as two droplets of mercury are attracted and unite to form a single drop, so does the soul and that which is similar to it, be it in truth or illusion.

The levels or phases of creation or being, constitute an evolutionary path. The journey of the soul exists. You have been journeying as an individual and as a collective along a continuum of evolution of consciousness from unconsciousness, or separation, towards consciousness, or union. The initial phase of that state of union is a union of integrity, in which the being holds together within itself all that constitutes its true being. Then you pass to a state of union of betrothal, or fruitful union, wherein you no longer only recognize the unity with all that you are and with all that is, but you unite—as a constituent part of who you are—with the spirit of love in a fruitful union that engenders in you the living Christ. You then go one step further and join the essence of the universal motherhood of love, from which, in union with God, you eternally give birth to new love. It is only when you reach this state or level that you eternally extend the love that God is in a conscious way. This is true extension: the perpetual creation of new love, creating love; creating love, you keep creating love. This is true creation.

III. Integrity and Union

Now that we have recognized that all union produces fruit of some kind, we will speak of the fertility of union. You understand that union means your joining everything you are, everything that is true of you. You know that your being is unified and whole. From that integrity of being you can recognize what you really are and act as God would have you to act according to His divine plan of love, not as you think you should act according to laws that are not in accord with your true nature. You were never called to join anything external; that is not possible. And therein lies your difficulty. What you have believed in, but will not believe much longer, is that to unite means to join “something.” You seek to add rather than to unite. Until now you thought you could unite intimately with what is external, rather than with what you are. Today we give thanks to the spirit of wisdom for this grace of Heaven, blessing us with the truth and freeing us from the mistake of believing that union can consist of joining with anything external— indeed, the error of believing that there is anything external to yourself. The error is adding instead of remaining in union; the error is not understanding that unity refers to that which is indivisible.

Since we are now ready to accept that we become one with that to which we unite, we must further understand that if we join with that which has no meaning, then it must be because we somehow believe we do not have meaning ourselves. We believe ourselves to be insignificant. But if we know that we are one with God and have already returned to truth, what else can be the object of our longing but for God Himself? My beloved, you could never join anything less than God and be happy because your nature and God’s are the same. You could never lower yourself to anything below God and still feel whole. The infinite beauty of the pure love that God is, is your likeness. It always has been. Listening to a loveless voice is so alien to your nature that it is incredible that you have been able to do so at all. Poor is the fish out of the water; it can neither breathe nor move freely. You cannot live outside the element that you were created to live in. You cannot live outside of love. God’s sons and daughters! Love is your nature, your sustenance, your food, the air that breathes your soul, the source of living water in which your being is imbued. Love is the atmosphere in which your being lives. Love is the wisdom that flows through all you are. Love is your home. Love is the life of your soul. The soul itself is love.

Remember, daughters and sons of truth, that the love we are talking about is not what the world calls love. We do not speak of the uncreated truth of a specific love that loves some and never everyone. Nor speak we of a love that makes the lover and the beloved special. Nor of a love that separates rather than unites, nor of a love that today is and tomorrow is gone, nor of a love that arises from fear and disguises itself as love but is really a desire to be special. Rather we speak of God’s love for you, and you for Him. We speak of an eternal love with no beginning or end, a love that gives origin and meaning to everything that exists, a love that eternally creates new love.

The power of this divine love surpasses all human measurement. Now we rise above the mountaintop to which human reasoning could take us and let the truth itself lift us up in flight, because that is the nature of truth. Now we stretch our thoughts further, beyond mental limitations. Now we let truth itself take us to heights of holiness where human thought cannot reach, where nothing imperfect can reach. There, only the sweetness of love dwells, the tenderness of God reigns, and Christ and your being are one eternally. Light is born.

IV. Free Will and Union

Begin to remember the irresistible force of love. Begin to remember, now, the strength of the pure love that embraces the universe. Begin to remember how attractive is God’s power. Stay with those memories. Carry them in the silence of your heart. Become one with them. Join with the power of love. Fulfill yourself in it. Let its immeasurable, unfathomable force penetrate you and transform your mind and heart with the ecstasy of peace and truth. Let the light of truth flood your being. Become one with God. Let yourself be born into the true union of love.

Betrothed of Christ, the love of a pure soul for the Creator, like the love of God for the soul, is so irresistible that even a mad ego could never erase it. For a pure soul, the attraction of Christ is incomparable. Its power is indescribable, for it is the creative life energy that sustains all creation in both motion and unity. In its essence, the power of Christ’s love for you, compared to atomic energy that binds the elements of an atom, is like a hurricane to a tiny breeze.

Once again we turn to scientists to help you understand. Just as the nucleus of an atom attracts to itself the elements of which it is composed, so the love of Christ draws the whole of creation toward God. God is the center of the created universe. Christ is the force of God’s love that holds creation together, drawing all to the heart of God. The Holy Spirit is the force that gives move- ment to all that is in Christ. Scientists recognize a force that holds together its essence, which is analogous to the truth of who you are and what creation is. Thus quantum physics recognizes an invisible power that holds all matter, yet lets each part be what it is. So is it with you.

The love of Christ for his beloved keeps her eternally, indivisibly united. The pure soul cannot be separated from the heart of God. They are one. This is why you have been called “an atom of God.” Yet although everything is united, there are degrees of union. Not everything within an atom is joined with the same degree of closeness. Likewise is it in the design of the physical universe. There is a center, and everything revolves in different degrees of closeness to that center, remaining united while in motion within the totality. Similarly one body can to greater or lesser degrees join another, or rather, other selves. This is the case with all union.

The degree of union that you choose to have with the truth is what constitutes your “free will.” That you are far from love does not make you separate from it; rather, you live remotely to love. Said in a humanly understandable way, in a family there are many types of children. Some are closer to their parents and to the family as a whole than others. But all are still children of the same family. This cannot be changed. The filiation may be denied, there may be great distance, but one cannot nullify the truth of a family. Likewise you may join the love that you are as closely as you want, but you can never be completely separate from it.

V. Fertile Union

We speak now not of a filial union but a fruitful union: the union in which, in the way of bodies, is the union of spouses, a union that produces life. A new being is created from that union. Mere contact with something or someone is not real joining. There may be a degree of union or disunion. What is truly united remains indivisible. It has an integrity that cannot disintegrate. Creation, and with it your being, is an undivided unity with God, seamless, without fissures of any kind.

We no longer speak of a union where Jesus Christ is your father or your teacher, or where Mary is your mother or your co-redeemer. Now we speak of your unity with God. “God and I are one” is said in spirit and in truth.

Now we speak of Christ as the soul’s husband, a husband who impregnates the soul and gives the seeds of a child. The wife accepts, is fertilized, and gives Christ a child. A new being is created in her and through her. That created being, the fruit of the union between Christ and the soul—you—is the inevitable result of union with God. In this union, the husband brings his love to the spouse, and the spouse receives it with love and gratitude. When that reception is completed, the seed that the husband planted in the spouse—in the garden of Eden—carries within itself all that the husband is, and becomes one with all that the spouse is. In this union is the creation of a new being that carries within itself everything of both, not one or the other, but a third something, equal in nature.

The love of Christ, together with the love of the soul, creates new love. The union of bodies is not true union; incomplete, never eternal, it cannot create anew as can a spiritual union. If two fertile bodies unite, they will create a new body. Corporal creates corporal. When love joins with love, new love is created. When truth joins with truth, new truth is created. When beauty joins with beauty, new beauty is created. Likewise when your mind joins the mind of Christ, it will conceive thoughts like those of Christ. When your heart joins the heart of God, it will conceive loving feelings as God conceives them.

Only in joining does fertile love create life. Creation is an act of communion. For your soul to be fertile, it must be fertilized. And in order to be fertilized, you must allow yourself to be impregnated. If you are a mother, and I assure you that as pure souls you are mothers, then there has to be a way for your motherhood to be, for the pure potentiality of your motherhood to be fulfilled. There is that in you that has the power of divine fertility. When it becomes fulfilled, even though it is but part of your true self, it creates a new love. Together, the masculine and the feminine in you create a fruitful union. The Christ in you, and you, create a fruitful union. Your personal self and your Divine Self create a fruitful union. What you are and love create a fruitful union. This is the great difference between the fecundity of bodies and that of spirit.

God conceived the soul eternally to be the pure potentiality of abundant love. That is, the soul possesses within itself all that, united, engenders life. You might call it the masculine and the divine of the soul, but whatever you call it, they are, together, your totality. If you gather and hold all those parts of yourself in the embrace of love, love will fertilize your being and create new life. That is what union does. You need not know how it happens, just as you need not know the countless biological realities that make it possible for bodies, by joining another, to beget sons and daughters. The only thing needed for conception is union. Likewise, all you need do is to let Christ deposit in your soul the seed of perfect love. All you need do is to let yourself love and receive the love of God.

It is in the reception of divine love with absolute gratitude, serenity, and openness of heart, that true union takes place and virginal conception occurs. But you must divest yourself of all fear of not being. You must understand—and you are ready to understand—that in this union you lose nothing. You do not lose your being, either totally or partially. You are neither less nor more. You simply are what you are because this union is a union of your whole self, not a joining with anything external. You meet with everything you truly are, and in that meeting love imbues your whole being. Truly, this is loving yourself unconditionally. By loving yourself unconditionally in Christ, the fruitful part of yourself creates a new love. You have moved from the sterility of separation to the fertility of love. To love God above all things is, in truth, to love yourself.

Let yourself be loved. You will see. Above all, remember that you are an atom of God—the undivided unity of love.

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