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The Spiritual Betrothal

A message from Holy Virgin Mary

I. Prelude

Beloved children of the Mother of God! Today begins a new year in your calendar, a convention in your human minds that does not echo in the universe. We move towards the truth that has no limits and therefore is pure abstraction. Today and always is a perfect time to start over, leaving behind everything and being reborn in the uncreated truth that is always eternally new. You celebrate the ending of the old year and embrace the new one. Do so every day, every moment. Be reborn to grace every day, renewed with love. You are all mothers; never forget your deified motherhood.

Today, at this time of the creation of the new, or rather this time of establishment of its roots in the realm of form, we have come in the essence of your motherhood of God: your limitless creative potential arising from the pure potentiality of love that you truly are.

I am your mother from Heaven. I am Mary. This is my time, a time of glory and fullness, a time of triumph, a time of tenderness and perfect expression of the sweetness of the love of God. I have come once more, surrounded by a chorus of countless celestial beings who perpetually praise the love that Christ is: a chorus of praise, just as you are called to be.

Feel the joyful praises of God’s angels that, together with my immaculate heart as Mother of Love, are heard in creation and echo in the souls of those who have made the choice for love. Among them are you, the beloved scribe of Heaven, gentle and humble of heart, and also you who hear these words. Yes, also you, for these words resonate in all hearts in unison. Remember, daughters and sons of the Mother of God, there is no time except in the illusion. Everything in creation happens in unison.

As these words are written or heard, as the voice of love that comes from the source takes shape as the written word, all of creation is affected by a luminescence that makes the aura of light of holiness that envelops you glow more and more. Today you cannot see this, but I assure you in spirit and truth, that you will see it in due time, for you will see what is eternally true. Each time you deliberately unite with the living Christ within, you precipitate a shower of blessings that waters the Earth with your love. The wind of the Holy Spirit blows through you, refreshing burdened hearts. Or like tongues of fire that provide warmth but do not burn, the love of God extends through you to the ends of the universe.

II. Love, Unity, and Equality

To some extent it is true that you have partial awareness of the power of your souls, specifically the power of your thoughts and desires. However, you are becoming more and more aware, not only about the power that resides in you as a perfect expression of God that you are, but from your union with everything.

Daughters and sons of love, what is, as God established it, did not cease to be. It is and will eternally be. So I invite you to remember that you are channels of God. Everything you think and desire in love always extends to all creation, for God sets no limits. The extension of love does not require a particular consciousness. Life, truth, and your holiness do not need to be perceived to be what they are. Thus every time you read this work or listen to what is expressed here, every time you unite with thought, words, or feelings of divine love, your light of Christ extends to everything.

Every moment you spend reading these words that come through “a soul in love,” each time you deliberately choose to spend time alone with your God through this particular expression of divine love—whether you receive it in full or in part, but provided you receive with love and openness of heart and mind—you are stretching the mantle of the firmament and extending it more and more to cover the Earth.

My children, once again I say to you with love: You are the heavens and the Earth. In you, and only in you, is where what was dispersed will be gathered. In your souls is where the divine and the human become one. Within you will the new world be born. It is in your hearts that the new Adam becomes as Jesus Christ and the new Eve becomes as Mary Christ. Do not dwell on the words; go beyond symbols to the truth that they represent. Understand that you have in your souls the seed of all that can be created within the pure potentiality of being. Therefore, here and now you can bring love to the world, here and now you can be the new Heaven and the new Earth, here and now you can be the kingdom of Heaven in manifestation.

Listen, daughters and sons of truth! Listen carefully to your Heavenly Mother who has come to give you a powerful message on this day of renewal and rebirth. Listen with joy. This is a direct dialogue between your enamored soul and its mother, the mother of love. It is the perfect dialogue between you and me, a dialogue of love and truth. I have come for love to tell you that from now on you will embrace the truth of my equality with you, just as you have done with my divine son Jesus. My sons and daughters, I am your mother; you are my child. Beloved soul, you are one with me always, as is every mother with her child. I ask you to begin to see the perfect equality that exists between your being and my being.

III. The Bride of Christ

My daughters and sons! I am no longer the mother of the nursing babe. I am no longer the educator of the little son who grew in grace and wisdom. I am no longer the mother who guides, nor the strength that accompanied her son to the cross. All that has already been completed perfectly. And all that has been left behind. Now we take another step as we mature in our faith. Now we are all mothers, your souls and my being. As puppies become parents and have their own offspring in due time, likewise it is with your souls. The day has arrived when your fertile motherhood is realized. I ask you, as the mother of the new being that you are, to meditate deeply and with joy on this truth. The time has come in which you must accept that you are no longer a girl or a boy but a fertile being as I am. I have aptly been called “the maiden of Israel.” Understood correctly, this refers to the pure soul as the maternal fertility created by God.

My beloved ones, just as the body cannot breed and be fertile while it is small, but has the potential to do so, likewise is it with your being. You are prepared to engender as I engendered. Your being can be fertilized by spirit. My motherhood is yours; nothing of me is not also of my children.

Spirit begets spirit, as flesh begets flesh. This is a call to be a fertile mother of spirit, replacing the denial of love that led to the loss of paradise. Today I say to you in the Heaven of your holy mind and from my immaculate heart: Fill the Earth. In this new call to fertility, together we give a new meaning to the first command given to Adam and Eve. Now we become aware that we are all spiritual mothers. For this we were created: to engender life, and life in abundance. And what else can it mean to engender life but to engender eternal life, since only eternal life is true life, which is Christ life?

My beloved! Today we begin the path of spiritual betrothal, a path that will never end, because you are eternally the Bride of Christ. Can you understand, blessed soul of God, what this means? Can you understand the only true purpose of your creation—to be the holy betrothed of the Son of God? Your pure soul understands, because you have been eternally destined to be the perfect complement to the Son of God. You do understand this ineffable gift from Heaven, a gift that surpasses all human measurement. Did you forget that you were created to be the wife of the son of God? Beloved of the creator, today—here and now—you are being asked to accept this fruitful betrothal with your true self. You are invited to be, and to live, consciously from this moment on, as the Bride of Christ.

Close your eyes and be in silence with your Heavenly Mother. Feel the embrace of love. Listen to the angels of Heaven call you by your true name: wife of Christ, the beloved of God.

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